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Oklahoma City, Okla. -- December 27th, 2018 -- It is with great excitement that DD Audio is announcing the “b” revision to their 9900 Series subwoofers. Designed to produce and maintain precise lows for extended periods of play, with an RMS power band of 1500-2500 watts and a peak power of 10,000 watts, the 9900 Series boasts the highest power handling in the Power-Tuned line-up.

A long-time favorite among champion bassheads, the 9900 Series was already one of DD Audio’s toughest subs, but they found a way to improve this beast’s bass arsenal.

DD Audio revised the 9900’s monstrous 75lb motor structure to accommodate an American made, 8 layer, flatwound 4-inch aluminum voice coil. The result was a lower Fs driver with improved thermal handling. This heavy duty upgrade has made the 9900 Series stronger and longer lasting than ever before. Available in 12-inch, 15-inch,18-inch, and 21-inch frame sizes, the 9900 Series Power Tuned subs can be custom built with several different options.

Oklahoma City, Okla., August 24th, 2021 -- DD AUDIO®, a manufacturer of high-quality mobile audio products for the masses, is pleased to announce an all new A Series speaker line up. DD Audio’s A Series speakers are regarded as the gold standard for OEM speaker upgrades and this new array is here to maintain that tradition with the AW-6.5 woofer, the AT-28a tweeter and the AM-3 midrange speaker. These components combine premium features, materials and design elements to produce a True to the Source® sound quality.

Extensive part analysis, hours of comparative listening tests, and decades of loudspeaker design experience have resulted in the creation of these A Series components. Their reference grade components are built for listeners who are truly excited by the art of critically listening to mobile audio. Every part used in these speakers serves to advance their sonic performance characteristics while eliminating any unwanted elements. The components are available a la carte, so you can build an amazing sounding 2-Way set, 3-Way set, or add select individual components to your system.

The AW-6.5a mid-woofers represent "state of the art" in driver technology. The open design cast aluminum baskets provide an ultra rigid support system while also functioning as an additional heatsink and shorting ring. A high-energy double shorting ring motor is perfectly matched to the 1.5” copper clad aluminum, kapton former voice coil, providing balanced output efficiency and power handling. The inverted butyl rubber surround and composite spider work in tandem to damp unwanted vibrations while providing control and linearity. An aluminum cone with a soft rubber dustcap offers the neutral sound of a pulp cone with the precision only an ultra rigid cone can deliver. This combination achieves wide bandwidth and efficient energy transfer to the air.

The AM-3 incorporates many of the same design elements as its larger counterpart the AW-6.5a. This dizzying array of features that one only finds in the upper echelon of the world’s finest drivers is tightly packed into the small and highly versatile 3 inch surround package to deliver a crisp, clear and detailed sound in tight spaces.

The AT-28a offers a soft rich sound with extraordinary detail and excellent off axis response.

The lightweight, ultra rigid ceramic dome has excellent damping and offers a breakup mode thousands of cycles above the audible range. A soft silk surround keeps the moving parts linear while also helping to damp any unwanted resonances. The powerful neodymium motor easily controls the coil and dome during the excursion cycle resulting in near perfect pistonic motion and superb accuracy. A tuned rear cavity extendeds the tweeter’s low frequency response for a broader usable frequency bandwidth.

Check out the new A Series speakers at

Oklahoma City, OK, May 11, 2018 -- DD Audio held its second annual DD Invitational on May 5th, 2018, dubbing it Cinco DD Mayo. Attendees were welcomed to DD Audio’s Oklahoma-based factory and warehouse, where fine weather permitted a fun outdoor celebration. Dealers, partners, employees and their families enjoyed catered tacos, local brew, games, raffles, product training, warehouse sale and after party.

The event was very well attended, with dealers traveling from as far away as Georgia to join in on the festivities.

Product training provided by DD’s Aaron Trimble included a detailed first look at the recently revised Redline Series along with several other exciting new products slated for release later this summer. Kevin Doyle, the master of ceremony, presided over the games which featured a frozen t-shirt contest, subwoofer toss, and subwoofer mounting relay race with prizes going to the winners of each game. DD Audio also held a Propper Droppers style SPL competition which pinned daily drivers against professionally crafted demo vehicles.

