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Elettromedia-USA is proud to announce the NEW AUDISON bit One HD Virtuoso DSP -- SHIPPING NOW!

January 9, 2020 -- Just as the virtuous performer holds the absolute mastery of the instrument and the technique connected to it, the bit One HD Virtuoso features unique skills dedicated to the most ambitious OEM Integration projects and excels in the uncompromising Hi-End systems. This was made possible thanks to innovative functions born with the new software / firmware development and the upgrade of some key components in the audio signal path, which are crucial to reach new heights of listening pleasure.

The Audison bit One HD Virtuoso has the following Upgrades:

Higher quality hardware used:

-          SILMIC Series ELNA capacitors specific for audio use.

-          WIMA high performance Metalized Polypropylene film capacitors

-          High Performance Burr Brown OP Amps OPAx 134 SoundPlus series.

-          Cirrus-Logic CS 4365- 6 CH and CS4385 -8 CH 24 bit / 192 kHz DA converters with 114 dB S/N.

-          Selectable between SLOW or FAST digital filter responses to customize the listening experience.

-          USS built in. (Universal Speaker Simulator)

Software Upgrades:

-          Only one Firmware to support both FIR and IIR digital networks

-          Added Pass-through input configuration (Master)

-          Automatic Routing

-          Improved DE-EQ and introducing Phase analysis / auto and manually correctable All Pass filters.

-          New Large pop out EQ window, for better visibility and ease of use.

MAP price is $1699.99 and shipping NOW!

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