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Rosa Sophia

DD Audio has released the Z-Wire RCA System. It’s the latest addition to a growing line of DD installation accessories. The Z-Wire accessories are aimed at setting the standard in the power and source signal supply chain cabling. 

The system allows the interconnect cables to be built to the exact length needed resulting in an aesthetically clean installation. Once the interconnect cable is cut to the correct length, installers can fit the crimpless and solderless RCA connectors onto the cable.

For the heart of this cable we use a 24 gauge, 42 strand, oxygen free stranded copper center conductor. This results in an ultra low impedance cable that stays very flexible.

The interconnect cable features 5-way noise rejection. The center conductor is double isolated via a gas injected dielectric, and a conductive PVC jacket. By double insulating the the center conductor there is minimal signal loss and greater electrical noise rejection. The cable is triple shielded with a tinned copper faraday sheath, and a bifoil aluminum bonded polyester film which together provide 100% shielding coverage. By utilising two different shielding methods both EMI and RFI noise rejection is increased.

The multiple components of this technologically advanced cable are held together with a soft touch PVC jacket that’s rugged, yet stays very flexible. 

MTX Audio announced the release of new roll cage mount speakers, the MUD65P. 

The MUD65P is designed to be used in vehicles with tube frames including Jeep's, UTV's, sand rails, or other vehicles utilizing roll cages or accessible bars where speakers can be mounted. These speakers and their enclosures are designed to withstand the elements including dirt, mud, rain, and snow.

They feature a polypropylene woofer and dome tweeter that is both weather resistant and an ABS enclosure that is highly durable and includes a UV inhibitor that will prevent it from fading over time. The included low profile mounts allow the speakers to be attached to bars that are 1.5", 1.75", or 2" in diameter at multiple angles providing for the best imaging for the listener. Additionally, a red LED is included in the grille of each speaker.

"These speakers are another relevant addition to our unique and reliable product line for this market" said National Sales Manager, Jason Fickas. "With such limited space and the popularity of roofs on the dozens of cages on today's vehicles, these stylish pods and low profile brackets make a simple addition for any UTV or Jeep owner. The speaker delivers on performance and reliability so customers can be confident they'll survive the mud, sand, or snow and at less than $250 retail for the pair, everyone can experience the difference with MTX."

To become a dealer or to learn more call 1-800-CALL-MTX (225-5689) or visit us online at

The tech and automotive world have been abuzz about the prospect of an Apple Car over the past year. While Apple has been silent on its automotive ambitions, the media has covered the tech titan’s every public auto-related move, such as snapping up car tech talent, inquiring about use of a Northern California autonomous-vehicle test track and speaking with the California DMV about self-driving car regulations.

While such media coverage gives a glimpse of what Apple’s Project Titan may entail, there are other indicators of what an iCar could mean for consumer as well as for the auto industry. At the recent C3 Connected Mobility Summit in San Francisco, a presentation titled “What We Can Expect from the Apple Car” used a data-driven approach to paint a picture of the tech giant’s potential entrance into automotive.

Participants in the presentation were John Suh, director at Hyundai Ventures, and Sarah Pilewski, principal at the data analytics firm Quid. In the first part of the presentation, Suh and Pilewski looked at how Apple traditionally launches new products and enters new industries.

For its initial entrance into the phone market, for example, Apple partnered with Motorola to launch an iTunes player on the Rokr E1 in September of 2005. But because the phone had a maximum usable memory of 1 GB and was restricted by its firmware to allow only 100 songs, the Rokr E1 sold well below expectations, which eventually caused friction between Apple and Motorola. By the time the follow-up E2, was released four months later, iTunes was dropped from the device and in June 2007 Apple released its own iPhone.

Suh and Pilewski pointed out that when Apple originally entered the phone market, incumbents such as smartphone pioneer BlackBerry were skeptical of its success and also openly critical of the iPhone’s touch interface, which has since become the industry standard. And by the time RIM followed Apple’s lead by releasing the touch-based Storm in 2008, the market had moved on and the opportunity had been lost. Suh and Pilewski pointed out that RIM CEO Jim Balsille said at the time, “We can’t be who we used to be anymore.”

