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What’s Happening December 2018

With an increased media presence, a bigger exhibit hall and education sessions added in Spanish or with translators, the second year of KnowledgeFest Long Beach is projected to be even more successful—with the goal of making it an international event.

Words by Rosa Sophia


The first KnowledgeFest Long Beach took place in 2018, attracting over 1,100 attendees, and the second is scheduled for February 23 to 25, 2019. It is anticipated to have roughly the same amount of manufacturer trainings—60 hours—along with 30 to 40 hours of educational sessions.

Chris Cook, president of the Mobile Electronics Association, stated that he anticipates a significant growth in retailer attendance along with more interaction in education sessions. “Our first year was great, and our second year should be even better,” he said. Because more exhibitors are expected, the conference will be taking place in a much larger hall.

“We sold out the space last year,” Cook said, adding that it made sense to choose a larger hall in the Long Beach Convention Center for the 2019 event. “The hall we’re moving into is about 65 percent larger than the hall we used last year,” he noted.

With the completion of the first event came lessons learned, which will be applied to the second Long Beach conference. Also expected is an increased... Read the rest of the story HERE.







Mobile Electronics Alert - North Andover, MA – April 7, 2020: The Mobile Electronics Association is providing a list of online training opportunities at as a centralized resource for the Mobile Electronics Industry. Got to for more information.

Sonus Car Audio has announced two new classes for its 2016 training lineup. The trainings take the place of previous trainings, and add more content and hands-on training to both.

The Installogy classes run $799 (with an available discount for previous attendees), with a limit of 15 technicians per class. Classes are three 10-hour days, each. Each Installogy class is focused on technicians with 0-3 years of experience with no experience required, and covers the following:

-          6 hours of Sound School Training – Fundamental instruction on the use of Meters, Oscilloscopes, Types of Signals, Wiring, Identification, and Terminology

-          6 hours of Enclosure Design and Fabrication – How to calculate enclosures properly and design them using the appropriate wood and composites

-          18 hours of Fabrication and Cosmetic Integration – In-depth introduction to layered design and construction, focusing on application to the vehicle while maximizing system design efficiency

-          MECP Basic Certification fundamental instruction (and testing with advanced notice)

Installogy classes are planned for the following dates:

  • January 15-17
  • February 12-14
  • March 11-13
  • April 22-24
  • May 13-15
  • June 10-12
  • July 8-10
  • September 9-11
  • October 14-16
  • November 4-6

The Fabology classes are priced at $899 (also with an available discount for previous attendees), and have a limit of 12 technicians per class. Classes run for three days, with 12-hour days scheduled. Each Fabology class is focused on more experienced technicians, with a requirement of at least three years of experience. Classes cover the following:

-          6 hours of Router Technique and Bit Tutorials – Hands-on experience with various types of router bit usage to accomplish different tasks, and how to identify the appropriate type of bit to use and how to create compound shapes without filler material

-          12 hours of Composite Training – In-depth experience and training on using plastics, fiberglass, and different alloys to create unique projects, as well as training on proper safe cutting, machining, and adhering different types of materials.

-          6 hours of Layering Training – Stacked construction techniques and 3-D panel accents

-          6 hours of Material Finishing Techniques – How to apply and properly finish fabrics and hides, as well as primer, paint, and automotive-grade finishing

-          6 Hours of Presentation and Sales Techniques – Demonstration of techniques to describe and sell profitable custom projects to clients, as well as how to track time and properly log builds, how to properly track costs for the project, and how to bill appropriately for it.

Fabology classes are planned for the following dates:

  • January 22-24
  • February 26-28
  • March 18-20
  • April 29-May1
  • May 20-22
  • June 24-26
  • July 22-24
  • August 5-7
  • September 23-25
  • October 21-23
  • November 11-13
  • December 9-11
  • Fabology will alternate throughout the year from door panels, dash boards, center console style stuff, pillars, and the like. Fabology switches to 12 hour days (3) instead of the 2015 method of four days at +/- 8 hours. Wear comfortable shoes.

Installogy $699 ($599 for Evol Guys) Limit 15 Per Class
0-3 Years Experience

10 Hour Days 30 Hours Total

No Fabrication Experience Required
MECP Crash Course (BASIC)

6 Hours Sound School
-Meters, Scopes, Signal, Wiring, Terminology

6 hours Enclosure Design and Fabrication
-Design and Calculation of Enclosures
-Lumber and composites

18 Hours Fabrication and Cosmetic Integration
-Layered and design and construction for enhancing enclosures and panels.

January 15-17
February 12-14
March 11-13
April 22-24
May 13-15
June 10-12
July 8-10
September 9-11
October 14-16
November 4-6

