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ALL-NEW Colossus Classic amplifiers bring out Colossus power in your classic Hifonics amplifier size.

Libertyville, IL – Reinvented Colossus sound through your classic Hifonics amplifier size – ALL-NEW for 2023 Colossus Classic amplifiers deliver audio playback with clean levels of sound in every beat. Hear audio transcend to new heights of power and performance within a classic Hifonics heat sink amplifier size.

Colossus Classic has been REBORN through the power of amplified playback fitted to a classic amplifier size. Creating POWER FROM THE GODS power in your classic Hifonics amplifier size, Colossus Classic amplifiers showcase audio in richer quality, adding layers of details and higher sound throughout every song. Take in more from audio with Colossus expectations and hear everything with the Colossus Classic amplifier line.

Sam Dattalo, Vice President of Sales, said, “The Colossus Classic amplifier line infuses your classic Hifonics amplifier size with Colossus sound pushed further in performance and quality. The Colossus Classic lineup gives audio that enhancement of Colossus and combines it within a classic Hifonics amplifier heat sink. The playback and sound quality from this Colossus Classic line of amplifiers takes audio to a bar for Hifonics amplifiers. I am super excited for others to hear the quality of sound this amplifier line creates!”


The Colossus Classic presents that classic Hifonics Colossus feel and audio playback but is elevated in performance with richer layers of sound quality and completely reinvented for the ALL-NEW 2023 Colossus family amplifier line.

Colossus Classic amplifiers bring Colossus POWER to every POWER FROM THE GODS listening session. Control every Colossus Classic amplifier with a built-in/variable crossover to tailor specific frequencies to speakers and subwoofers and obtain variable bass boost up to +10dB with the bass equalizer (4-channel amplifiers only). A Super D-Class design utilizes high-speed microprocessors with proprietary D/A conversion algorithms - resulting in lower distortion playback, upping audio performance to Colossus standards of sound. Additionally - an extruded aluminum heat sink design minimizes heat buildup on Ultra-Fi™ output devices. Obtain POWER FROM THE GODS Colossus Classic sound and feel the difference in audio quality and playback.


  • Low Noise Preamplifier Circuit – Maximum low voltage signal from the source unit comes into the amplifier circuit with minimal distortion.
  • RCA Inputs – Tiffany-style nickel-plated RCA jacks create the most efficient High/Low-Level audio connection and resist corrosion.
  • Built-In / Variable Crossover – Control the amplifier output with on-board electronic crossover to tailor specific frequencies to speakers and subwoofers.
  • (Mono Classic amplifiers) Bass Equalizer – Dial in the perfect bass performance by setting bass width and sweep on the mono amplifier’s control panel - allowing you to fine-tune the frequency range and bass level output to your desired listening tastes.
  • (4-channel Classic amplifiers) Bass Equalizer – Variable bass boost up to +10dB.
  • Class / Topology – Super D-Class™ design utilizes high-speed microprocessors with proprietary D/A conversion algorithms to efficiently control current consumption. Hifonics amplifiers with Super D-Class circuitry result in lower distortion, higher current efficiencies, and less heat than conventional D-Class amplifier designs.
  • Output Device Technology – Ultra-Fi™ MOSFET is designed for high output with high efficiency for cooling and minimal distortion.
  • Heat Sink – Extruded aluminum heat sink design to minimize heat buildup on Ultra-Fi™ output devices.

Alden Stiefel, President of Maxxsonics, mentioned, “I am thrilled for others to hear the sound quality and performance of this ALL-NEW line of Colossus Classic amplifiers. Raising the bar in overall sound quality within your classic Hifonics amplifier size – the Colossus Classic line of amplifiers produces audio in superior playback while giving sound a refreshing feel of BIGGER Colossus POWER.”

Get ready to create POWER FROM THE GODS power in your classic Hifonics amplifier size with Colossus Classic amplifiers. Showcasing audio in richer quality by adding layers of more details and higher sound playback – every genre of audio is heightened through higher quality layers of listening while staying within that classic Hifonics footprint of an amplifier size.

Obtain a classic Hifonics feel and sound with Colossus Classic amplifiers! Make sure to contact your sales representative or customer service at 847-540-7700 immediately to secure your order.

Full line details are available on the Hifonics website at


Hifonics is the audio brand bestowed directly from the gods above and is known for its bold-looking designs while producing powerful and high-quality sound. Founded by Helmut Stieglitz in 1982, Hifonics continues to innovate and push the limits for quality audio products including amplifiers, subwoofers, car speakers, soundbars, compression horns, Marine speakers, and signal processors forged by the gods above. Our slogan, POWER FROM THE GODS, is the superhuman standard for how Hifonics holds itself accountable for pushing the bar to the absolute limit. Consumers of these products can experience a wide range of audio solutions, from delivering their needs from Powersports to Mobile vehicles. The Hifonics brand is owned by Maxxsonics, based near Chicago, IL.

For additional information, go to the brand website at


Established in 2001 and headquartered in Libertyville, IL, Maxxsonics is a global leader in the Mobile, Marine, and Powersports audio industries. Innovating products that bring out the best in audio and sound, Maxxsonics specializes in designing and manufacturing amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, and accessories branded; Hifonics, MB Quart, Crunch, and Autotek. Additionally - Maxxsonics is the premier OEM audio supplier of audio solutions/systems for Kawasaki off-road vehicles, Polaris® off-road vehicles, and CFMOTO. Founded by a handful of consumer electronics and automotive security veterans – Maxxsonics products are now heard and experienced around the world.

For additional information, go to the corporate website at

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