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NEW for 2024, Autotek STREET MACHINE amplifiers hit the streets with harder-hitting audio impact while maintaining a smaller size footprint.

Libertyville, IL – Car audio becomes elevated to new standards of sound with Autotek STREET MACHINE amplifiers. ALL-NEW for 2024 — STREET MACHINE amplifiers deliver a listening experience that brings out higher sound quality with minimum distortion levels and remains more compact and a tighter footprint in size. Get ready to hear sound that is clean, undistorted, and LOUD in every beat with crisp detail and rich layers within audio through the innovative Autotek technology of STREET MACHINE amplifiers. Showcased in a sleek, black finish - STREET MACHINE amplifiers make a bold statement wherever placed in audio installations.

Luis Larralde, Latin America Sales Director at Maxxsonics, said, “This ALL NEW STREET MACHINE car audio line of amplifiers is for the audio enthusiasts who want clean power paired with LOUD POWER. Every STREET MACHINE amplifier delivers sound that is sharp, detailed, and undistorted – giving audio a fresh layer of playback within any song. Autotek has raised the amplifier bar in 2024, and I’m so thrilled for everyone to hear the clarity, power, and attitude that STREET MACHINE will bring to every listening session - all within a compact size.”


Get ready to showcase all of your audio with clean performance ready for every genre of audio. Hear the highest sound quality in audio with quality RCA materials that help prevent interference and minimize distortion in the signal path. Embrace playback that infuses more detail and power into every song with a sleeker and more innovative style and design. A high-energy pulse-width modulated power supply in every Autotek STREET MACHINE amplifier ensures more power is delivered with minimal impact or distortion throughout any song while remaining compact through an innovative smaller footprint.



Maximum low voltage signal from the source unit comes into the amplifier through a low voltage circuit


Highest sound quality connection with quality RCA materials helps prevent interference and minimize distortion in the signal path


Sound Shield™ Technology assures additional mass in the heat sink and keeps amplifiers running cool while shielding audio from distortions that can be caused by heat


Nickel-plated brass connection with terminals allows for secure connection while resisting erosion


Wired bass remote allows adjustments to bass frequencies to be made from the control mounted anywhere in the vehicle

Alden Stiefel, President of Maxxsonics, mentioned, “This incredible line of Autotek amplifiers deliver more from your sound in a compact size that offers flexibility where you need it most in your audio setup! STREET MACHINE brings undistorted power into every song while maintaining crisp and sharp in every beat. I am very excited for others to hear the true potential of their Autotek car audio setup powered through STREET MACHINE amplifiers.”

Car audio deserves power that is clean, LOUD and transcends your playback expectation with higher quality impact and sound. With Autotek STREET MACHINE amplifiers, sound will perform at the highest playback quality while bringing out BIGGER POWER in every beat.

STREET MACHINE is FINALLY HERE. It’s time to embrace an Autotek amplifier line that delivers on deeper performance made with innovative Autotek technology that remains clean and sleek in style and design.

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Autotek joined the Maxxsonics family in 2004, and during its 30-plus years as a leader in mobile audio systems, Autotek has become one of the most respected brand names in the entire audio business. With unique amplifier designs, innovative multiaxial component speakers, and BASS-TEK cone texturing subwoofers, Autotek defines stylish products with superior audio quality. Delivering immersive musical bass with crystal clarity car audio is Powered Forward to new standards of expectations. We love our music and our cars, and we have a passion for showing them off. The Autotek brand is owned by Maxxsonics, based near Chicago, IL.

For additional information, go to the brand website at 


Established in 2001, Maxxsonics is a global leader in the Mobile, Marine, and Powersports audio industries and specializes in designing and manufacturing power amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, and accessories branded; Hifonics, MB Quart, Crunch, and Autotek. Additionally, Maxxsonics is the premier OEM audio supplier of audio solutions/systems for Kawasaki off-road vehicles and Polaris® off-road vehicles.

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