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Atlanta, Ga. – Concluding a fantastic season at this year’s Car Audio Championship in Louisville, KY, Aurigin, Inc. wishes to extend its gratitude and congratulations to the competitors having Hybrid Audio Technologies and Zapco-equipped vehicles, earning 28 Top-Five placements and four Championships in the 2018 IASCA and MECA Finals, in addition to both the MECA ‘Gates Cup,’ and ‘Culbertson Cup’ for highest sound quality in any MECA division being earned by Team Zapco members, and the ‘Best of Best of Show’ earned by a Team Hybrids member.

Over the course of the 2018 season, Team Hybrids and Team Zapco competitors accumulated a total of 338 Top-Three placements, combined. Both teams joined the total of 90 sound quality competitors who came with their best to compete at the IASCA North American Championship (INAC) and MECA ‘World Finals’ Soundfest at the 2018 Car Audio Championship. Among the achievements of Hybrid Audio Technologies and Zapco-equipped vehicles, was Ronda Welch, traveling from California, with a Championship in MECA’s Stock class, using Hybrid Audio Unity and Legatia speakers in the factory locations. Paul Adams of Team Zapco with a Championship in MECA’s Street class, using Zapco Z-AP amplifiers, and John Hale with a third-place in the same class, using a trio of Z-400.2s.

Kirk Proffitt earned the Championship in the Modified Street class, in addition to the ‘Gates Cup,’ for highest sound quality in the Stock, Street, and Modified Street divisions, using a pair of Z-150.6 AP amplifiers, with Marsha Beeler as Runner-Up, using Hybrid Audio Technologies Unity 6x9 midbass drivers, Legatia L2SE full-range drivers, and Unity U5A amplifiers. Bruce Miller and Michael Myers of Team Zapco earned the second and third placements in the modified class, with Scott Welch and Josh Kleckner in the top-three of the Modex class. Tim Smith, using Z-AP amplifiers, earned the Championship in MECA Extreme, in addition to the MECA ‘Culbertson Cup’ for the highest sound quality in any MECA division. Team Hybrids member Charles Haley won MECA’s highest honor, the Best of Best of Show, known by many as the “decathlon of car audio.” Tom Meyers won the Championship in SQ2 using only Unity U3 and U69-S speakers in the factory locations of his Dodge 2500, with a Zapco Z-150.6 AP for amplification.

In IASCA Novice, Hybrid Audio-equipped vehicles earned the second and third-placements, with Sean Forrest and Ben Bachman, and in the highly-contested Pro/Am class, Bramouse Muhammad, member of Team Hybrids and Team Zapco, earned the runner-up placement. The IASCA Pro division was led with all Zapco-equipped vehicles in the Top-three slots, with Team Hybrids members, Scott Welch, and Dave Clews earning the second and third-placements. In the Ultimate class, competition veteran and Team Hybrids member, Larry Chijner won third-place and was presented the ‘Alma Gates Lifetime Achievement Award’ from MECA.

Team Hybrids’ captain, Scott Welch traveled from California to support the team throughout the weekend, in addition to competing himself, as did Scott Buwalda, founder of Hybrid Audio Technologies.

“Hybrid Audio Technologies competitors have been a mainstay in IASCA and MECA competition, where more top-3 placements have been achieved in the past decade than any other speaker manufacturer," said Scott Buwalda, Founder of both Hybrid Audio Technologies and Aurigin Inc. “We are also especially grateful to the hard work by Zapco competitors that continued to establish Zapco as the preeminent amplifier brand, and offer congratulations to all Team Zapco members.”

To inquire about the possible representation or distribution opportunities with either Hybrid Audio Technologies or Zapco, please contact Aurigin, Inc. at +1 833.287.4446 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

1-5-2017 -- At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Hybrid Audio Technologies announced its Sales Rep of the Year Award went to Ira Gold of Impact Sales & Marketing (West Hartford CT). Gold is not only the sales rep for Hybrid Audio Technologies, but also Audiotec Fischer Brands USA, sister company to Hybrid Audio and distributor of Audiotec Fischer GmbH brands Brax, Helix, and Match. 

“I can’t tell you how proud I am to be recognized by a company that I consider to be one of the finest companies I have ever had the honor and pleasure to represent. It is not always just about sales (but that does matter), but is about [our] commitment to offer the finest product out there with the best program and support” remarked Gold. “I plan to continue my support for HAT in 2017 and look forward to a great year.”

Scott Buwalda, founder and CEO of Hybrid Audio Technologies and Audiotec Fischer Brands USA commented “it’s about passion. I saw it repeatedly this year – Mr. Gold’s desire to truly support our dealers was remarkable, and we are very lucky to have him on board as not only a Hybrid Audio rep,
but also a Brax/Helix/Match rep too.” 

Hybrid Audio Technologies and Audiotec Fischer Brands USA will host a hospitality suite in the Venetian, in the “high-end audio” section, suite 29-210. At CES, Hybrid Audio will unveil amplifiers from its Unity-series electronics lineup, as well as a new super high-end offering commemorating the company’s ten successful years of manufacturing – a speaker product known as Legatia – X (with “X” signifying the roman numeral “10” for ten years of producing the world’s finest speaker systems).

