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VOXX Electronics Introduces CarLinkBT

VOXX Electronics Corporation announced the future of remote starts with the introduction of CarLinkBT, a Bluetooth module and smartphone app that is compatible with most popular remote start systems.

When paired with its corresponding smartphone app, CarLinkBT transforms a smartphone into a virtual transmitter, instantly giving remote access to the vehicle and a direct connection to OE-style safety and convenience services delivering a complete safety, convenience and security solution.

“Remote start as we know it today has remained virtually unchanged for over 20 years, providing users with a simple and convenient way to preheat or cool their vehicle with the use of a transmitter.  But what if your transmitter was locked in your car, lost, damaged or had a dead battery leaving you with no way into your vehicle?  With the introduction of CarLinkBT we have reinvented what remote start systems can now do,” said Tom Malone, President of VOXX Electronics Corporation.  “For a one-time fee of $7.99, users can download the CarLinkBT app turning their smartphone into a virtual transmitter to unlock/lock and start their vehicle, eliminating the worry of ever being without a transmitter again.”

Once the CarLinkBT module is installed with a compatible remote start and/or factory keyless entry and the app is downloaded, the CarLinkBT Bluetooth Basic Service delivers access to the vehicle without the use of a transmitter.  With CarLinkBT, never worry about being without access to your vehicle again. CarLinkBT provides peace of mind by having a virtual transmitter within the smartphone at all times. 

For a one-time fee, the CarLinkBT app provides users with Remote Access/Start capabilities within Bluetooth range on up to 10 smartphones. Users will also have access to the CarLink Insurance Discount Program to potentially save hundreds of dollars on their car insurance.

In-vehicle safety services are some of the most desirable features in today’s newest vehicles. However, there are millions of cars on the road today that are not equipped with these OE-style features as standard equipment. The CarLinkBT Cellular Premium Service is an upgraded service plan that provides users with many of today’s most desired safety and convenience features at one low price. The additional services are included within the CarLinkBT Cellular Premium Service3 easily accessible directly from your CarLinkBT smartphone app:

-        E-Call Service – provides 24/7 access to make a one-touch call a dedicated Emergency Response call center in the event of an emergency.

-        Roadside Assistance – provides users with a dedicated Emergency Call Center running 24/7 to assist you if you break-down, run out of gas, get a flat tire…just about anything.

-        Stolen Vehicle Assistance – Helps to locate your vehicle, and share its location with the local authorities to assist in vehicle recovery.

-        Driver Safety includes our unique driver distraction Text Blocking App to reduce texting and driving while vehicle is in motion, the ability to set (up to five) Geo-Fences sending alerts when a vehicle enters or exits pre-determined zones, and Speed Alerts sending a notification if the vehicle should exceed a predetermined speed threshold.

-        Location Services – includes On-Demand Vehicle Location to notify  you of real-time vehicle location, as well as access to Trip Maps to view the path vehicle has traveled when enabled.

-        Driver Scoring – provides reports to help improve driving habits and assist in driver coaching.

The CarLinkBT module will now also be included with the Company’s recently introduced, new Prestige PROCORE remote start.  Prestige PROCORE is a “one-module” solution allowing dealers to build any style of remote start by focusing on customized features based on what is most important to their customers – without stocking multiple complete kits.

The CarLinkBT Module (ASCLBT) will be available early spring for an MSRP of $69.99.

The Prestige PROCORE with CarLinkBT (PC1BT) will be available early spring for an MSRP of $349.99.

Users must opt-in on the CarLinkBT App and agree to have their driving data reviewed by one of 19 participating insurance carriers to be eligible for savings discounts.  Saving discounts are determined by the selected insurance carrier based on driving data collected.

Additional cellular hardware (ASCL5) required with a Cellular Basic Service fee of $59.99/year.

Additional cellular hardware (ASCL5) required with a Cellular Premium Service fee of $119.99/year.

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