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How Startups Are Changing the Rules of Office Culture

11-6-2017 -- For most of us, and for a long time, thinking about the phrase “the office” or “office culture” conjured up a similar, and quintessential, image. It probably contained rows of cubicles, and variations on an uncomfortable type of chair.

But these days, office culture is increasingly about the intangibles we can’t see as easily: ideas. Startups have emerged in recent years as thought leaders in a variety of encouraging ways throughout the business world. By the time they’re done, office culture might mean something totally different to the next generation.

Here are three ways they’re doing it.

Letting Employees Address Life’s Small Necessities


One of the greatest gifts startup culture has delivered so far to the corporate world has been the loosening of the clichéd and claustrophobic nine-to-five routine we’re all so familiar with. Sure, even some of the larger corporations have embraced ideas like “flex time” over the years, but it took our great pivot back to garage-based startups and locally owned businesses for the concept to really take off.

A lot of today’s startups choose to trust their employees with managing their own schedules, up to and including deciding for themselves when to show up to the office, and how long it takes them to get their work done. Flex time is a huge benefit to working parents and anybody else who wishes to balance a rewarding career with an equally rewarding and rich home life. The latter rarely comes at us on a fixed schedule — and startups seem to appreciate this.

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Today’s startups just seem to “get it” in a way some of the entrenched corporate presences haven’t caught on to: Time spent relaxing or with family isn’t a waste, and happy employees are more thoughtful and productive.

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