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August Issue Article: Retail News - Inside Build

8-22-2016 -- The Car Audio Shop in High Ridge, Mo. has been going through significant changes, including a complete rework of the fabrication area, shop and showroom. Rather than have someone else do the work, they’re designing and building their own displays and counters for the showroom. Brandon Green, shop owner, is determined to ensure all the displays are consistent with the business’s theme. By making their own designs, they’ll be able to update them in the future according to their needs. Green is confident the outcome will be exactly what is best for the business. “For us, it is another way to show clients what we can accomplish rather than a display bought and sitting in a corner,” he explained. “We will be able to use even our counter as a selling tool, not just to hold a computer. It will be good for pictures and advertising and give people seeing it there an idea of what to expect.”

With a single location, the shop has two full-time employees and two part-time. “My wife and I opened this shop in February of 2012, so we are currently working on our fifth year,” Green said, stating that when they initially opened, they partnered with a high-end detailing company and “rented the back 30 by 30 portion of the shop out.” However, both businesses grew quickly, so the detailing business moved out, giving Green a chance to expand the fabrication department. Areas were then dedicated to metal work, welding and wood working.

There’s plenty of room to operate, offering room for long-term projects now that all the equipment has been moved from the main installation area and things have been re-organized. As for the showroom, it is something The Car Audio Shop has been wanting to update for some time, according to Green. 

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