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Introducing the New EVO 9 SERIES LoRa(R) SST 2-way RF Solutions

Montreal, Canada -- December 2, 2019 -- Fortin is pleased to introduce its new ultra-long-range EVO 9 SERIES 2-way RF solutions.

The EVO 9 SERIES has been engineered and designed to ensure responsivity, stability and reliability even under the most extreme conditions. Based on a solid 2-way LoRa® SST (Spread-Spectrum) FM 900 MHz Technology, the platform provides a fully responsive control experience covering up to 6,000 feet (2 km) of urban range.

Each of the 9 SERIES devices is equipped with shock-resistant plastic snaps, stainless steel screws and a custom metallic fastener that reinforce the device's structure, making it one of its outstanding features.

Every EVO 9 SERIES devices are equipped with a state-of-the-art Anti-Code Grabbing Technology that secures the communication process between the device and the vehicle, thus limiting the possibilities for the vehicle to be stolen using emerging code sniffing technologies. EVO 9 SERIES devices are also equipped with Eco-Connect Technology, which has been developed to maximize battery life for long-range RF devices. The devices will scan for short-range responses before using power to search a wider area if no short-range response is received. The result: the remotes' battery life is considerably extended.

EVO 9 SERIES’ lineup includes two RF control kits: the RFK942 and the RFK912. The RFK942 RF kit consists of two RM942 4-button remote controllers, an ANT900 Antenna and an antenna cable, while the RFK912 RF kit consists of two RM912 1-button remote controllers, an ANT900 Antenna and an antenna cable.

Fortin Electronic Systems is a world-leading developer and manufacturer of integrated consumer solutions for vehicle control and connectivity.

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