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How 5 Entrepreneurs Came Back From the Brink

9-18-2017, -- Any successful person will tell you about a life-defining or breakdown moment from their past that was responsible for making them who they are today.

These entrepreneurs and members of The Oracles share their black swan events that caused big epiphanies.


1. Chaos creates opportunities.

Moving can be as stressful and traumatic as death, public speaking, and bad bosses.

I was born in Mexico City before moving to Toronto, Canada, at eight years old. Then I moved to Houston for junior high and high school. There, I spent years on the debate team, and my life seemed destined for a professional “grown-up” job in law. Yes, I wanted to give the world another lawyer. Then, a surprise: I had to move again in the middle of my junior year!

My new school in Santa Monica, Calif., didn’t have a debate team. I felt depressed because I could no longer practice my passion. But the school had a film class, taught by a very popular teacher. At first, I laughed. Only a school in L.A. would have “artsy” film classes. But then I decided, what the heck?

In that very class, I met Alex Kurtzman, and we started writing together shortly after. Law went out the window as we put 20 years into Hollywood, co-writing the scripts for "Mission Impossible III," "Transformers," "Star Trek," "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," and more.

The chaos in our lives can also open opportunities. The trick is to stay calm in a storm and not miss them. You can always reinvent yourself. — Roberto Orci, Hollywood super producer and screenwriter whose movies and TV shows have grossed over $5 billion worldwide

2. Believe in miracles.

A life riddled with failure is hard to shake off. But each failure sculpted who I am today. And I experienced miracles along the way.

On my eighth failed company, I was in a state of financial, mental, and spiritual meltdown. But through grit, hard work, and hustle, I launched my ninth company with zero money. Instead, I sold two partners on the business idea and used their tiny amount of capital to begin.

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