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Eleven Engineering Donates May Profits to Ukraine Family

Profits from Eleven Engineering’s for the Month of May Have Been Donated to a Family in Ukraine That Has Been Directly Affected by the War

EDMONTON, Alberta, Canada, July 13, 2022 – Eleven Engineering, Inc. (, a market leader in semiconductor products for wireless audio for professional, home theater, multi-room, portable, 12 Volt (car, truck, motorcycle, power sports, marine) and gaming applications, has announced that it has donated May 2022 profits from its to help support a Ukraine family in dire need of assistance during the current crisis with Russia who are actively working to protect their country.

Eleven Engineering added that SKAA’s donation is equivalent of one year's rent in hopes that the money helps ease any burden on them while they raise a family and fight for their country's freedom and independence.

“We knew that we needed to do something about the needless humanitarian crisis caused by Russia’s unprovoked invasion, and so the team at SKAA made a commitment to support those affected by Putin’s war in Ukraine,” said John Sobota, Eleven Engineering CEO. “The anger and remorse we felt led us to donating a month’s profits to help ease the suffering of those directly in the line of fire. As a result, we heard about the Petrunko family, still inside Ukraine, made up of a husband and wife and their two young children. We are honored and humbled to be able to help them in their time of need while they literally fight for their freedom and future.”

The Petrunko family has first-hand experience with the horrors that come with war, but their story is familiar to many who live in Ukraine. Their home damaged by shelling, they were forced to flee their occupied village near Kherson. Their escape was harrowing, but the family remained safe thanks to the heroic actions of the father, Viktor. Meanwhile the mother, Kristina, is a member of the Ukrainian armed forces, working every day to fight back against Putin’s onslaught.

“We salute both the Russian people who believe using their country’s military might to shell the homes of children is diabolical, as well as those who risk their lives to protest and resist Putin inside Russia,” Sobota continued. “We hope that our small gesture will help the Petrunko family persist with hope and determination as they continue in their noble causes. Thank you to those who fight the good fight.”

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, home to Eleven Engineering’s headquarters, has the largest Ukrainian population of any Canadian city. “And this fact really hits home for us,” Sobota said. “We still challenge other Canadian-based companies to consider stepping up and helping those in Ukraine and the refugees that have fled in any way that they can,” Sobota concluded. “We all need to help because that’s what Canadians do.”

Eleven Engineering invites everyone to share their first-hand stories of heroes from this conflict on its social media platforms.

SKAA is the new wireless HiFi audio standard developed by Eleven Engineering, Inc. SKAA transmitters work with iOS & Android mobile devices, Mac & Windows computers, televisions, and just about any product with a line output or a headphone jack. SKAA is also available as a built-in technology not requiring an external transmitter in purpose-designed partner products, which are featured at In environments laden with heavy Wi-Fi and Bluetooth traffic, SKAA navigates through these hostile environments with best-in-class reliability. SKAA also allows for uninterrupted audio signals which are delivered with the highest sound quality to all speakers without the latency that is inherent in other wireless solutions.

For more information, please contact Rex Whitehead at 480-650-3979 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and please visit,, SKAA wireless YouTube channel, and Facebook.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada-based Eleven Engineering, Inc. is a market leader in microprocessors SiPs (System in Package) and modules designed for wireless audio for Home Theater, Multi-Room, Portable, and Pro Audio products. Eleven's XInC2 multithreaded processor was designed specifically for digital wireless audio applications but is also well suited for other realtime intensive microprocessor applications.

Eleven's high-performance wireless audio semiconductors, equipped with XInC2 wireless processor cores, are complete solutions for high-quality digital wireless audio transport. WFD™, Eleven's proprietary wireless audio transport protocol, has a narrow footprint in the radio spectrum, delivering both best-in-class coexistence with WiFi / Bluetooth and unparalleled Quality of Service.

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