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LONG BEACH, CALIF., January 16, 2018 (MEDIAWIRE) – Last year, KENWOOD introduced Hi-Res Audio compatibility in its line of multimedia receivers. For its 2018 line which debuted at the 2018 CES, the brand is adding a pair of multi-channel amplifiers as well as two sets of component speakers that are fully capable of reproducing the extended-range audio as it was originally intended. The addition of these models allows KENWOOD to offer an end-to-end, premium audio experience for music lovers and audiophiles.

The XR901-5 (MSRP $650.00) is a five-channel amplifier in a two-inch-high chassis, ideal for under-seat applications. It produces 60 watts RMS from each of four channels with a frequency response of 20Hz to 50kHz at four ohms. The remaining channel provides 400 watts RMS at four ohms to a subwoofer. At less than 1.5 inches high, the XR401-4 (MSRP $450.00) features a four-channel structure that can be reconfigured to two or three channels. Its powerplant provides 75 watts per channel RMS with a frequency response of 20Hz to 50kHz at four ohms. Both models are two-ohm stable and allow for speaker-level or line-level inputs. Their output can be tailored with high-and low-pass filters and a wired remote control.

To complement the amplifiers, KENWOOD’s newest separates are specially designed to fit into most factory locations and still deliver a Hi-Res Audio-compliant frequency response of 25kHz to 48kHz. the XR-1603HR includes a 6.5-inch midrange, while the XR-1703HR features a 6.75-inch design. Both are partnered with a one-inch, silk-dome tweeter with adjustable surface-mount options. MSRP for both models is $600.00.

“With music services like TIDAL™ and Spotify®, which tout higher-bandwidth streaming, more attention is being paid to the Hi-Res Audio category in the vehicle,” said Tony Mercado, marketing manager for the KENWOOD brand. “We feel we are introducing Hi-Res Audio components to our retailers at the right time, giving them products that can really deliver on the experience that customers may have only read about.”

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LAS VEGAS, January 9, 2018 (MEDIAWIRE) – KENWOOD has continued a path of product evolution with innovative features that meet consumer demand for a more intuitive, less distracting user experience. The 2018 model-year multimedia lineup, on display at the 2018 CES, focuses on better integration and content consumption of smartphone-centric entertainment and information.

KENWOOD has again expanded the number of multimedia receivers that are ready for Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™, with 15 models across the KENWOOD and KENWOOD eXcelon product lines. With a wired connection between smartphone and receiver, Apple CarPlay provides iPhone® users a safe, easy interface on the KENWOOD receiver to use apps in the vehicle. Apple CarPlay now lets users access TIDAL™, an online music service known for its high-fidelity streaming capability, as well as SiriusXM® Satellite Radio, from its platform.

But the most significant improvement has been with Android Auto, which provides a similar experience for users of Android™-powered smartphones. This year, users of five of KENWOOD’s top models can access Android Auto’s voice control and app integration features with a wired or wireless connection. This means users can leave their phones in pockets or bags and retain full, safe use of the phone’s navigation, communication and streaming applications.

Also new with Android-powered smartphones is support for the Google Assistant™, which lets users request and receive information using their voice, as well as control compatible smart devices connected to their Google account. All multimedia receivers that support wired or wireless Android Auto work with the Google Assistant.

Outside of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, KENWOOD has increased its native support for more applications with KENWOOD WebLink®, a content management platform that lets smartphone users interact with select apps on the receiver display screen as they would with a phone or tablet. With the KENWOOD WebLink app on a smartphone connected to a KENWOOD receiver, users can access Waze™, the popular community-based navigation app, as well as YouTube™, Yelp™ and Weather. On KENWOOD receivers that support wireless Android Auto, WebLink can also be used with a wireless connection.

In addition to improved content and integration, select KENWOOD multimedia receivers get a display upgrade. All new capacitive touch screens now feature anti-glare and anti-reflection technology to enable users to better see content in all conditions.

“Years ago, making better in-car entertainment was all about adding more features to our radios,” said Tony Mercado, marketing manager for the KENWOOD brand. “Now, consumers determine their experience for the most part in how they curate and access content on their smartphones. Our goal is to extend that experience into the vehicle in a way that is accessible while driving, and expand on it with premium audio and visual components. We feel our 2018 multimedia lineup has accomplished this.”

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