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Add-On Sales ... Ask & Introduce

Lots of times we are just thrilled to close a sale.  I am afraid, on the other hand, that we often don’t remember to let the consumer know what else might make his purchase more complete and fulfilling.  This practice is sometimes referred to as an add-on sale.  That term might be encumbered with some negative connotations.  I prefer to call it educating and creating demand or ask & introduce.  I am reminded of a story involving two guys, Alan Shebroe and Eddy Kay, with whom I had the pleasure of working the retail floor.  Alan did it.  Eddy tells it.  The products date the story.   BUT the idea is quite contemporary.  In short it goes like this…

Consumer comes in the store, picks up a blank VHS tape, takes it to the counter to pay.  Alan engages the consumer…  (Nothin’ better to do…)

Alan:  What are you going to do with that blank tape?

Consumer:  Record a TV program.

Alan:  What kind of VHS  recorder do you have?

Consumer:  The kind that sits next to the TV. 

Alan:  Have you heard about the new portables?  You can record from the TV, AND you can take it with you on vacation and record your travels with the family…

The consumer buys a $2,400 portable VCR & camera.  Not a bad add on sale ask and introduce transaction which started as a simple, BUT with a purpose, conversation about a $19 purchase.

The point is, it just makes sense to tell every consumer, every time about something he did not already know.  That is the meaning of specialty in specialty retail.

Take a remote starter for instance.  These are often purchased as a gift to be installed after the holidays.  Please remember, when the consumer shows up for the install appointment, to introduce him to something he does not already know about.  Try…

Salesman:  Spend some time in the car do ya…?  Listening to the radio or CD player…?

Consumer:  Sure.  Why?

Salesman:  You might think about taking a listen to these speakers we have.  They can really improve your listening experience and make the drive a lot more enjoyable.  After all; your remote starter makes getting into the car a lot more pleasant, you ought enjoy the drive as well.

I am sure that most of you already do this most of the time.  BUT just in case you might forget or haven’t tried lately…  I’ll wager you’ll collect an occasional sale you otherwise might have passed on, or worse, lost to a competitor!  Do it.  It works…

Last modified on Thursday, 27 December 2012 10:01
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