Telegraph -- Bill Ford, executive chairman of the Ford Motor Company, has said he wants to transform from a carmaker into a mobility services company.

“You have autonomous driving, connected cars, new ways of accessing ownership like Zipcar, Uber or Lyft, you have data collection. We are looking at all of it,” he told the audience at Europe’s largest technology event, the Dublin Web Summit.

“It’s the company that can stitch all that together to make people’s lives easier [that] will emerge as a winner. It will require partnerships with big technology companies and also with startups.”

Speaking about whether Ford may partner with the likes of Apple and Google to make driverless technology, Mr Ford said, “You never know. I do think partnerships will be important.

“In my great grandfather’s time, when he founded Ford, there was a single vertical, where they did everything,” he said. “But one company shouldn’t know it all or do it all. That’s going to change.” 

Read the rest here:

Motor Authority -- For the fourth year in a row, the Ford Motor Company Mustang has been voted the Hottest Car at SEMA, though this year’s result isn’t very surprising as another typical contender for the top spot, the Chevrolet Camaro, is in the process of being replaced by an all-new model and thus wasn’t as popular with the tuning scene as in previous years. We could certainly see the tables turned next year once the sixth-generation Camaro has a full year on the market.

Judges pick the Hottest Car at SEMA by counting the vehicles displayed in exhibitor booths and determining which is the most popular. To be eligible, the vehicles have to be available for the current model year, and both independent firms as well as the OEMs are allowed to participate. And there are multiple categories too, including for the Hottest 4x4-SUV, Hottest Truck and Hottest Sport Compact.

Two other Fords joined the Mustang as Hottest Cars at SEMA. They include the F-Series pickup truck in the Hottest Truck category and the Focus sedan and hatch in the Hottest Sport Compact category. The Hottest 4x4-SUV award went to the Jeep Wrangler.

Read the rest of the story here:

On Tuesday, Nov. 3, the 2015 SEMA Show announced the winners for Best New Products. The Best New Mobile Electronics Product award went to Cybcar America for its OEM Integrated Drive Assist System.

The system is plug-and-play with side cameras pre-fit to side mirrors and synced with turn signals to appear on the mirror when signals are used. 

The runner-up winners in the category were MSDP with its Racepak Street SmartWire and Auto Meter with its product, DashLink. A complete list of winners can be seen HERE -- It's called the "silver tsunami": a huge wave of aging baby boomers that will build to its peak as that demographic enters its geriatric years. The 70-plus crowd is projected to increase from 30.1 million in 2013 to 53.7 million by 2030, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), citing U.S. Census Bureau data.

This means there will be more aging drivers on U.S. roads in the coming years, continuing a trend that's been building for more than a decade. The IIHS estimated that the number of licensed drivers 70 years old and older jumped 30 percent between 1997 and 2012. Older drivers have also been traveling more miles. From 1996-2008, average yearly mileage for drivers 70 and older rose by 42 percent.

The IIHS notes that fewer people in their 70s are licensed to drive than are drivers between ages 20 and 69. And motorists in their 70s also log fewer miles than younger ones. But boomers are nevertheless keeping their licenses longer than previous generations and make up a bigger proportion of the driving population than in past years.

Help for Boomers Behind the Wheel
From music to medical care, baby boomers have exerted enormous influence on society and they will likely rewrite the rules of what it means to age and drive, too. But boomer drivers can't escape the toll that aging can take. AAA points out that nearly 90 percent of motorists age 65 and older suffer from health issues that may affect driver safety.

At the same time, however, mobility is important to mental health. For many aging people, driving is synonymous with independence.

"Helping seniors remain mobile with new technologies and a good car fit is important for quality of life," says AAA spokesman Michael Green. "Older Americans who have stopped driving are almost two times more likely to suffer from depression and nearly five times as likely to enter a long-term care facility compared to those who remain behind the wheel."