When asked about the DD Invitational, Kevin Doyle said, “This event is a great chance to show appreciation to all of the people who allow DD Audio to continue growing as a company. It’s really fun to see the dealers interacting with the people who build the products they love.”

Oklahoma City, Okla. -- February 19th, 2019 -- It is with great excitement that DD Audio is announcing the “i” revision to their 3500 Series subwoofers. Known for their accuracy and strength, this series of Power-Tuned “Super Sonic” subs are getting a lot more BOOM!

From the inside out, the 3500 is a purpose built subwoofer. It utilizes an ultra high energy design, exceptionally robust motor, and highly focused voice coil gap to deliver its sonically accurate lows. With the changing trends in music and demands of sound systems, however, it was determined improvements needed to be made so the 3500 could achieve its performance goals with even greater effectiveness.

To provide lower frequencies over longer periods, DD Audio redesigned the voice coil, spider and motor. The new coil boasts a 22 percent increase in height over the previous design which allows for better heat dissipation and an increased XMax. Even with this added height, the voice coil is actually lighter thanks to the 4 layer flatwound aluminum winding upgrade. The spider was increased from a 9 inch diameter to 10 inch allowing for greater excursion. This refinement also helps to alleviate stress on the glue joint where the spider attaches to the coil former. The new motor design incorporates a thicker top plate. Working in conjunction with the taller voice coil and larger spider, this allows the 3500 to achieve a higher peak-to-peak excursion with greater linear precision and decreased distortion when driving the subwoofer.

All of these improvements coupled with the already proven ESP technology make the highly accurate, Power-Tuned 3500 Series Subwoofers even more powerful and efficient than ever before, giving them a Super Sonic BOOM!

Oklahoma City, Okla. -- September 1st, 2021 -- DD AUDIO®, a manufacturer of high-quality mobile audio products for the masses, is excited to announce new entries to their venerable D Series amplifiers with the D4.100a, D4.200, D5.350 multi-channels as well as the D600 and D1100 monoblocks. DD Audio’s D Series amplifiers are compact chassis amps with full size chassis features. They are designed to be the best amps on the market for the everyday mobile audio enthusiast. These latest additions include features to improve installation and broaden their applications.

Installation is made easier with single side controls and connections, input mode switches, and auto turn-on options. Precision tuning is also simplified with variable bandpass crossovers and LED clipping indicators. For boat, bike, and ATV applications conformal coated internal circuitry and corrosion proof switches offer increased moisture resistance. Even though the D Series amplifiers are very compact they still employ set screw power and speaker terminals, discrete output sections, and heavy duty anodized aluminum heatsinks. This ensures power management is proper from input to output, increasing both in-use stability and long term durability.

The D4.100a is a bridgeable four channel amplifier with a total output power of 640 watts. If you need solid power and clean sound, but don’t have much room to spare, this amp is perfect for the application. It features Differential RCA Inputs and 2ch or 4ch Input Mode.

The D4.200 is a bridgeable four channel amplifier with a total output of 2200 watts. It is 1ohm stereo stable making it perfect for multi driver arrays. It features Signal Pass-Through, Differential RCA Inputs and 2ch or 4ch Input Mode.

The D5.350 is a five channel amplifier designed to power an entire audio system while taking up minimal space. It has a four channel section with a total output power of 560 watts and a 350 watt dedicated sub section. It features Differential RCA Inputs and 2ch or 5ch Input Mode.

The D600 is a 1 ohm stable monoblock sub amplifier with a total output power of 600 watts. It features Signal Pass-Through, Differential RCA Inputs, and Remote Level Control.

The D1100 is a 1 ohm stable monoblock sub amplifier with a total output power of 1100 watts. It features Signal Pass-Through, Remote Level Control, and Differential RCA Inputs.

Check out the new D Series Amplifier at

Oklahoma City, Okla., December 18th, 2019 -- DD Audio, manufacturer of high-quality mobile audio products for the masses, is excited to announce the addition of two new components to its Z-Wire RCA System. Based on customer feedback DD developed a Female RCA connector and a Y Adapter Block that works in conjunction with the existing Z-Wire RCA System products.

With the introduction of these products, the Z-Wire RCA System is now a completely modular RCA signal cable solution that offers installers all the necessary connectors to build virtually any RCA cable configuration they will ever need.

