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Audiomobile Ships Largest "Evo" Subwoofer

Las Vegas, Nev. – (March 31, 2021) – Audiomobile is pleased to announce the introduction of their latest ‘Advanced Technology’ car audio subwoofers – the EVO “24” Series. Built on the proven performance of the highly-acclaimed Evo series platform, the EVO 2412 D4 features an array of unique performance technologies, including low-profile SLX cast alloy frame, fully CNC machined motor, proprietary Shaped-Manifold-Gap (“SMG”) compact / vented motor, resulting in the highest-power, longest excursion, slim-line subwoofer series on the market.

  • Class-leading power-handling and excursion envelope
  • No axial motor-vent provides minimal enclosure depth
  • Premium Kevlar Composite Laminated Sandwich (“CLS’) cone
  • Shallow mounting depth of 117 mm / 4.6”

Rated at 500 watts RMS, the Evo 2412 delivers remarkable 16 mm of one-way linear Xmax, making it the longest excursion subwoofer available. The rare combination of very low resonant frequency, plus modest VAS, allows it to deliver this full-size 12 performance, but works optimally in enclosures under .65 cf, as well as reflex / ported boxes, of 1 cf net volume.

The proprietary SMG (Shaped Manifold Gap) motor includes a unique “thermal-transfer path,” which forces hot-air away from the voice coil and motor, thru channels, that allow the heated air to be exhausted thru and dissipated by the cast aluminum frame, plus provides additional convection cooling to the huge conduction ‘heatsink.’ provided by the motor and extended gap-plate. This dual mode cooling significantly increased long-term power handling, and reduced power-compression at high-output levels.

In addition, the high-performance suspension features a 25 mm premium SBR rubber surround, 8” flat-spyder, with ‘in-line’ lead wires, to allow over 2-inches of peak to peak excursion provided by the unique motor.

This powerful, proprietary design motor design, delivers symmetrical magnetic field, delivering significantly reduced distortion and results in a driver without equal, in micro-box applications. The MSRP on the Evo 2412 D4 is $495.00.

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