Fortunately, the technology that makes cars safer for everyone is arriving just in time to be particularly useful for aging motorists. Groups such as AAA and AARP offer resources that can help older drivers understand new technology and pick a vehicle that's best suited to their age and abilities.

"Older drivers should consider choosing vehicles that best meet their needs in order to improve safety and comfort behind the wheel," adds Green. 

Read the rest of the story here:

JL Audio has introduced FIX™ 82, an OEM Integration digital signal processor (DSP) that makes it possible to upgrade the factory supplied audio system with better aftermarket amplifiers and speaker systems, while preserving factory vehicle functionality and dashboard cosmetics.

Equipped with a powerful DSP processor, the FIX™ 82 combines an active line output converter, time delay synchronization, a signal-summing interface and EQ correction, all in one compact chassis. Setup is completely automatic with a calibration track and one simple press of a button.

• Connect up to eight channels of OEM analog audio signals, from low-voltage, line-level to high power, amplified speaker-level outputs (up to 30V RMS).

• Any time-delayed factory audio signals are automatically synchronized before summing, ensuring a correct, time and phase-coherent summed result.

• 2-way, 3-way or 4-way factory outputs can be summed into two full-range stereo signals, with automatic level matching.

• In the final step, dual 1/3 octave equalizers automatically correct the frequency response of the summed factory signals.

• A powerful DSP engine executes the one-button calibration process in approximately 30 seconds.  No special equipment is needed. A calibration CD is included with the product.

• Analog and Digital Outputs – Two 4-volt line-level RCA jacks plus a digital optical (Toslink) output, supporting PCM audio (S/PDIF) 24bit / 48 kHz.

• Signal-sensing, DC-Offset Sensing or switched turn-on options with a dedicated turn-on output for equipment.

• JLID Port delivers added functionality and convenience from the driver’s seat. An optional Digital Remote Controller adds functions for Master Volume Control, Handsfree Phone Optimization, and LED Status Reporting.

Manville Smith, V.P. of Marketing for JL Audio says, “FiX 82 is unique in that it’s capable of addressing the most complex audio signal interfacing challenges, while also being incredibly simple to use. FiX 82’s ability to correct delays in factory signals is a real game-changer with today’s complex OEM systems. This feature alone can represent the difference between bad audio and great audio. We think that installers will really appreciate having such a versatile and precise interface.”

Suggested Retail Price:  USD $329.99


Availability: Now Shipping

From Nov. 3 to 6, AVIDWORX and Race Sport will be showing off a new series of branded showcases, available in three sizes and configurations for retailers - Basic, Plus and Pro.

Authorized Race Sport retailers will benefit from an educational and interactive Customer Experience Center built by AVIDWORX, drawing more attention to your lighting category.

As well, retailers will get a rebate of over 25% on the showcases themselves -- including a monitor that broadcasts educational video and a mediaWORX media player that captures real-time showroom analytics.

Race Sport will also help authorized retailers to recoup their showcase investment over time through an innovative dealer incentive program. More details on the program are available at

"Race Sport truly is a visionary company when it comes to design and product development, and we're excited to work with them, and with their retailers to draw more attention to the brand," said Marcel Newell, president of AVIDWORX. "Lighting is a fast-growing category in many markets, but many retailers still aren't showing it in an interactive way that increases sales. We're going to change that."

Basic showcases start at $999, or $27/month - once a rebate of $278 is applied upon proof of installation. Add a second and third showcase to increase display space for additional savings of $200 and $400 respectively.

Retailers can save even more if they bundle with other product displays - 10% on showcases and up to 100% off shipping!

To see the showcases for yourself, drop by booth #11849, opposite the Mazda booth in the North Hall. SEMA takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center (

To set up a meeting with an AVIDWORX representative to discuss the Race Sport program, or previously announced HushMat and Sony programs, contact us to set up a meeting.


Michael J. Stannard, director of channel sales, can be reached in advance at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at the show by calling 1-678-592-1727.

Marcel Newell, CEO, can be reached in advance at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 1-480-685-0600.