This complete modular system consists of cut to length Interconnect Cable, Male RCA Connectors, Female RCA Connectors, and Y Adapter Blocks.

When using the Z-Wire RCA System the installer is able to simply cut the cable to the exact length needed then choose the proper connectors for the application. DD knows an installer’s time is valuable so the Z-Wire RCA System doesn’t require any special tools and was designed with no crimping or soldering required. This makes building custom cables quick and easy. This flexibility results in functionally better and aesthetically cleaner installations as well as the freedom to carry less RCA cabling products while still being prepared for any install that comes into the bay.

Z-Wire RCA System Components:

  • Interconnect Cable
  • Male RCA Connector
  • Female RCA Connector
  • Y Adapter Block

For more information on the Z-Wire RCA System, click here.

Oklahoma City, Okla., November 20th, 2020 -- DD Audio, a manufacturer of high-quality mobile audio products for the masses, is proud to introduce the latest revisions of the M Series amplifiers. The M3d and M5a push the design limits of the traditional M Series circuit as far as it can go. The main revision goals were to increase peak performance stability, compatibilities, and offer a range of new features.

Internally the M3d and M5a power supplies were optimized to better support the immense internal power demands when listeners push their system to the edge of its capability. The power supply revisions include remapping power and ground traces for better internal current flow, power supply transformer reconfiguration for optimal power output support, and improved protection circuits. In conjunction with the internal power supply upgrades additional power and ground terminals were added for better current flow from the vehicle's charging system.

Externally the Main/Strap switch and In/Out RCA connections have been replaced with a ZVL input. The ZVL input allows the M3d and M5a to be run in multi-amp configurations via an external ZVL module that controls and perfectly syncs the amplifier’s preamps. By moving the strapping/linking functions external, multi-amp systems will be easier to set up and control. Also, by eliminating the Main/Strap switch the potential for switch failure or user error has been eliminated.

The chassis also received some minor updates. The chassis height was slightly raised so the bottom ventilation plate stays above the mounting surface, allowing for better airflow to cool vital internal components. For those who like to aesthetically take their install to the next level, the center channel on the top of the amplifiers was redesigned for mounting an optional vanity plate. The optional acrylic vanity plate will feature a unique limited edition engraving and will be available in Black and Clear (LED ready) versions.

Notable Features in the M3d and M5a Include:

  • Optimized High Current Power Supply
  • ZVL Linking Module Input
  • 24dB/Oct Bandpass Filters
  • Custom Vanity Plate Ready
  • Remote w/ LCD Voltage Display and Clipping Indicator

Oklahoma City, Okla., May 24th, 2021 -- DD AUDIO®, a manufacturer of high-quality mobile audio products for the masses, is proud to introduce it’s newest addition to their Hi-Def Tuned subwoofer collection, the 1100 Series. If you're more concerned with how your car’s audio system sounds inside the vehicle rather than outside or prefer your sound accurate and realistic instead of tearing your car apart; the new 1100 Series Hi-Def Tuned subwoofers are made for you.

Designed with sound quality in mind, these subwoofers went through countless hours of tuning and tweaking in DD Audio’s R&D facility. The result was a collection of subwoofers that work well in compact enclosures driven with low to medium power levels, which deliver amazing low frequency punch while cleanly reproducing complicated musical transients with accuracy.

All the moving parts are made in the USA to the highest of standards. Their Hi-Def Tuned suspensions feature a specially developed surround and composite spider giving them the perfect mix of control and compliance. The cone is a Kevlar infused pulp mixture of natural and synthetic fibers bound with state of the art resins. These non-pressed cones have high strength to weight characteristics and pass signals without coloration, at all power levels.

High strength motors drive high temp voice coils. All metal parts are CnC cut to close tolerances, coil formers are double slit to reduce inductance and all parts are hand-fitted to extract all performance possible.

Simply put, the 1100 Series are highly versatile sound quality drivers that do their jobs so well you’ll forget where the bass is coming from as you get lost in the performance.

Visit to learn more.

