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Hybrid Technologies To Unveil New Unity Amplifiers During KnowledgeFest Training

8-17-2016 -- From 8:30-10:30 am on Monday, August 22, Hybrid Technologies will be at KnowledgFest, debuting its Unity amplifiers and offering two one-hour training courses. Two of the five new amplifiers will be on display: the U2A 200-watt 2-channel and U5A 1,000-watt 5-channel digital full-range model.

Interested parties are encouraged to sign up for the training by following THIS LINK. The company will be displaying products at booth 458, and demonstrate Hybrid Audio, Brax and Helix products in Scott Buwalda's BMW 135i. 

Additional specs on the amplifiers are as follows:

U1A: 1000W×1 @ 2Ω / 600W×1 @ 4Ω

U2A: 100W×2 @ 2Ω / 75W×2 @ 4Ω

U4A: 100W×4 @ 2Ω / 75W×4 2 4Ω

U5A: 100W×4 @ 2Ω + 600W @ 2Ω; 75W×4 @ 4Ω + 400W @ 4Ω

U6A: 100W×6 @ 2Ω / 75W×6 @ 4Ω


PCB: FR4 double-sided

Terminal: molded

Fusing: multiple ATC

Bass Remote available in all models

Tempered real glass top panel with embossed illuminated Hybrid Audio “cross” logo that lights upon operation

Thick extruded aluminum heat sink with no fans

On Friday, August 19, the company will be mentoring (along with five other mentors) at the ‘Soundscape Processor Tuning Clinic,’ which will be a less formal, hands-on event, where a minimum of five vehicles will be on hand to demo techniques on working with sound processors, including the Helix DSP Pro. (This event, like KnowledgeFest, is open only to industry professionals.) Contact Daniel Greenwood at Soundscape Car Audio for more information: (972) 424-8000.



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