American Road Products, Inc. (ARPI), driving safety advocate and developer of the patented ReverseGUARD® rear monitoring and detection system, recently secured several new agreements with municipalities and commercial fleets to equip their vehicles with the company's 360° OmniVue® camera systems to eliminate blind spots. The company has recently announced a targeted initiative to allow select 12-volt retail outlets in North America to offer the next-generation product to consumers. The additional channel development will enable ARPI to grow its customer base and bring trusted safety and accident protection solutions to passenger cars, SUVs, trucks, recreational vehicles and local business fleets.
"We have achieved solid market share in the fleet and commercial sectors. Our commercial customers recognize the potential liability, costs and loss of productivity that can come from accidents," said Stephen Witt, ARPI president. "However, these same concerns are felt and experienced by everyday drivers as well. It is our goal to bring our advanced camera technology platform to the retail sector to help drivers prevent accidents, injury and fatalities. We are actively seeking select 12-volt specialty retailers that have qualified installation expertise and want to expand their safety category sales."
The passenger vehicle 360° OmniVue camera system utilizes the latest in SVM (Surround View Monitoring) technology, consisting of four high-definition, 180-degree wide-angle cameras installed around the vehicle: one under each side mirror, one in front of the vehicle and one behind. The system’s powerful processor merges and stitches the images from each camera together to create a flat, top-down view of the vehicle’s surroundings in real time. With industry standard connections, the 360° OmniVue connects directly to any aftermarket in-vehicle monitor or screen-based radio, or to a monitor-equipped factory radio using a third-party video interface.
In addition to the benefits of the all-round, top-down view, the 360° OmniVue automatically shows a high-definition rear view with grid lines when the vehicle is put into reverse gear, as well as left and right blind spots when the appropriate turn signal is activated. It can also use the front camera to show a 180-degree view when the vehicle is entering a street with no other vehicles in direct view.
"It was important to us to offer a product that absolutely eliminates blind spots on vehicles from tractor trailers and commercial trucks to subcompacts,” added Witt. “With its OEM-grade (TS16949) specifications, the 360° OmniVue protects vehicles from damage and increases driver awareness of what is around the vehicle. We feel it is an ideal product for mobile electronics specialist retailers, and helps them meet a vital safety need with their customers as more and more attention is being paid to the dangers of backover accidents and collisions by carmakers and the media.”
APRI will be demonstrating the 360° OmniVue camera system at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas, Nov. 3-6, at booth #15207.
American Road Products is also supporting authorized retailers with training, special purchasing and merchandising programs. Retailers interested in becoming an American Road Products retailer can call (888) 918-8800, or email Ryan Uchida at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

KICKER Performance Audio has announced that the world-famous Street Outlaws from TV’s The Discovery Channel will be appearing and signing autographs at the KICKER booth during the 2015 SEMA Show. KICKER will be located in the North Hall, Booth #11861.

These racers and fabricators, whose Oklahoma location originates just an hour south of KICKER World Headquarters, will be at the booth both Wednesday and Thursday, November 4th and 5th, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.  Expected to appear are “Street Outlaws” Big Chief, Murder Nova, Chuck, Monza, Daddy Dave and Kamikaze.

Along with the celebrity excitement, the booth will be buzzing with activity for the entire show. Custom rides and incredible, new mobile-audio gear will be on display, and show-goers will get a sneak-peak into the technologies that make KICKER one of the top-selling manufacturers in the 12-volt industry. 

The gorgeous 1956 Continental Mark II, recently named Goodguys™ Custom-of-the-Year and boasting a full KICKER Q-Class audio system, will be the featured automobile.

KICKER Performance Audio products, a division of Stillwater Designs and Audio, Inc.®, are available for the mobile and home audio aftermarket at authorized retailers worldwide, and also as Original Equipment for automobile manufacturers. Consumers seeking more information on KICKER or Livin’ Loud® may call the Consumer Information Line at 1-800-256-5425 or visit the brand website at Follow KICKER socially at,,, or

Street Outlaws is a trademark of Discovery Communications, LLC.

Goodguys is a trademark of Goodguy Enterprises, Inc.

