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Audiomobile Returns to KnowledgeFest

Audiomobile is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting at the MEA KnowlegeFest this week in Dallas (Booths 224).

Las Vegas, NV -- August 10, 2018 – Audiomobile is uniquely positioned and specifically created to provide Specialty 12 Volt Retailers truly exceptional, high-performance, minimal form factor, relevant solutions, that are protected from ever increasingly challenging Internet pricing-pressures and who are seeking brands that are focused on delivering both value and reliability, at competitive price-points.

Audiomobile will introduce several new models, including the new ‘GT2’ Series 2012, their incredible new Elite 7 and inverted Neo motor Stealth 8 (just 1.3” deep) world-class midbass drivers, as well as debut the new line-up of “SoloPass” line of custom, low-profile, vehicle specific enclosures, which have been specifically engineered to work with their formidable subwoofers, as well as specifically optimized to work with their unique, pre-tuned, “MCAR” (Modular Coupled Acoustic Radiator) transducers.

Invitation information and details can be found at

Retailers who are interested in learning more about this opportunity are welcome to call Audiomobile at (702) 221-1977, or to contact the company at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to schedule a meeting during the show.

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