Oklahoma City, OK, April 6th, 2021 -- DD Audio, a manufacturer of high-quality mobile audio products for the masses, is proud to reveal the completely new DSI-3 audio signal processor. The DSI-3 will allow you to precisely tune the acoustics of a vehicle's audio system for maximum listening pleasure. With Bluetooth 5.0 audio streaming, 12 channels of output and a 31 band parametric EQ this DSP can easily handle the increased interfacing and tuning needs of today's multi channel audio systems.
The DSI-3’s PC interface has an advanced tuning suite for easy system setup and the mobile user interface is compatible with Apple and Android for on the go tuning and control.  
With 6 channels of RCA or High level inputs it can be used in conjunction with aftermarket audio systems or integrated into factory audio systems to realize the full potential of the connected audio components.
OEM integration features such as input summing and 40 volt speaker level input capability allow the DSI-3 to be used with a wide variety of factory audio systems.
For even more installation flexibility you can add the optional DSI-3RMT for remote control of the master volume, preset selection, and subwoofer level.  
  • PC and Smartphone Graphic User Interfaces
  • 31 band Parametric / Graphic Equalizer, Crossovers, and Time Alignment
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Enabled
  • Remote Controllable (w/ optional DSI-3RMT)
  • 6 Customizable EQ Presets
  • 6ch High-level Inputs
  • 6ch Low-level RCA inputs
  • High voltage speaker level input (CH5/6, 40v Max)
  • Input Summing
  • 12ch Low-level RCA outputs
  • Independent master volume and subwoofer control (w/ optional DSI-3RMT)
  • Aluminum Chassis
Check out DD Audio’s New DSI-3 at

Oklahoma City, OK, August 29, 2016 -- The much anticipated redesign for the DD Audio personal audio lineup has finally come to fruition. Since the first day the DXB-03 on-ear headphones came through the doors, DD has been looking at what could be done to improve the listening experience and finally, it's here.

The new DXB-04 over-the-ear headphones are a step up in quality across the board, according to the company. From aesthetics to acoustics, everything has been improved in some way.

DXB-04 key features include:

  • Softer 90mm over-the-ear padding for increased comfort
  • Larger 75mm vented black walnut hardwood driver chambers that provide natural tonal harmony and extended bass response
  • A new padded, adjustable headband design for longer and more comfortable listening sessions

The company has also added a few new features to the DXB1.1 earbuds as well.

DXB-1.1 key features include:

  • Black walnut hardwood body
  • Memory foam tips for a more comfortable fit for all ear sizes. (original rubber tips included as well)
  • Chrome trim for added aesthetic appeal

Oklahoma City, Okla., September 22nd, 2020 -- DD Audio, a manufacturer of high-quality mobile audio products for the masses, is proud to reveal their new line of lower, louder, and more form-fitting loaded enclosures: the LE-500 Series. With the evolution of the REDLINE Series, an opportunity was revealed. One that would better allow DD Audio’s popular loaded enclosures to get the most output from the upgraded REDLINE drivers by adjusting the previous designs for optimal size and tuning. The result is a series of loaded enclosures that play louder and lower without requiring any additional amplifier power. With an overall internal volume increase of nearly 20 percent, the LE-500 Series is able to utilize bigger ports with lower resonance frequency.

This new series of loaded enclosures offers several noteworthy features. Among them are a fully integrated slot-port, allowing for precision tuning and enhanced box durability, an upgraded grille that improves protection, and a dual impedance speaker terminal that offers 1Ω or 4Ω speaker loads. However, the biggest difference between the LE-500 Series and previous DD loaded enclosures can be found in the dimensions.

DD Audio’s R&D team spent their summer climbing into the trunk spaces of sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs to get a huge variety of measurements for volume, seat inclines, 60/40 split fold-down seating, and cargo cover heights. The result was a new trapezoidal design, complimentary to back-row seating for a more contoured fit. By increasing the height just a few inches, the overall width has shrunk, meaning in most cars and SUVs you can have the enclosure behind just one side of their fold-down seating, freeing up the other half.

Check out DD Audio’s New LE-500 Loaded Enclosures at:

Oklahoma City, Okla., May 12th, 2021 -- DD Audio, a manufacturer of high-quality mobile audio products for the masses, is proud to reveal the completely new, rule breaking SL600 Series Shallow Subwoofers. With super shallow mounting depths both the SL610 (3.9”) and SL612 (4.1-inch) are perfect for any application where space is limited. This includes under or behind truck seats or systems where you want to have your trunk and use it too. To make these subs even more small space compliant, the suspensions have been tuned to perform in sealed and small vented enclosures. The SL610 works in 0.5 cubic foot and the SL612 works in as little as 0.8 cubic foot.