For more information about Hybrid Audio Technologies, please visit, call us at 770.888.8200, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

8-17-2016 -- From 8:30-10:30 am on Monday, August 22, Hybrid Technologies will be at KnowledgFest, debuting its Unity amplifiers and offering two one-hour training courses. Two of the five new amplifiers will be on display: the U2A 200-watt 2-channel and U5A 1,000-watt 5-channel digital full-range model.

Interested parties are encouraged to sign up for the training by following THIS LINK. The company will be displaying products at booth 458, and demonstrate Hybrid Audio, Brax and Helix products in Scott Buwalda's BMW 135i. 

Additional specs on the amplifiers are as follows:

U1A: 1000W×1 @ 2Ω / 600W×1 @ 4Ω

U2A: 100W×2 @ 2Ω / 75W×2 @ 4Ω

U4A: 100W×4 @ 2Ω / 75W×4 2 4Ω

U5A: 100W×4 @ 2Ω + 600W @ 2Ω; 75W×4 @ 4Ω + 400W @ 4Ω

U6A: 100W×6 @ 2Ω / 75W×6 @ 4Ω


PCB: FR4 double-sided

Terminal: molded

Fusing: multiple ATC

Bass Remote available in all models

Tempered real glass top panel with embossed illuminated Hybrid Audio “cross” logo that lights upon operation

Thick extruded aluminum heat sink with no fans

On Friday, August 19, the company will be mentoring (along with five other mentors) at the ‘Soundscape Processor Tuning Clinic,’ which will be a less formal, hands-on event, where a minimum of five vehicles will be on hand to demo techniques on working with sound processors, including the Helix DSP Pro. (This event, like KnowledgeFest, is open only to industry professionals.) Contact Daniel Greenwood at Soundscape Car Audio for more information: (972) 424-8000.



TEMPE, Ariz. – April 21, 2016 – Rockford Corp. has announced that it has finalized and completed the transition of the distribution of Audiotec Fischer products under the Brax, Helix, and Match brands in the U.S. and Mexico to Atlanta-based Hybrid Audio Technologies, Inc., officially effective April 25, 2016. Rockford announced the end of its four-year distribution agreement with Audiotec Fischer in January 2016 in order to dedicate resources and capitalize on opportunities within its own brands.

“After careful consideration, Audiotec Fischer chose Scott Buwalda and the team at Hybrid Audio Technologies to take over distribution of the Brax, Helix, and Match brands in the U.S. and Mexico,” explained Theresa Anthony, Rockford Corp. VP of sales and marketing. “Hybrid Audio Technologies will assume all service and support for dealers who purchased from Rockford Corporation, so it will be as seamless a transition for all involved…most importantly, for Brax, Helix, and Match retailers and customers.”

Brax, Helix, and Match will be now be managed under the dba namesake Audiotec Fischer Brands USA (AFB-USA), sister company to Hybrid Audio Technologies, Inc.

“AFB-USA and Hybrid Audio Technologies are collectively and uniquely positioned to assume the Brax, Helix, and Match distributorship,” added Scott Buwalda, Hybrid Audio Technologies founder and president. “We plan to expand the reach of each brand as we grow them in parallel with each other, complementing a large and diverse collection of the very finest retailers across the USA. Additionally, a distribution announcement in Mexico is imminent.”

Heinz Fischer, owner of Audiotec Fischer, stated, “I would like to thank Rockford for their dedication and efforts over the past four years, and with their professionalism and dedication to our brands and customers during this transition. We are pleased that Hybrid Audio Technologies will continue this trend in North America.”

Bill Jackson, president and CEO of Rockford Corporation, stated, “Everyone at Rockford, including myself, has the highest level of respect for Mr. Heinz and Mrs. Gudrun Fischer, their brands, and the technology they bring to the market place. Brax, Helix, and Match are in good hands with Hybrid Audio Technologies, and we wish them continued success.”

1-5-2017 -- Soundz provides integrated OEM and aftermarket audio solutions for Harley-Davidson, Victory, Indian, and Kawasaki touring model motorcycles. For the past year, Soundz has been developing a range of high-performance speaker systems and kits, adapter plates, harness kits, and direct-fit OEM replacement grille kits in conjunction with Hybrid Audio Technologies’ OEM manufacturing branch, a high-end speaker manufacturer out of Atlanta, Ga. The two companies have collaborated on numerous new products to debut at the 2017 CES show.

Soundz has proven its product and installation methodology by offering its customers the highest level of performance and reliability at well over one hundred national events to date, according to the company. 

Soundz will have on display a new lineup of Carbon-Series products for use on Harley-Davidson and other power sports vehicles, manufactured in collaboration with Hybrid Audio Technologies.  Soundz announces vehicle-specific grilles, spacers, and adapters to compliment the Carbon-Series products as well.  Products will be on display during CES at the Venetian Tower Exhibit Suite #29-210 in Las Vegas, January 5-8.  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information.

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