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DS18 Audio 50th Anniversary 2015 Mustang

April 24, 2019 -- DS18 Audio in Miami, Fla. is one of the leading audio manufacturers in the USA. We produce a plethora of custom vehicles yearly from some of the most skilled fabricators in the world. The DS18 Mustang is an amazing addition to our massive lineup of trucks, cars, UTVs, and boats. We chose this amazing monster of a mustang because it is indictive of true American muscle and we wanted to fill it with the most amazing audio and electronic products we offer. The Race Red paint is complemented by a huge Spirit of the Wolf DS18 vinyl decal. This car is a true classis and is why we are sending it to SEMA 2019 for the world to enjoy. This American beauty has more than 100 hours labor in it and has been officially dubbed as “The Red Mus” from us here at DS18 and is owned by our star fabricator Diego Navarro.


We put 4 Elite 10” Subwoofers in a custom vinyl wrapped box to match the black and red colors of the mustang and make this road beast rock out like a true concert on demand. We chose these amazing subs for their 750w RMS handling and their beautiful carbon fiber cones and red DS18 logo to bring out the true beauty in this amazing build.


We chose the Gen X6000.1 CLASS D MONOBLOCK AMPLIFIERS to power the 4 elite 10” subwoofers because of their beautiful DS18 glowing L.E.D. logos that brighten up the night for all to see. Two of our most efficient class AB Gen X3700.4 RANGE CLASS AB 4 CHANNEL AMPLIFIERS are what everyone needs for crystal, loud midrange, and high range vocals. Tuned for the highest quality sound, the amazing output of these sturdy amps will be unmatched. A 2.2 Ah Lithium is neatly hidden away to give the maximum amperage these power houses take, and it is in such a convenient size that it can fit in one hand and power 4000w rms!

Loud Speakers:

2 EXL-MM84NB NEODYMIUM FULL RANGE LOUDSPEAKERS in the trunk wall and 2 TW-320 1.5" PRO ALUMINUM SUPER BULLET TWEETERS are built into the rear trunk lid to complement the midrange ear piercing high range frequencies and can be heard nearly ¼ of a mile away! These are our highest end mid-range neo available. The Neo magnets are the strongest in the audio industry today and create a much stronger action force in the motor gap on lower power for a sound like you are at a concert without having to use huge amplifiers.

SQ Speakers:

Our DELUXE3C 6.5" 3-WAY SQ COMPONENT SYSTEM and DELUXE2C 6.5" 2-WAY SQ COMPONENT SYSTEM are carefully fabricated in new locations that produce the highest quality sound from our bestselling SQ component models. Separate amplifiers were carefully picked for these high-end sound quality component speakers because they are our most coveted and sensitive model. When these amazing components are heard the will leave a lasting impression that will have you counting your savings for a pair of your own to enjoy daily. These are our top sound quality components sets that will absolutely bring your ears to ecstasy and leave you wanting to stay and enjoy the crystal-clear sound for hours and hours to come.


Opening the rear, you will be stunned by a 10” LCD Tablet mounted on the trunk lid that controls all the multimedia for the trunk stunt wall, so all your music and video needs are available by touch throughout the vehicle.

Suspension, Wheels, Body effects, and Interior Mods:

The adjustable air suspension is controlled from the cockpit or wirelessly with ease to lower and raise the vehicle for the lowest of stance and the smoothest of rides. A set of 20 Inch staggered wheels gives this machine gives this American machine a low no nonsense street posture. Rear Louvers and DRL Halo lights bring out the true classic traditional muscle of this mustang in a beautiful fashion that riminess the classic form of the ford tradition. The highest end of Radar Detectors is hidden for a fast and safe journey down the Miami highways. The DS18 Blackbox front facing dash cam records every bit of action in HD so no action is missed during huge car shows or to protect you and your liabilities on the highway. 

The Red Mus is a MUST-SEE ford mustang that cruises the mean streets of Miami and has been chosen by us here at DS18 to be our showcase vehicle at 2019 SEMA in Las Vegas. Prepare yourself for this Red RAGING WOLF by DS18; you will never look at mustangs the same way again!

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