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Alpine Electronics Introduces High-Resolution Alpine Status System

The system uses trickle-down engineering and design from AlpineF#1Status

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. (Mar. 04, 2022) – Alps Alpine Co., Ltd. a leading manufacturer of electronic components and automotive infotainment systems, and its domestic marketing division Alpine Electronics of America, Inc., introduces the High-Resolution Alpine Status System with High-Spec High-Resolution Audio Playback (192kHz/24Bit).

“Our constant pursuit to create and implement the best components and technology into sound systems like AlpineF#1Status trickle down into platforms like Alpine Status and push each product to achieve the highest in audio performance,” said Mike Anderson, Vice President and General Manager, Brand Business Unit, Alpine Electronics of America, Inc.

High-Resolution Sound Made Accessible

Using the same engineering and design concepts drawn from the third generation, Ultra High-Resolution AlpineF#1Status system, Alpine created Alpine Status to achieve High-Resolution Sound at a more approachable and accessible price point.

Alpine Status achieves 192kHz/24Bit playback, which is 6.5 times the amount of digital audio data in a standard CD or digital streaming service and exceeds the standard High-Resolution Spec of 96kHz/24Bit found in most aftermarket sound solutions. This allows Alpine Status to capture and accurately reproduce details like the breath of the artist or a musician’s subtle interaction with an instrument. This capability not only reproduces music to the artist’s original intention but emulates the experience of a studio recording in the vehicle.

High-Resolution System Components

Alpine Status features eight components that are optimized in both power and performance as a complete system to play at their intended high-resolution spec. However, each component can be purchased independently for custom system building.

The HDS-990 Head Unit achieves 192kHz/24Bit playback via wired USB DAC connection or wireless Bluetooth® connection. This ensures that any High-Resolution music files stored on a USB or smartphone will be reproduced at the intended spec. The Head Unit includes a compact controller with buttons for basic music controls, a High-Resolution color screen that displays playback data and album cover artwork, a volume knob for quick sound controls, and a separate black box for flexible installation in the vehicle. High-Resolution 25Wx4 amplifier output, high-performance RCA outputs, and an optical TOSLINK port allow for flexible system building with the HDP-D90 Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Amplifier.

The HDP-D90 DSP Amplifier has a 192kHz/64Bit internal sampling rate and an ultra-wide audio bandwidth of 10Hz-110kHz to reproduce sound at its intended High-Resolution spec. Intentional designs, like a copper-plated chassis, bring the signal-to-noise ratio up to >110dB and minimize noise and distortion during playback. Drawing inspiration from the internal Master Clock Management System in the AlpineF#1Status DSP, the HDP-D90 contains a Crystal Oscillator Clock Generator at the core of the unit that tracks and aligns digital information to eliminate jitter (timing errors) and accurately reproduce sound. 

The DSP has multiple input options for flexible system building. For vehicles that are unable to replace the factory head unit, the DSP has 12 channels of high-level input that allow the factory head unit to be retained. For those who wish to upgrade their factory head unit, the DSP has optical inputs that can add the Alpine Status HDS-990 Head Unit or analog inputs for another aftermarket head unit. The DSP also functions as a standalone music source and can receive music sent directly from a smartphone with Bluetooth® wireless streaming.

While the HDP-D90 has 12-channels of amplification (50W x 8 + 80W x 4) and can be used to power an entire system, 10-channels of RCA output can be used to add Alpine Status amplifiers for more power or system building: the HDA-F60 4-Channel Amplifier, HDA-V90 5-Cannel Amplifier, or HDA-M80 Mono Power Amplifier.

For the audiophile that’s looking to build their ideal sound system, Alpine Status offers a dynamic 3-Way Speaker Set (HDZ-653) with a High-Resolution bandwidth of 55Hz – 60kHz that includes a 6.5-inch Mid-Bass, 3-inch Mid-Range, and 2” Ring-Radiator Tweeter. A traditional, 2-Way Speaker Set (HDZ-65C) is also available and includes a 6.5-inch Mid-Bass and 2” Ring-Radiator Tweeter.

To ensure that each speaker achieves High-Resolution playback, each component is made from the same Carbon Composite material to create a unified timbre identity during playback. For added installation flexibility, the Alpine Status Speakers are also available in an OEM-fitment option for the tweeters in a 3-way (HDZ-653S), 2-Way (HDZ-65CS), or Coaxial (HDZ-65) Speaker Set option.