AAMP Global, the amalgamation of AAMP of America, Armour Automotive, and Rosen Electronics, formally launched its new brand identity with a new logo, tagline, and websites, staking its position as a unified global company. The new AAMP Global logo is intended to be modern, bold and resemble mountains that portray AAMP’s leadership in the industry.

The “Define Your Drive” tagline conveys that AAMP creates products that deliver the best, personalized in-vehicle driving experience. Along with the launch, the rich portfolio of well-known brands under the AAMP Global marque were restructured and consolidated with the strategy of focusing its business through seven main “power” brands consisting of PAC, Echomaster, iSimple, Stinger, Phoenix Gold, Rosen, and Autoleads. 

“Our branding is the representation of the people and power brands behind it, so we needed a visual identity that properly communicated the level of quality, customer service and innovation we go to market with every single day,” said Marie Still vice president of global marketing, AAMP Global.  “But this re-brand goes beyond the visual identity; it focuses us as a global team, defines our reason for being, and adds clarity and focus to every market touch point. The launch of the website and logo are just the first step we are taking to revolutionize the mobile electronics industry, we are taking a 360° view, with our customers and end users being the center, and every day pushing ourselves to be better, do better, win better.”

“The new AAMP Global brand represents our successful past and our outlook of a promising future,” said David Klatt, president and CEO, AAMP Global. “We’re making highly strategic changes to make us a more efficient and cutting-edge company without disrupting the relationships AAMP has built over its 20+ years in business”

With the rebrand, the corporate and individual power brand websites were revamped to reflect the changes of the company.  Each site will have an entirely new look designed to highly improve the visitor experience.  They intend to deliver AAMP Global’s consistent “one voice” message but also establish their own unique personal identity that speaks directly to their specific audiences.  Brand sites will be lifestyle driven and be more informative, with a user interface that makes finding content easy. 

Cerwin-Vega Mobile will be debuting the "Vega Sound Vault" show car at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas, November 3-6. The company will be at the AE Distributing booth, #11729, in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The show car is a collaboration between Galpin Auto Sports, Al & Eds Autosound and Cerwin-Vega Mobile. 

To schedule an appointment contact Ryan Klein at 323-620-9988 or for more information


Crimestopper (, an industry leader in 12 Volt aftermarket electronics specializing in vehicle security, remote start systems, and safety products, has launched its new website.

“Our motivation to completely redesign and recreate from the ground up was to provide our dealers and customers with the most effective and informative on-line tool possible,” said Alvin Klement, national sales manager security & safety products. “A company website is the first place everyone goes to seek basic information, as well as to get help with advanced needs. We listened to our customers, and so we took our time to make the most complete website possible for any - and everyone - interested in Crimestopper products and services. From product information to account status to everything in between, we are proud of the result.”                                                                                             now allows installers to easily find product data along with new sales tools, including product news, archive search, and media gallery. The dealer dashboard also helps dealers with order status, account invoices, and credits.

“Our new support center is a search­able knowledge base, so you can easily find the right installation doc­uments,” Klement continued. “You can also subscribe to notifications and get emailed when an updated document is released, such as owner’s manuals, technical briefs, and product advisories.”

Additional new features also help customers by providing the abilities to compare products, view product videos, search for a dealer, and more.

Added Eric Russell, Crimestopper webwizard, “In addition to all the website’s new tools, dealers and customers can link directly to Crimestopper’s social media accounts (;; for up-to-date information 24/7.

MTX Audio announces release of new subwoofer series, the S65 Series, at the upcoming Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show November 3rd - 6th 2015 in Las Vegas, NV.

The S65 Series features a square design utilizing MTX Audio's patented surround geometry (US Patent #7,275,620) that allows for increased Xmax and lower distortion resulting in higher SPL and better sound quality. Additional functional technologies include MTX's Spider Plateau Venting, which mechanically targets cool air at the voice coil, and a t-yoke with integrated heat sink to further assist in removing hot air from the voice coil ensuring reliability and minimized distortion. The S65 is uses a similar motor structure to the popular 55 Series but with a larger magnet, allowing each S65 model to handle up to 500-watts RMS power. The S65 Series is available in both 12" and 10" sizes in dual 4Ω configurations.

