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Alpine Introduces Next-Generation R-Series Sound System Line

The new line is able to achieve High-Resolution Playback

Auburn Hills, Mich. (Jan. 4, 2023) – Alps Alpine North America, Inc. (“Alpine”) introduces the Next-Generation R-Series sound system line. This line features the same “Loud and Fun” experience synonymous with previous Alpine R-Series systems, now certified for High-Resolution Playback.

“The heritage of R-Series is built on a ‘Loud and Fun’ performance quality that long-time fans have enjoyed since its’ inception,” said Mike Anderson, Executive Director at Alps Alpine North America, Inc. “The Next-Generation R-Series system honors this tradition while addressing the needs of an evolving industry and customer.”

The Next-Generation R-Series system uses “trickle-down” technology, inspired design, and performance cues from the Ultra-High-Resolution AlpineF#1Status and Alpine Status systems with High-Resolution Playback capabilities that will take R-Series to the next level in sound performance.

Hi-Res Audio Certified

The Next-Generation R-Series speaker line is Hi-Res Audio Certified, able to reproduce up to 40kHz frequency response for music that is closer to the original source. The speaker line offers two pathways: “Pro Series” and “Standard” models.

The Pro Series speakers are available in 2-way or 3-way configurations, each with a highly adjustable crossover network for improved sound tuning and installation. The speaker components are constructed with a highly rigid, die-cast aluminum basket that eliminates flexing and resonance during playback to ensure the highest music quality. The speakers utilize a premium, glass fiber-reinforced cone and an Alpine-exclusive High-Amplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR) surround that all contribute to greater mid-range during playback. Magnesium Hard-Dome tweeters contribute to the “loud and fun” sound signature popular with R-Series, with an extreme swivel mount design and threaded removable housing for flexible factory applications.

The Pro Series includes a Hi-Res 3-Way Speaker Set (R2-S653) with a 6.5” Mid-Bass, 3” Mid-Range, and 1” Component Tweeter and 3-Way Passive Crossover Network for flexible vehicle application. The Pro Series also offers a 2-Way Speaker Set (R2-S652) with a 6.5” Mid-Range and 1” Component Tweeter and a 2-Way adjustable Passive Crossover Network.

The Standard Series speaker models offer 2-way component and coaxial configurations with a flexible crossover network that simplifies installation. The speakers utilize a traditional composite basket with a glass fiber-reinforced cone, a larger motor structure, and HAMR surround technology, like the Pro Series models.

The Standard Series includes a Hi-Res Coax Speaker Set (R2-S65) with a  6.5” Mid-Range and 1” Coaxial Tweeter and a Hi-Res 2-Way Speaker Set (R2-S65C) that includes a 6.5” Mid-Range and 1” Component Tweeter. For the customer with full-sized trucks or vehicles with 6x9” factory speakers, a 6x9” Coaxial (R2-S69) and 2-Way Component (R2-S69C) speaker set are also available. The 6x8” speaker model (R-S68) will carry over from the previous R-Series line.

Impressive Power

The Next-Generation R-Series Amplifier line is High-Res Audio Certified, able to reproduce up to 40kHz frequency response, and includes a full lineup that boasts impressive power, yet is compact in size, for powerhouse performance.

The Next-Generation R-Series Amplifiers include a 4-channel amplifier and two mono amplifiers, for more flexibility in sound system building.

In an effort to simplify the process in the installation bay, intentional designs were made that consolidated access to the speaker connections to one side of the amplifier and controls conveniently located at the top of the amplifier under a removable plate. Mounting “feet” were also integrated into the chassis of the amplifier to simplify the installation process. The amplifiers also feature a smaller footprint for easier installation in most vehicle applications, while still boasting the same power as the previous R-Series generation

The amplifier line includes a Hi-Res 4-Channel Amplifier (R2-A60F) with 100W x 4 @ 4Ω, a Mono Amplifier (R2-A75M) with an impressive output of 750W x 1 @ 2Ω, and a massive Mono Amplifier (R2-150M) with the flexibility to run 1500W x 1 @ 1Ω or 1200W x 1 @ 2Ω. Carrying over from the previous R-Series line is the versatile 6-Channel (R-A90S) amplifier for fully active 3-Way Speaker configurations.

Clean, Deep Bass

The recently launched Next-Generation R-Series Subwoofer line features a new design, but the same deep and clean bass performance that is synonymous with the R-Series line.

Featuring a larger motor structure and utilizing the Alpine Exclusive HAMR technology, the subwoofers are able to produce maximum output for deeper bass. A pulp Kevlar cone and ceramic/polypropylene composite dust cap contribute to a lighter, yet rigid design that results in lower distortion during play. To simplify installation, a twist lock grille system replaces the concealed mount gasket of the previous models.

The subwoofer line includes a 12” (and 10” option that boasts 750W RMS and an 8” option with 350W RMS, with the ability to choose between 2Ω and 4Ω load depending on the desired application.

The Next-Generation R-Series Speakers and Amplifiers will ship in the Spring and Summer of 2023, respectively. The Next-Generation R-Series Subwoofers are available now and can be purchased at Alpine Authorized retailers and Preferred Online Stores. Please check the store locator on www.alpine-usa.comfor details. 

Product information is based upon current information at the time of press but cannot be guaranteed. All designs, features, specifications, and delivery dates are subject to change without notice.  

Alps Alpine Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of electronic components and automotive infotainment systems, has brought the world numerous “First 1” and “Number 1” products since its founding in 1948. The Alps Alpine Group currently operates 110 bases in 26 countries and regions, supplying roughly 40,000 different products and solutions to around 2,000 companies worldwide. Those offerings include devices such as switches, sensors, data communication modules, touch input panels, actuators and power inductors; electronic shifters, remote keyless entry systems and other automotive units; consumer electronics like car navigation and audio-visual systems; and systems and services such as digital keys based on smartphone app and blockchain technology, and remote monitoring.


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