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Directed Announces Unique 1-Button Remote Functionality Enabling Lock and Arm

VISTA, Calif. (October 31, 2017) – Directed has announced improvements that enable lock and arm commands for their popular lines of 1-button remote controls for the new DS4 systems. Previously, 1-button remotes have been only capable of sending a remote start or unlock-while-remote-started command. Using its unique DS4 technology, Directed has developed 1-button remotes which can also send a lock or arm command. With this industry-first innovation, Directed’s 1-button remotes can for the first time be the main control method of a security system.

“One-button remote controls have been popular since their introduction and are appreciated by remote start customers who prefer not to part with their factory key fobs,” said Directed SVP Product Development & Technical Service James Turner. “But up until now, 1-buttons remotes did three things:  start the vehicle, unlock the vehicle when running, and provide ‘carfinder’ when not running.  We listened to the requests of our dealers and consumers, and using our recently launched DS4 Digital System, innovated to add lock and arm command capabilities.”

This feature is enabled on DS4 firmware and for the Viper 7816V 2-way and the Viper 7616V 1-way remotes. Technicians will know if a given firmware is compatible while flashing a DS4. The “unlock” icon is displayed next to the particular remote where compatible. While we expect this to be the preferred functionality, technicians will still have the option to flash the DS4 with the old command option. 

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