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AudioControl Introduces the DM-608 DSP matrix Processor for Automotive Sound Systems

Featuring ultra-clean high-level inputs for OEM interface as well as line level and digital inputs, the DM-608 is a versatile DSP processor enabling dealers to deliver precisely tailored sound for each customer

Seattle, WA, April 5th, 2017 – AudioControl ( introduces the DM-608 DSP matrix processor for automotive sound systems. The DM-608 gives installers a versatile processor with both high and low-level inputs for use in OEM interface applications as well as with an aftermarket head unit. The 6-input/8-output configuration along with a revolutionary user interface makes the DM-608 an intuitive and effective path to optimizing system performance and delivering the finest automotive sound to consumers.

Using the DM-608, dealers can optimize the performance of any audio system, regardless of whether they are using a factory or aftermarket source. Key features include a vast array of analog and digital inputs and up to 8-channels of output. The easy-to-navigate smart user interface gives installers the power of AudioControl DSP processing through a flexible, highly intuitive PC interface packed full of features. Configure signal summing, 30-bands of equalization, signal time-alignment, input delay and phase correction, plus proprietary AudioControl innovations such as AccuBASS®, GTO™ Signal Sense, and MILC™ as well as integrated input and output RTA’s. The digital audio input on the DM-608 will allow hi-res streaming directly into the DSP, while an option port is included to be used for future inputs, controllers and interface solutions.

Available now, the AudioControl DM-608 is designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA and features a 5-year warranty. Suggested selling price is $599.

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