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How to Avoid the Holiday Sales Slump

12-10-2017, Forbes -- For some companies, the holidays drive massive revenue. Look no further than this year’s record-breaking sales weekend, and you can see that plenty of e-commerce brands, B2C sellers, and other businesses that take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday do exceptionally well after Thanksgiving.

Others, like a lot of B2B brands and service-oriented companies, aren’t quite so lucky. Your sales team’s points of contact and their internal decision makers are out of the office, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. Time is precious, and everyone’s a little harder to reach right now.

Plus, all your prospects probably have a million other things to check off their to-do lists before the year ends. Put yourself in their shoes: Replying to your email by the time you’d like them to probably isn’t making the top five for them.

All of this can lead to stagnating or slumping sales during the final weeks of the year. While many business leaders accept lower target numbers in December, confident that the pendulum will swing back the other way in January and February, a renewed focus on content marketing can keep leads warm during the winter.

That’s because the content your team produces isn’t limited just to the marketing team; your company content should be used by various departments to help them reach their individual goals. And sales is one of them.

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