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Omega Linkr App Update For iOS/Android & Is Now Shipping

Douglasville, Georgia – October 11th, 2016 – Omega Research & Development Technologies, Inc. has begun shipping their long anticipated LINKR-M1 smartphone control platform for the USA along with a significantly updated app.

The LINKR-M1 is not your typical smartphone control interface. Service plans start at $36.96/year and all plans include GPS tracking! 3 dedicated analog outputs, 4 dedicated analog inputs, a dedicated data port interface for plug-n-play install with any Excalibur 60 or 70 series remote start. It also plugs into any Omegalink t-harness remote start kit. Get full product details at

The new app update adds a device setup wizard that supports all Linkr models. In addition, it has new selectable control skins including our Weather Skin that shows current temperature and changes the background image to reflect the current weather conditions at your location (note: many skins are free with the app, some are available as in-app purchases). You can now assign a unique skin to each device for easier identification. We’re also introducing “alert only” mode when the LINKR system is installed for DIY home or business alarm monitoring. The Omega Linkr app is available for iOS and Android users. Just search “Omega Linkr” in your app store.

As a companion to the smartphone app, Omega has launched their installer test activation tool at the dealer portal. All setup, activation, & testing can be done right from your smartphone. Register today to get started!

Check out this video on how to setup & activate a LINKR-M1 for installer testing: 

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