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Orca Brings Home to School With $1 Million in High-End Audio at KnowledgeFest

Special listening event to showcase Grand Utopia EM EVO and Spectral 40th speakers

CAMARILLO, CALIF., August 6, 2019 (MEDIAWIRE) – Orca Design and Manufacturing, exclusive U.S. distributor of French-made Focal car audio products, is partnering with Focal’s home products distributor to create a special listening event at the upcoming KnowledgeFest learning and networking event in Dallas. The duo will present attendees with the opportunity to hear what audiophile writers are calling an industry benchmark: the Grand Utopia EM EVO floor-standing speakers. The listening event, comprising several sessions over the show’s three days (August 9-11), will also include Spectral 40th, a pair of floor-standing speakers that were crafted in celebration of Focal’s 40th anniversary.

Both sets of speakers will be powered by amplifiers and source units from Naim Audio, which has specialized in building audiophile products since 1973. Spectral 40th will be paired with a selection from Naim’s Uniti line, while Grand Utopia will benefit from Naim’s flagship Statement preamplifier and amplifier set, ND 555 network player and NAPS555-DR power supply.

“Our goal in bringing these speakers to KnowledgeFest is threefold,” said Nalaka Adikari, director of sales for Orca. “First, we want to create a memorable experience for attendees by providing the same listening session we present to select retailers on our Focal factory tours. Second, we want retailers to really understand Focal DNA and see how it is shared between the home and car product. And finally, we know that many retailers have affluent customers on the car side, and this may open an opportunity to satisfy those customers in their homes by offering Focal home products.”

If the Grand Utopia listening session is the main event, Focal’s high-end headphone line is the opening act. KnowledgeFest attendees will be able to hear the complete selection of headphones, from the $4,000 Utopia to the $299 Listen headphones.

The listening event is open only to registered KnowledgeFest attendees and will take place in Room C150 at the Dallas Convention Center during exhibit floor hours. Attendees must reserve seats for the 30-minute listening sessions, which take place at the top of each hour. However, the room is open to all attendees in between sessions, when visitors can listen to headphones and ask questions about the audiophile systems. Attendees can reserve online at

For more information on KnowledgeFest, visit For information on Orca products and represented brands, visit

Based in Southern California for more than 30 years, Orca is a multi-faceted supplier of premium audio brands and components. Orca is the sole U.S. importer and distributor for Focal mobile audio and Gladen-Mosconi. With in-house design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Orca also produces quality products including Blackhole damping materials, Raven pure ribbon tweeters for pro audio applications, and Illusion Audio reference car speakers and subwoofers. For more information, visit our website at

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