"This new subwoofer series does a great job filling a hole in our line, delivering an affordable square subwoofer that delivers exceptional performance and value," said National Mobile Audio Sales Manager, Dan McLeod. "Customers have been asking us to make a square subwoofer for a couple of years and retailers have also been asking us for a square sub they can be profitable selling, the S65 Series addresses both of these needs."

See full details regarding this and other new solutions from MTX in booth, #11877 in the North Hall, at SEMA 2015. To become a dealer or to learn more call 1-800-CALL-MTX (225-5689) or visit us online at

Brandmotion LLC and Mobileye Aftermarket announced that Brandmotion will offer integration of the visual alerts of the Mobileye Aftermarket collision avoidance solution into the rear-view mirror.
Mobileye Aftermarket users typically mount the Mobileye EyeWatch™ display unit onto the dashboard, which provides visual cues such as vehicle and pedestrian icons, accompanied by audible alerts to help the driver avoid a collision. Brandmotion’s integration of the EyeWatch™ icons allows for the alerts to be shown in the mirror, eliminating the need to mount the EyeWatch™ elsewhere and providing for a more sophisticated, factory-installed appearance. This is important to the expeditor market when installing aftermarket components.
“This solution brings together the best of our two companies,” said Jeff Varick, President and CEO, Brandmotion. “We have developed a user-friendly experience combining the best technology from Mobileye, the clear leader in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, and the optimal integration of the Mobileye Aftermarket driver interface from Brandmotion, leaders in the seamless integration of important safety features after the vehicle has been built.”
According to Michael Backman, General Manager, Mobileye Aftermarket USA, “This is a great solution to meet the market demand for collision avoidance systems across the millions of vehicles on the road that do not already have such a system.”
The Mobileye Aftermarket solution includes forward collision warnings for vehicles and pedestrians, headway monitoring/following time, and lane departure alerts, as well as the ability to warn drivers when speed limits are exceeded, all in one comprehensive solution.
Visit Brandmotion at SEMA, booth #11661, November 3 – 6 in Las Vegas.

Rockford Fosgate has announced that the PMX-2 and PMX-5 Element-Ready moto-marine source units are now shipping.

“We designed both the PMX-5 and compact PMX-2 digital media receivers to be the ideal choices when selecting a source unit for just about any marine or motorsports application,” said Jake Braaten, Rockford’s V.P. of Product Development & Engineering. “Each unit features a 2.7-inch full color TFT display for optimum viewing - even in full sun - that is optically wet bonded to prevent any dust or moisture penetration. Both units faceplates are IPX6-rated and use a water resistant rotary encoder knob with white LED button illumination and front mounted sub level controls. Perfect for sand or surf, the PMX-2 and PMX-5 are the true command centers of any system.”

Output flexibility for both units come with a 4 x 50W (2 ohm) internal amplifier for direct speaker connection or front and rear/sub output RCA’s on the PMX-2 and dual zone output RCA’s on the PMX-5 allowing the addition of after-market amplifiers for more power and output. Both also feature an EEPROM memory system which retains settings even when power is removed, a custom, user-focused GUI interface, and expansion capabilities for up to three additional wired remotes such as the Rockford Fosgate PMX-1R.

The compact PMX-2 (MSRP: $299.99) comes in at just 4.5in W x 4.2in H x 2.9in D and features Pandora control capabilities, Bluetooth audio steaming with album art support for Apple and Android products, and iPod playback with on-screen display.

The PMX-5 (MSRP: $399.99) (8in W x 3.5in H x 7.1in D) features SiriusXM and Pandora capabilities, Bluetooth audio steaming with album art support for Apple and Android products, True 2 Zone/2 Source control and a steering wheel control interface. Additionally, the PMX-5 features expanded connectivity with our PMX-CAN CAN-BUS interface.  This allows the unit to interface with on-board multi-function displays for control of the unit through the boats main screen.

