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KICKER® Employees Honored with Annual Service Awards

STILLWATER, USA – Stillwater Designs, ® the manufacturer of KICKER® Performance Audio products, celebrated 53 distinguished employees for their loyalty to the company during a meeting August 10 at the world headquarters. Service awards were given to personnel who reached a benchmark year with KICKER, deserving of appreciation and recognition for their service time and dedication to the company.

During the ceremony, president and company co-founder Steve Irby presented the service awards and expressed gratitude toward employees who have given one, three, five, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of service. 

Kim Wright (Customer Service), Jennifer Surratt (Sales and Marketing), and Lance Noble (Warranty) were honored with 25-year service awards for their loyalty and service with the company.

Employees with the company for 20 years are Benny Francis, Rod Goodner, Tammy Warren and Calvin Alexander.

Employees with the company for 15 years are as follows: Bill Pendleton, Stephanie Surratt, Tim Valencia, Greg Dilbeck, Josh Fletcher, Michael Wolf, Scott Waller and David Womack.

Employees with the company for 10 years are as follows: Lori VanDeventer, Melanie Fore, Jacob Boyd, Martin Williams and Tim Collins.

Thirty-three others received awards for their service of five, three and one year.

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