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MSC Announces “DSP Live and Re-plugged” Seminars

July 13, 2021 -- MSC Rocks the Desert seminars kicked off this past weekend at their Mesa Arizona facility. The inaugural training titled “DSP Live and Re-plugged” was attended by dealers from across the U.S. The dealers were immersed in DSP tuning techniques utilizing the Audiotec Fischer DSP PC tool software that operates all BRAX, Helix and Match DSP Product. Live demonstrations were done showing the power of the ‘Real Center’ algorithm, OEM signal testing including how to identify the presence of all-pass filters in OEM audio systems and the decision-making processes with regards to system design and how to best integrate to modern vehicles. 

MSC was giving In-vehicle Technology Demonstrations as well as teaching everyone about system design as well as rolling out their latest offering “Systems By MSC.”

Dealers flew in from all over the country to take part.

Larry Penn, president of MSC, said, “The whole goal of this weekend’s training was not only to educate our dealers but show them in real time how to properly use the automated tuning software and microphone to achieve a great sounding audio system in a reasonable amount of time with a repeatable, straight forward process.”

Not only were these MSC dealers given two days of knowledge and techniques that they will use daily in their stores, but they were also treated to unique dinner experience at Steak and Stone in Mesa, Ariz. and a live music performance from Justin Hopkins who was a contestant on the Voice.

New products like the Match UP10DSP, M5.4DSP, BLAM Signature 8” woofers and Helix K 8W were introduced as well as the new “Systems By MSC” brand was launched. This unique vehicle specific engineered audio solution was a hit among dealers.

“The MSC Culture is built on providing an exceptional experience for our dealers and end user consumers. These training events are our way of sharing our culture to help take our dealers to the next level,” said Larry Penn.

MSC has pledged to continue these in depth training sessions and has already confirmed up coming dates. July 17th-18th(no availability) September 11-12, September 18-19, and October 16-17. If you would like to enroll in one of these sessions contact MSC at (480) 372-2929 or email us sales@msc-america. Space is limited.

Photo, Top Row: From Left to Right: Nichols Gabriel (The Car Audio Shop, Austin Tx), Miguel Vega (Titan Motoring, Nashville Tn), Raul Palacious (Audiomasters, Austin Tx), Matthew Shepard (Premier Car Audio, Ann Arbor Mi), Eddie Gomez (520 Car Audio, Casa Grande, Az), Zach Evans (AutoFx, Tacoma Wa), Russ Brayall (Pollygar,, Orange County ca), Kenny Albertini (Soudelux, Chula Vista Ca), Mike Belair(AudioLab car stereo, Laguna Hills Ca), Justin Weiss (PDA Road Gear, Littleton Co), Jim and Justin (Streamline Audio, Vancouver Wa). Bottom Row: From Left to Right: Team MSC Chris Van Ry, Jason Digos, Larry Penn and Matthew Delgado

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