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Elettromedia Begins Shipping Hertz H8 DSP Processor

8/10/2016 -- Elettromedia has begun shipping the Hertz H8 DSP processor. Taking ideas and the design of the Audison Bit Ten and Bit Ten D, the processor will include analog and digital inputs that can all be controlled through its specially designed software via computer.

The H8 DSP inputs will include the following features:

-          4 High level of low level inputs

-          1 auxiliary input

-          Optical digital input that will accept a signal at a sample rate up to 96/24bit

Any source can be selected through the DRC HE remote.

The H8 DSP  will consist of 8 channels of pre out analog outputs that will have a independent 31 band equalizer for each channel.

An added feature that is not found on their current processors is the UCS (User Control Set). This allows the installer to wire the H8 DSP to get a signal and automatically switch to one of its stored memories (Mem A or Mem B). For example, the passenger seat belt sensor can trigger the H8 DSP to switch to Mem B of that tune is set for driver + passenger.

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