These subwoofers were engineered to be as compact as possible, but the key elements that make or break a subwoofer's performance potential weren’t lost to the cause. To maintain power handling, cooling and excursion the SL600’s are loaded with plenty of full-size subwoofer features. They use a heavy duty cast frame, 2.5-inch high temperature voice coil, double layer spider, 72oz magnet, back plate coil gap venting, and an EROM surround.

One of the features unique to the SL600’s that lets full size performance be crammed into a compact package, is the triple layer shallow body cone. By compressing a layer of foam between two layers of pulp the cone is kept as light and rigid as a standard cone, yet shallow enough to allow suspension travel equal to a full-size subwoofer.

The SL600’s break the rules that say you have to have big power and a big enclosure to have mirror shaking bass, as all these design elements combine to form a thin subwoofer that gives you the bass you want, in almost any space you want to put it in.

Visit to learn more.

Oklahoma City, Okla., November 20th, 2020 -- DD Audio, a manufacturer of high-quality mobile audio products for the masses, is proud to reveal the completely new ZVL Multi-Amplifier Synching Module. This innovative device was designed in conjunction with the new M Series amplifiers, giving users the ability to link, strap, and tune the preamps of multiple amplifiers from a single module for precision control of complex mobile audio systems. The new ZVL can take the place of several separate components commonly used when setting up multi-amp systems. It can replace a line driver, RCA distribution block, remote sub control knob, and an external crossover making the set up and wiring of your system easier and cleaner.

Many amplifiers already have on board strapping or linking functions that work well for low to moderate power applications, but when amplifiers are pushed to their limits these circuits have inherent limitations that allow for slight phase shift and signal voltage discrepancies that can limit maximum power transfer and peak performance. By moving the strapping/linking circuit to an external component our engineers were able to eliminate these discrepancies and increase the reliability and performance of high power multi-amp systems. System designers will appreciate the ZVL’s ability to accommodate both preamp strapping and/or preamp linking. This allows the system to be configured to meet the needs of the application whether it be for competition or daily listening.

The ZVL was designed to work seamlessly with the new M Series amplifiers which will be equipped with a special ZVL input. When a ZVL ready amplifier, such as the M Series, is connected to a ZVL all the crossover and gain setting functions will transfer to the ZVL. This allows the installer to perfectly match the preamp settings of multiple amplifiers. For even more compatibility the remote gain knob included with the new M Series and DM Series amplifiers will plug directly into the ZVL for volume control and diagnostic feedback from the connected amplifiers.

Even though the ZVL is a perfect match for the new M Series amps it can also be incorporated into systems using non-ZVL ready amplifiers such as the DD Audio DM Series amplifiers or even amplifiers from other manufacturers. Setting up multiple subwoofer amplifiers with non-ZVL ready amplifiers will require a few more tuning steps, but when properly set up all connected amplifiers will be perfectly matched and ready to drive massive amounts of bass.

Not limited to just subwoofer applications, the ZVL has several configuration options. It can also be used as an active RCA distribution module for full range amps, and it can handle both subwoofer and full range functions simultaneously. Up to five amplifiers can be connected and controlled with a single ZVL, but when more outputs are needed multiple ZVLs can be linked together for unlimited system expansion.

Oklahoma City, Okla., June 23rd, 2021 -- DD AUDIO®, a manufacturer of high-quality mobile audio products for the masses, is proud to introduce the next generation of the iconic M Series, available in 2000, 4000 and 8000 watt configurations. These amplifiers take advantage of the latest in semiconductor technology and combine that with state of the art amplifier design. This combination brings you a line of workhorse monoblock amplifiers that will push your substage to the next level.

The new circuit designs offer power to footprint ratios that were previously impossible for current driven-half bridge amplifiers. Even though the chassis are more compact, these new amplifiers haven't lost any of the output power or stability that the M Series is known for. With robust heatsinks, multiple power and ground inputs, heavy duty PCBs, and top shelf internal components these amplifiers are ready to handle even the most demanding listening sessions.

In the case that one M Series amplifier isn’t able to quench the desire for power, these models are equipped with a ZVL Input, making it easier than ever to link or strap multiple M amps together.

