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August Issue Article: Feedback

Keith McCumber recommends more education as a way to advance your business, while Parish Tanner warns about the dangers of deceitful business partners.

8-21-2016 -- Never undersell your expertise. James Donaghy, High Output Audio, Garner, N.C. 

I would tell anyone who is just starting out to plan for when you are one of the best shops in town. This would include increasing your staff and an organized plan to handle the increase of business. Eddy Lamour, DSP Audio and Video, Wheaton, Md.

Anyone that has a issue and you're registered with iDatalink, all you have to do is call and they will go out of their way to make sure your problem is solved. Isaac Siegfried, Jam Audio, Brunswick, Maine

We have had exposure to several thousand potential clients recently. I think if we were able to give accurate estimates and schedule appointments from there we may have done even better. Anonymous

We're slimming product line offerings across all aspects of the shop. We have revamped our shop and reduced the brands we offer to a select few of quality which are the most profitable, best selling lines in our area. Doing so allowed us to reduce SKUs and overhead as well as really push the product that sold and worked the best for us. It also allowed us to be more knowledgeable on every piece we sell and not have to learn all the ins and outs of a ton of parts that may rarely sell. We feel it gives us more of a specialty feel and less like a box store that carries a little of everything and know little about any of it. Rick Snyder, Tri State Automobile Accessories, Southaven, Miss.

Always have patience with your support staff. Many times these individuals are learning about the issue with you, in real time. Troubleshooting can be an exercise in patience and you need to be willing to try a solution you may not have wanted to hear. Dayne Mielken, Visions Electronics, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

To keep our industry going I think we have to do more training to bring more people in and show them how exciting our industry is. Kevin Cornutt, Stereo King, Portland, Ore.

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