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Kenwood 2016 Multimedia Receivers Now Shipping

6-3-20-16 -- Kenwood USA, manufacturer of advanced-technology driver entertainment systems, is now shipping its 2016 line of multimedia receivers. The receivers, which debuted at this year's CES, include both the Kenwood and Kenwood Excelon lineups, which feature Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility.

The collection includes 15 new double-DIN multimedia receivers—12 of which supplant the previous year’s models—across the KENWOOD and KENWOOD eXcelon lines. Key improvements address consumers’ desire to seamlessly and safely access smartphone-centric apps through an intuitive interface, as well as performance enhancements to support onboard navigation and source selection.

The 2016 multimedia platform received a processor upgrade resulting in improved stability and faster startup. The additional power also supports a completely new graphic user interface that delivers album art, navigation instructions and source selection in vibrant color and clarity. To personalize the interface, users can add shortcuts to their most-used sources on the home screen, select from a variety of backgrounds and switch between information sources by swiping across the display. For models with built-in Guidance by Garmin®, navigation maps and icons are more informative, and routing and recalculating are faster, thanks to new solid-state memory and a doubling of data transfer speeds.

The number of models embedded with Apple CarPlay™ has increased from four to eight, encompassing the four new topline models across KENWOOD and KENWOOD eXcelon. When a compatible iPhone® is connected to the receiver via USB, the Apple CarPlay interface lets the user access select entertainment and information smartphone apps on the receiver’s display, as well as use Siri® to make selections, provide navigation directions and deliver search results by voice.

As well, the number of units equipped with Android Auto™ has doubled to four models in 2016. Created to extend the Android experience into the vehicle environment, Android Auto provides useful information at the right time, in addition to turn-by-turn navigation, music selection and more. A combination of voice and simplified touch menus lets the driver access Android Auto’s features with minimal distraction. Phones connected through the USB port now benefit from new rapid-charging technology that delivers up to 1.5 amps.

Sound quality was enhanced in the 2016 line. Available on select KENWOOD eXcelon receivers, High-Resolution Audio Playback decodes up to 192KHz, 24-bit FLAC- or WAV-embedded files from media connected through the USB port, which now supports more types of storage media. For all 2016 receivers, a built-in 13-band equalizer enables precise audio adjustments. To further tailor audio to the vehicle environment, the user can access new features to adjust digital time alignment, sound stage height, ambiance and volume based on ambient road noise, powering the built-in amplifier or external amplifiers through three sets of RCA outputs.

Previously featured only on key models, all 2016 receivers now support the ability to have two phones actively connected via Bluetooth at the same time, letting the driver and passenger select which phone will be broadcast through the audio system. All models also receive the latest Hands-Free profile, supporting high-quality calls at twice the bandwidth of the previous profile.

In addition to audio and the user interface, all 2016 multimedia units can now better interface with the larger vehicle world. Each supports connection of two cameras (front and rear view) to help avoid obstacles while parking and maneuvering. Most new units also support connection with iDataLink® Maestro, an add-on vehicle gateway device that enables the receiver to read vehicle information, control specific factory features and connect to factory installed entertainment and safety peripherals.

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