When it comes to appearance these amps look great right out of the box, but adding an optional M Series Vanity Plate will turn an install into a show stopper.

This combination of revolutionary technology and sophisticated design establishes the new M Series Amplifiers as true originals in mobile audio.

Visit to learn more.

Oklahoma City, Okla. -- March 13th, 2019 -- DD Audio, a manufacturer of high performance audio equipment, proudly welcomes Mike Murillo of Mike Murillo Racing as their newest brand ambassador. Mike Murillo is a legend in competitive drag racing, with 16 championship wins in events held by over a half-dozen sanctioning bodies. He’s famous for his versatility and determination both on the track and in the shop.

Fresh off his 2018 victory at Street Outlaws No-Prep Kings (Discovery Channel, Season 2), Mike recently rolled out the latest revision to his beloved competition build, “LaFawnduh.” This 1993 Ford Mustang with 565 cubic inch big block and two 94mm turbos puts out between 3,700 and 4,000 horsepower.

While LaFawnduh is the star attraction, Mike does have another custom built vehicle fans don’t get to see on TV, and some would say its just as vital to their operation as the race car. The vehicle of mention is Mike’s custom built race trailer. Not only does the trailer transport LaFawnduh, spare parts, and tools to shows and races all over the US, it also functions as the team’s home base during the events. It’s where the team does last minute LaFawnduh tweaks, sells merch, and it even functions as a place to let loose when the pressure’s not on high. As Mike’s new partner, DD Audio has turned LaFawnduh’s ride into a boombox on wheels.

After assessing what Mike wanted the trailer’s sound system to do, DD Audio made their equipment recommendations and Mike’s friends at Custom Sounds of San Antonio, TX did the installation. Handling the bass is a couple of custom built, floor mounted, bandpass enclosures that house four HiDef Tuned 2000 Series 10” American Made Subwoofers powered with a 2400 watt M2c Amplifier. The mids and highs that accentuate all that sweet bass comes from eight DX6.5” coaxial speakers driven with 600 watts from a D4.100 Amp. Finally, to ensure that the signal and power are clean and strong, the entire system was wired with DD Audio Z-Wire.

After the install was finished, Mike said, “This system is amazing. It sounds as good as any car I’ve ever heard. The first weekend we took it out we had it cranked all day because people kept coming by to see where the music was coming from. It was literally the talk of the show.”

Now, not only will Murillo Racing dominate its opponents with LaFawnduh on the track, they’ll audibly dominate their opponents behind the scenes as well.

Equipment Featured in the race trailer:

1x D4.100 Amplifiers

1x M2 Amplifier

4x Hi Def Tuned 2000 Series 10” Subwoofers

8x DX6.5 Coaxial Speakers

All Wired with DD Audio Z-Wire

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Verrips Photography

Oklahoma City, OK, May 8 2018 -- DD Audio announces the immediate release of the revised REDLINE Series Subwoofers featuring both performance and aesthetic upgrades. The REDLINE Series is DD Audio’s value oriented product line, but as with all DD Audio products, the REDLINE Series is constantly evolving with changes being made specifically to meet the performance demands of today’s listeners and installers. The 612d-D4 is the first of these new offerings to become available with the remaining models to follow soon.

Performance Improvements Include:

  • Redesigned Frames and Suspension
  • Geometries Allowing for Optimal Compliance
  • Lower FS and Greater Excursion Potential
  • Completely Revised Voice Coils Utilizing American Adhesives for Increased Thermal
    Handling and Double Slit Formers for Reduced Inductance and Increased Efficiency

Aesthetic Improvements Include:

  • Black Matte Finish Cone and Dustcap
  • Reflective Foil Dustcap Logo
  • Thermoformed Multilayer Surround with Signature DD REDLINE Accent
  • Embossed Redline Logo On Inner Diameter of Surround
  • DD Branded Cast and Stamped Frames


200 Series

  • 300 Watts
  • 10” to 12”
  • 2” Dual 4 ohm Voice Coil

500 Series

  • 400 Watts
  • 6.5” to 12”
  • 2” Dual 2 ohm or Dual 4 ohm Voice Coil

600 Series

  • 600 Watts
  • 8” to 15”
  • 2.5” Dual 2 ohm or Dual 4 ohm Voice Coil

700 Series

  • 1200 Watts
  • 12” to 15”
  • 3” Dual 2 ohm or Dual 4 ohm Voice Coil

Oklahoma City, Okla., January 18th, 2022 -- DD AUDIO®, a manufacturer of high-quality mobile audio products for the masses, is proud to announce the release of their 600 Series “e” revision subwoofers. From the top down, the 600e Power Tuned subs are built for extreme sonic performance.