Fabology $799 ($699 for Evol Guys) Limit 12 Per Class
3-More Years Experience

12 Hour Days 36 Hours Total

Intermediate Fabrication Required

6 Hours Router Techniques and Bit Tutorials
-Demonstration of router usage for compound shape creation without Filler

12 Hours Composites
-Plastics, Fiberglass, alloys
-Cutting, Machining, and adhering composite Materials

6 Hours Layering
-Stacked construction techniques
-Three Dimensional panel accents

6 Hours Presentation and sales technique for acquiring profitable custom jobs
-Demonstration techniques and terminology
-Billing and job costing
-Time tracking build logs

6 Hours Material Finishing Techniques
-Fabrics, Hides
-Primer and Automotive grade finishing

January 22-24
February 26-28
March 18-20
April 29-May1
May 20-22
June 24-26
July 22-24
August 5-7
September 23-25
October 21-23
November 11-13
December 9-11


These classes will fill up fast, so students can place a deposit for their class to reserve a spot here:

Installogy class deposits:

Fabology class deposits:

Sonus Car Audio provides advanced training solutions to technicians and business owners looking to build their knowledgebase and enhance their business. Realized from real-world experience and research in their own award-winning facility, their training programs are run by their own fully MECP Certified crew and utilize their own line of products. For more information, contact owner Micah Williams at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call 931-802-8913.

9-3-2017, Forbes -- A company is like a great sports team: The coach leads the way and coordinates the team with his leadership skills, and the players score the points needed to win the game. But what makes a good player better than constant training?

A wise manager knows that an efficient employee needs to be adequately trained. Even the best athlete will eventually grow weak if he’s not consistently challenged in training. But training doesn’t just occur during an employee’s first few weeks; effective training is an ongoing process.

However, sometimes even organizations that decide to embrace a culture of learning can fall into common misconceptions about education: The learning process is either experiential or theoretical instead of a blend of the best of both.

That lack of interaction lets learners become passive and demotivated, which makes the whole training process boring — and a waste of time for your company and your employees.

Brad Lea, owner and founder of LightSpeed VT, is an entrepreneur who set the benchmark for employee training. After he’d failed at becoming an actor — getting cut from a movie three days before production — Brad decided to start a business as a path to becoming a Hollywood star. Today, his online training platform is the largest in the world, and he is the father of “virtual training,” having coined the term himself. He shared with me some expert insights into how some companies miss the mark and what leaders can do about it to effectively train their teams.

Read more HERE.

A few months ago I received a “Tip ‘O The Day” from Eddy K.  I sought and received his permission to relate the main sentiment of his admonition including extensive quoting. This is not my normal style BUT the subject is way too important to gloss over. “The only thing harder than training, is being trained” was the title and it resonated with me. Some key contents…  (begin quotes)

“I was thinking the other day that most people would not put their life in the hands of a doctor who wasn’t trained.  We wouldn’t put our lives in the hands of an attorney who wasn’t trained.  Yet, everyday, we put our business in the hands of a sales staff that isn’t trained.  And for most of us, our business is our lives.”

“Here is a great example of not being able to break habit: A customer walks in the door and you say: “How can I help you?”  The customer says, “Just looking.” It has happened to you 1000 times.  I wonder how long it takes to realize that if you don’t want to hear “just looking” you shouldn’t be asking “how can I help you?” There are better ways to open a sale.  I know.” 

“It’s not the acquisition of knowledge that gets you ahead.  It’s the application of knowledge.” 

“Most of my students are reluctant participants. They are there because the boss made them go.  I often hear them complain:  “You know, I’m not being paid to be here.”  I think to myself:  My God, I went to college for four years and I’m still waiting for my check.  The company is paying for your education.  Information you will have for the rest of your life.  Information that will allow your career to grow.  Even if you are 22 years old and have no intention of staying in retail, this is valuable stuff.  Life is a sell.  I sell the cleaners on getting my cloths done on time.  I sell the hostess on getting me a good table.  I sell my wife on letting me have a day off.  When a manufacturer comes in for product training, he’s not the enemy keeping you from going home.  He or she is there to help you make more money.  Any time you have the chance to go to a seminar, on any topic, take it.”

(end quotes)

How true. I observe that alotta guys already know it all and therefore only grudgingly and reluctantly engage in a ‘training session” with the “factory clown”.  Often times the owner of the store and the associated sales rep depart the training session after a few moments to go outside and “yuck it up” about some unrelated topic. You see, they are too important to sit in with “schlub sales people and installers”.

That said there are corollaries for the store owner and the “factory clown”… 

Store owner:  Qualify the trainer and his subject matter. You have a responsibility to insure that your people are not being abused by having their time wasted, falling asleep to a boob who does not know the subject. Then it is necessary to set expectations for a worthwhile education and to personally participate, because it is important to your business to have capable staff who love to improve.

“Factory Clown”:  Bring your “A Game” to training sessions.  If you are not the guy conducting the training be sure that the guy actually conducting the training is worth the time and energy that the retail owner and his staff devote to the task.

If you have never experienced a good training, contact Eddy K,

I did. It was worth it!

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