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Total Power for OEM Integration

January 26, 2020 -- The new Prima APK 165P two-way loudspeaker system, capable of handling up to 240 W peak, is the ideal combination to fully exploit the power of the AP F8.9 bit or all other Prima amplifiers used in high power configurations.

The exclusive AIF technology (Any Install Faceplate) of the AP 1P Tweeter provides the installer with 3 different faceplates for total application versatility and a significant reduction in installation time. The woofer has been designed to perform at its best in OEM placements, combining excellent power handling and efficiency.

AP 6.5P Woofer

The AP 6.5P woofer features a very wide excursion to cope with the most important dynamic peaks without any compression. Its impressive magnetic assembly provides the energy needed for perfect control even during limit excursions. The CCAW (Copper-Clad Aluminium Wire) voice coil (32 x 14 mm, 1.25 x 0.55 in) optimally manages the greater applied power. The basket was completely redesigned with the aid of simulations to lower the resistance of air flows, while maintaining compact sizes to facilitate the installation.

APCX P 2T, APCX P 2W Crossovers

To minimize the overall dimensions and simplify the cables routing, thus facilitating the installer’s work, the APK 165P system uses separate ultra-compact crossovers for tweeters and woofers, made with carefully selected and sized components to manage high power avoiding saturation phenomena. The listening sessions for the crossover set-up made the choice fall on an asymmetric filtering, with a 6 dB/oct slope on the tweeter’s hi-pass and 12 dB/oct for the woofer’s lo-pass, for a natural reproduction of mid-high frequencies and well-defined low frequencies.

AP 1P Tweeter

AIF technology, to support OEM integration, provides the specialist with three different types of faceplates:

1. OEM, for an easy and correct factory placement
2. Mesh grille: to obtain the best compromise between protection and performance with a-pillar installations
3. Spoke grille: for maximum acoustic performance with a-pillar installations

The double Neodymium tablet used in the motor provides an excellent extension in high frequency and together with the one-inch CCAW voice coil ensures an outstanding dynamic response.

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