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This Training Mistake Could Be Costing You Time, Money, and Good Employees

9-3-2017, Forbes -- A company is like a great sports team: The coach leads the way and coordinates the team with his leadership skills, and the players score the points needed to win the game. But what makes a good player better than constant training?

A wise manager knows that an efficient employee needs to be adequately trained. Even the best athlete will eventually grow weak if he’s not consistently challenged in training. But training doesn’t just occur during an employee’s first few weeks; effective training is an ongoing process.

However, sometimes even organizations that decide to embrace a culture of learning can fall into common misconceptions about education: The learning process is either experiential or theoretical instead of a blend of the best of both.

That lack of interaction lets learners become passive and demotivated, which makes the whole training process boring — and a waste of time for your company and your employees.

Brad Lea, owner and founder of LightSpeed VT, is an entrepreneur who set the benchmark for employee training. After he’d failed at becoming an actor — getting cut from a movie three days before production — Brad decided to start a business as a path to becoming a Hollywood star. Today, his online training platform is the largest in the world, and he is the father of “virtual training,” having coined the term himself. He shared with me some expert insights into how some companies miss the mark and what leaders can do about it to effectively train their teams.

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