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Audiomobile Ships Next-Gen Elite Series

 Audiomobile Ships Next-Gen Elite Series      

Las Vegas, NV, September 23, 2016 – Audiomobile has begun initial deliveries of the first model of the highly anticipated, ‘Next Gen’ of the Elite series, the Elite 2510 S4 subwoofer.

As with the original, superb Elite 2210, the new series features premium features, including Low-profile, SLX cast-aluminum frame, exotic, ‘CCAW’ (Copper-Clad Aluminum Wire) voice coils, powerful, large diameter ceramic magnet, premium, high-modulus, “CLS” (Composite Laminated Sandwich) cones, and patent-pending “ICAR” (Inter-Cooled Alloy Radiator) heatsink. This proprietary technology provides both superior Conduction and convection cooling, directly to voice coil and top-plate, to vanquish heat and power-compression, as well as significantly increased long-term thermal power-handling, now over 500 watts RMS.

Enhanced features include integral Aluminum Flux Stabilization Device, providing both inner  and outer “shorting-rings” (to reduce Inductance and improve transient response), as well asfully CNC machined top-plate, plus reduced mounting depth (under 4.9 inches), providing even greater installation application flexibility. Specifically designed from the start, to be the world’s finest “free-air” (I-B installation) subs ever designed, the composite of ‘world-class’ features, makes the Elite series totally unique in the market. The drivers are also well suited for small reflex/vented and Bandpass box applications.

Matthew Overpeck, VP of Sales and Marketing, commented; As we all know, like the Internet, The OEM upgrade business is ‘here to stay,’ so we opted to rededicate the Elite ‘25’ series to providing our exclusive retailer base with a true, world-class solution, to their customers who want ‘killer-bass’ in their vehicles, but who have no interest in adding cost or weight of usual enclosure in their trunk. As we like to say, “The smallest-box is NO box.”

Overpeck continued; "It is now clear that all our unique, solutions-based, relevant products, which focus on specific categories, clearly stand out, even in a crowded market, and that our message resonates with the elite specialty retailer segment, allowing them to make room in their mix for these high-value products, which will provide superior performance and enhanced solutions to their needs, both from a business perspective, as well as from an applications standpoint. Its axiomatic that “Size matters,” especially in mobile products, and we have addressed this on every level.”

Retailers who are interested in learning more about this opportunity are welcome to contact Audiomobile via email the company at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Contact: Matthew Overpeck; VP of Sales   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (702) 221–1977


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