For this revision DD Audio went bigger and better. In order to improve power handling and excursion capabilities they increased the motor size, voice coil length, surround height, spider diameter, and added a cast aluminum basket.

For maximum transfer of energy to the air they use non pressed pulp cones that are rigid and lightweight.

Power Tuned suspensions with staple DD AUDIO EROM (Extended Range Of Motion) surrounds and a progressive dual spider system keep the moving parts linear and distortion free during high excursion play.

Custom tooled cast aluminum baskets provide a solid support system for the heavy duty 170 oz double stack magnet motor. The motor also features backplate venting to allow for increased voice coil cooling.

Available in 10, 12 and 15 inch sizes with dual 2 and dual 4 Ohm voice coil options the 600e subwoofers cover a wide range of installation needs.

With a power handling of 500-800 watts RMS and 2400 watts peak they can be driven hard, while the 2.5” long throw voice coils, plus frame and motor venting allow them to handle the heat.

Contact an Authorized DD Audio Dealer near you to experience these new 600 Series, “e” revision, Power Tuned subwoofers today.

Oklahoma City, OK, April, 22  2016 -- DD Audio has announced the addition of three new component sets to their Mids + Highs category. The CC6.5, DC6.5 and EC6.5 component sets will give customers even more options to choose from when building their custom audio systems.

When designing these new component sets DD didn’t focus on making the standard good, better, best products based on price. The design criteria was for all the sets to be of equal quality, but engineered to perform optimally within set power bands. The CC6.5 power band is 60-180W, the DC6.5 is 50-150W and the EC6.5 is 25-100W. All sets feature high end performance elements such as copper pole caps, aluminum-double slit voice coil formers, rubber surrounds, and silk dome tweeters. 

The crossover networks for all sets feature mylar capacitors and segmented air-core inductors. So, no matter the system being built, with these new components DD Audio will "have it covered." To learn more about these products and the rest of the DD Audio Mid + High offerings go to 


Oklahoma City, Okla., March 6, 2023 - Every year DD AUDIO celebrates outstanding dealer performance with the TOP 10 dealer awards. After poring over the previous year's data, the long list of dealers is whittled down to the select few dealer recipients.

TOP 10 dealers are crucial to supporting DD AUDIO's position as a premier audio company. They also go above and beyond by providing top-tier customer service, setting the example across the audio industry.

As in years past honorees receive a commemorative plaque designed and hand crafted in-house by members of the DD AUDIO team. This year's plaques are an homage to the skill, craftsmanship, and inspiration our dealers put into the custom enclosures that make our subwoofers perform at their best.  

DD AUDIO greatly appreciates all the dealers worldwide that have joined them in their quest to make the world sound better.


Pyramid Customs - TX

Konnected Auto Restylin' LLC - CO

JDM Auto Sound - AZ

Raam Audio and Electronics - CO

Superior Sound Works -TX

Bryant Radio Supply Inc - VA

Loui Electronics Inc. - CA

B & M Autosound & 4x4 - LA

Audio Ace - MO

Electronic Service - TX


Rookie of the Year

Kings Kustoms - OK

Top US Built Sub Sales

Infiniti Auto Sound and Security - NY

February 29, 2016 - DD Audio has announced the redesign of the website. Its mission was to create a vastly improved mobile user experience, as well as to bring together the best parts of,, and

Major updates:

-       Complete replacement of the backend technology for faster updates of our product availability.

-       New “sticky” menus that will allow the user to navigate between products without scrolling back to the top menu.

-       Gear up even easier with the integration of the e-commerce experience from

-       The “Sub Customizer” has been updated with the ESP option and current color selections. It is now easier to customize a sub, send it directly to a local dealer and brag about it on social media.

-       Integration of the content from for quick and easy access to “The DDownlow” where users will continue to find tech articles, news and much more to come.



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