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Omega Research and Technology To Unveil New Product Line At KnowledgeFest

DOUGLASVILLE, GEORGIA – AUGUST 17, 2016 - Omega's tech support team will be presenting the 70-Series product line at it’s first ever KnowledgeFest Dealer training session.  The 70-Series is Omega’s most advanced Remote-Start line ever.

Packed with very high-end features, but priced at a tremendous value, Omega focused on refining the installer experience by adding a very comprehensive vehicle learn routine, and on the user experience by adding a BUILT-IN 3D accelerometer for manual transmission starting without the complicated exit routine, as well as Cold-Temperature start at the "entry units".

All "3D" units are 2-way Ready, so to upsell a sale, just learn in a compatible 2-way controller. Also, every single remote starter has a built in Alarm Suite, again offering upsell potential with little or no additional install. With Omega, every Starter is a COMBO.

Omega will also be introducing the Linkr Mobile Control platform: In our opinion, the most versatile Smartphone hardware/APP platform available. Built as a Global platform, it supports 6 languages, and can be installed stand-alone, or plugged into an Omega host unit via the data port. All 3 analog outputs can be configured to your needs, even if you’re using a data connection. This doubles the simultaneous functionality of other units.

Very importantly, EVERY service plan gives the user full functionality!!! This includes GPS tracking, 2 Geo-Fences, Speed alerts, & a Security Fence. Other included features are a Built-In battery backup,

Multiple "Skin" options, personal Avatar selection from your camera-roll, the ability to control dozens of devices from the same APP, a full featured "High Risk" PANIC routine that sends alerts and a bread crumb trail to 5 pre-set recipients, and more. One can even monitor their home or business alarm panel with Linkr.

For information on becoming an Omega Dealer in the US, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more information on Omega’s car security, keyless entry and remote start product lines, please visit,,, and

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