The massive, 11-inch HDZ-110 Alpine Status subwoofer houses a neodymium magnet to ensure efficient power delivery and reproduce an impressive 400W RMS/800W Peak Power Handling. A hybrid carbon cone with double-gathered surround minimizes distortion to reproduce clean, accurate bass even at loud volumes.

The Alpine Status system will ship in Summer 2022 and will be available at Alpine Authorized retailers and at Preferred Online Stores. Installation options can be found on the Alpine-USA website through the store locator. 


HDS-990 Alpine Status High-Spec High-Resolution Head Unit (MAP $1,399.95)

  • High-Resolution 192kHz/24Bit playback, wired or wireless
  • Compact controller with a separate black box for flexible installation
  • High-performance RCA, Optical, and 25Wx4 High-Resolution amplified output
  • BT Audio Codec: SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX HD/LDAC

HDP-D90 Alpine Status High-Spec High-Resolution DSP Amplifier (MAP $2,399.95)

  • Inputs: 2ch RCA, 12Ch High-Level, Optical, Digital Coax, BT Audio
  • Outputs: 10Ch RCA, 12Ch High-Level, (50Wx8 + 80Wx4)
  • Matrix Input Summing
  • High-Resolution 192kHz/32Bit Playback
  • Sampling Rate = Internal: 192kHz/64Bit
  • S/N: >110db, THD: 0.001
  • Optional Controller

HDA-F60 Alpine Status High-Resolution 4-Channel Amplifier (MAP $799.95)

  • 120W x 4 @ 4Ω
  • Ultra-Wide Bandwidth: 10Hz-110kHz

HDA-V90 Alpine Status High-Resolution 5-Channel Amplifier (MAP $899.95)

  • 75W x 4 + 300W x 1 @ 4Ω
  • 100W x 4 + 500W x 1 @ 2Ω
  • Ultra-Wide Bandwidth: 10Hz-110kHz

HDA-M80 Alpine Status High-Resolution Mono Amplifier (MAP $749.95)

  • 600W x 1 @ 4Ω
  • 900W x 1 @ 2Ω

HDZ-653 Alpine Status High-Resolution 3-Way Speaker Set (MAP $999.95)

  • 6.5” Mid-bass
  • 3” Mid-range
  • 2” Ring-Radiator Tweeter
  • Ultra-Wide Bandwidth: 55Hz-60kHz

HDZ-65C Alpine Status High-Resolution 2-Way Speaker Set (MAP $749.95)

  • 6.5” Mid-Range
  • 2” Ring-Radiator Tweeter
  • Ultra-Wide Bandwidth: 55Hz-60kHz

HDZ-110 Alpine Status High-Resolution 11” Subwoofer (MAP $799.95)

  • 400W RMS / 800W Peak Power Handling
  • Hybrid Carbon Cone
  • Double-Gathered Surround
  • Aluminum Die-Cast Frame
  • Neodymium Magnet

HDZ-65 Alpine Status High-Resolution OEM-Fit Coaxial Speaker Set (MAP $549.95)

  • 6.5” Mid-range
  • 1” Tweeter (Coaxial)
  • Ultra-Wide Bandwidth: 55Hz-60kHz

HDZ-65CS Alpine Status High-Resolution OEM-Fit 2-Way Speaker Set (MAP $749.95)

  • 6.5” Mid-range
  • Shallow Mount 1” Tweeter for OEM Fitment
  • Ultra-Wide Bandwidth: 55Hz-60kHz

HDZ-653S Alpine Status High-Resolution OEM-Fit 3-Way Speaker Set (MAP $999.95)

  • 6.5” Mid-bass
  • 3” Mid-range
  • Shallow Mount 1” Tweeter for OEM Fitment
  • Ultra-Wide Bandwidth: 55Hz-60kHz

Product information is based upon current information at the time of press but cannot be guaranteed. All designs, features, specifications, and delivery dates are subject to change without notice.  

Alpine Electronics, Inc. is an automotive electronics manufacturer that provides consumers and leading automakers with audio, video, navigation, and driver assistance products. The company specializes in system integration solutions with innovative vehicle entertainment and information technologies. Alpine’s R&D and manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe, and North America ensure that all products address the real-world requirements of drivers in each market. The company is committed to developing safe, comfortable, and eco-friendly automotive electronics products. Alpine Electronics, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of ALPS ALPINE CO., LTD.    

For information about Alpine’s aftermarket products, visit and these social media channels:  




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