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NAUTIC SOUND Takes On-The-Water Listening To New Heights

ALL-NEW for 2022, MB Quart Nautic compression horn speakers and Nautic compression horn tower speakers elevate Marine audio.
Libertyville, IL – Creating a clean soundscape for every on-the-water listening experience, ALL-NEW for 2022 MB Quart Nautic compression horn speakers and Nautic compression horn tower speakers look to bring out the best in Nautic audio performance. Embrace crystal clarity in every beat while taking in every detail from any genre of music in undistorted playback. With four different models to choose from that are IPX67 certified against the conditions, mounting hardware comes included for easy installation that make setup simple and fast.
Brian Sherman, Vice President of Product and Marketing, said, “We are extremely excited to push Nautic sound forward with this ALL-NEW line of Nautic compression horn/horn tower speakers from MB Quart. You are going to receive a smaller horn design for even smoother frequency response, interchangeable grills to match your boat install setup, and an incredible soundscape of immersion no matter how loud the conditions may get. Audio is about to transform to another level with this line of Nautic speakers.”
Showcasing audio and design in a customizable appearance, each set of Nautic compression horn/horn tower speakers will include interchangeable grills (Black, Silver, White) allowing you to match your boat or audio system installation perfectly. The four models included in this ALL-NEW Nautic speaker line are the NH2-120, NH2-116, NHT2-120, and NHT2-116, as each speaker set projects audio that is loud so it can be heard from miles away. But just being loud on the open waters is not enough - every Nautic speaker model creates audio that is clean, sharp, and detailed, with sound displayed in crisp playback.
Superior sound meets unlimited durability when sailing and searching for that perfect sunset. Every Nautic compression horn/horn tower speaker is IPX67 certified as LIFE SHIELD promises protection against water, dust, and UV protection against sun fade. 1-inch Titanium dome tweeters bring a smooth musical response while a natural Butyl rubber surround remains sturdy in all weather conditions (including not stiffening in colder temperatures). Mounting hardware is included with each Nautic speaker - making installation is simple, a breeze, and most importantly – easy to do.
LIFE SHIELD protected against water, dust, and sun fade.
1-inch Titanium dome tweeters offer a smooth musical response and high output with minimal required amplifier power.
Natural Butyl rubber surround remains musical in all weather conditions.
High-temperature copper voice coil allows more power while remaining lightweight, so audio is heard clean.
Water-resistant, woven-fiber composite spider stabilizes the cone and voice coil in all musical situations.
Front and rear venting allows air passage through the spider and back plate to exchange air over the voice coil.
Heavy-duty injection-molded ABS cast enclosure provides strength and improved bass response with increased volume while staying lightweight.
Water-resistant, woven-fiber composite spider stabilizes the cone and voice coil in all musical situations.
All Nautic compression horn/horn tower speakers come with the proper install/mounting hardware to make installation simple and easy. In addition, there are 11 different mounting options for the horn tower speakers, making installations flexible and adaptable.
“Embracing Nautic power that’s clean, undistorted, and precise in every beat while taking expectations to new heights is what the MB Quart team set out to do when developing this ALL-NEW line of Nautic compression horn/horn tower speakers. Every speaker model is IPX67 certified and brings durability to every Nautic, on-the-water adventure,” concluded Sherman.
Nautic adventures become elevated forever with the ALL-NEW line of MB Quart Nautic compression horn speakers and Nautic compression horn tower speakers. Customization will meet performance in every audio system with interchangeable grills and superior sounding playback. Embrace audio that is rich in detail and undistorted in sound while interchangeable grills will blend in to match your boat deck installation.
Make sure to contact your sales representative or customer service at 847-540-7700 immediately to secure your order.
See complete line details on the MB Quart website at
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MB Quart is a high-end audio brand known for its elaborate and distinctive designs while producing rich sound quality. Found in 1962, MB Quart began producing professional studio microphones and headphones at its headquarters in Obrigheim, Germany. Through research, innovation, and a dedication to the highest standard of sound quality, MB Quart continues to grow its product line throughout its 50-year history. Our slogan, Music. Defined. is the superior standard to how MB Quart holds itself accountable for pushing the bar forward. Consumers of these products can experience a wide range of audio solutions that will deliver all of their needs for Powersports and marine machines. The MB Quart brand is owned by Maxxsonics USA, based near Chicago, IL.
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