Additional specifications for both the PMX-2 & PMX-5 include:

  • FCC, CE, IC, and C-Tick certified
  • Multi-region radio frequencies
  • Low voltage warning alert
  • AUX and USB inputs with USB charging
  • On-board Punch EQ control
  • Independent subwoofer level control
  • Selectable HP / LP / AP crossovers with selectable slope 12 / 24 dB/Oct
  • IPX6 marine rated faceplate
  • 7-Band graphic EQ
  • Zone control: 2 zone / 2 source (F/R/S + F) (PMX-5 only)
For more information on Rockford Fosgate, please visit


DD Audio recently added a 5x7 driver to its popular CXS coaxial line. The addition will allow DD Audio dealers to offer more customers easy upgrades to many OEM systems. Even though the CXS coaxials are considered an entry level line for DD Audio they are truly high tech, high fidelity speakers. 

 Features include:

  • Precision machined motor assemblies.
  • High energy strontium magnets that provide strong output from a compact design
  • Distortion reducing shorting rings for flux modulation and inductance control.
  • Rigid pulp midwoofer cones with acoustic treatment for reduced cone breakup while providing water/humidity resistance.
  • Lightweight compressed rubber surrounds optimized to increase sensitivity.
  • Neo driven ultralight 25mm fabric dome tweeters
  • Polypropylene film capacitors.

The CXS 5x7 is designed with the same features as esoteric separates at a price that fits any enthusiast's budget.  

Entrepreneur -- Stress is one of the most common problems that is relevant amongst virtually all entrepreneurs and founders. Without a doubt, starting and growing a new company can be emotionally brutal in the beginning, and even after you’ve become established, there will always be stresses that a CEO has to deal with.

Being able to manage that stress and not allow it to choke you is critical. It’s critical to clear decision-making, sound judgment and maintaining a strong morale among your team.

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Here are five ways to keep your stress in check when the stakes are high:

1. Have an alternate place to channel your energy.

Many top entrepreneurs have a secondary activity they engage in that allows them to channel their energy and aggression to relieve stress. Some play sports such as golf or tennis. Some race cars. Some even like recreational shooting such as archery or skeet shooting.

Even if your alternate channel is just going to the gym for an hour or running for 30 minutes, find an outlet to help shift your focus every now and then and channel your energy somewhere else.

2. Meditate for just two minutes in the morning.

Entrepreneurs lead such hectic chaotic lives that we rarely get downtime to just unwind, clear our minds or reflect. Oftentimes, even our quiet moments are spent thinking about our agenda or the latest fire we are putting out.

Taking a period even as short as two minutes early every morning to do nothing but count your breaths will clear your mind, relieve some pressure and leave you feeling refreshed. The toughest part is actually getting your mind to go silent and blank for two whole minutes. It takes practice, but it works.

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3. Break your day into 30- to 60-minute blocks.

Everyone knows to plan their day out in advance by writing their to-do list the night before. But even still, looking at your jam-packed to-do list each morning and wondering how you will fit it all in can stress any of us out.

What I’ve found helps a lot is breaking your entire day down into blocks of 30- to 60-minutes, and then organizing all of your to-do list items into the time blocks. This shows you on paper that you will get it all done that day and makes taking the first step easier.

The Telegraph -- Apple's chief executive has given the latest sign that the iPhone maker is planning an assault on the car industry, saying there is a "massive change" in the market.

Tim Cook did not comment on numerous rumours and reports that Apple is preparing to build its own car, but suggested that it could make further strides into the market beyond its current, limited, efforts.

"It would seem like there will be massive change in that industry, massive change," Cook said at the Wall Street Journal's WSJDLive conference in California. "You may not agree with that. That’s what I think.

"When I look at the automobile, what I see is that software becomes an increasingly important part of the car of the future. You see that autonomous driving becomes much more important."

His comments come after widespread reports that Apple is preparing to follow fellow tech giant Google in developing a self-driving or electric car. It is reportedly preparing to put one on sale as early as 2019, but safety and testing regulations mean it would have to make such plans public well before then.

Read More Here:

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