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Memphis Audio Breaks the Mold for Tower Speakers, Introducing the Memphis Array, the Most Innovative Tower Speaker Ever Made

Memphis tower speakers featuring ATACTM will debut live at SEMA 2022 in the Memphis Audio booth 11039 and will be available in early 2023

October 27, 2022 -- Memphis Audio takes a bold new innovative approach to tower speakers with its new groundbreaking tweeter array design. This patented Memphis Tweeter Array known as ATACTM (Advanced Tweeter Array Construction) is unlike anything ever seen before on a tower speaker. Memphis has opted to ditch the traditional compression horn tweeter for their vastly superior new patented tweeter array design.

The main principle behind the ATACTM technology is fairly simple: Standard compression horn tower speakers have a horn in the center of the woofer resulting in a less efficient woofer. The decrease in efficiency is due to the gasket used to seal the gap between the woofer and the horn. This gasket adds weight to the center of the cone negatively impacting the cones performance. The gap in the center of the woofer also reduces effective surface area which means the woofer moves less air, less air means less output.

By using the bridged tweeter array, Memphis has freed up significant surface area on the cone and reduced a great deal of weight from the center resulting in a significant boost in SPL. In addition to a boost in mid bass, the tweeter array design also excels in tweeter performance due to the innovative nature of the design. Instead of a single horn tweeter, the array design allows for a greater number of individual tweeters in a curved design much like one would see in a high dispersion line array concert speaker.

Memphis 10” tower speakers are equipped with 4 tweeters while the 8” towers have 3 tweeters. The individual tweeters produce a less erratic frequency response than traditional compression drivers which allows Memphis ATACTM to provide more output and a balanced frequency response. In short, this means that the array design produces a better sound with more output. The curved nature of the tweeter array broadens the angle of dispersion leaving you with a better sounding experience from any angle behind your boat.

Another key benefit of this design is huge improvement in durability versus standard compression horn towers. The absence of a center mounted compression horn allows for a completely sealed tower speaker leaving nowhere for water to enter the speaker. This is particularly beneficial in salt water and marine applications which can quickly degrade a traditional tower speaker.

Memphis ATACTM tower speakers are available in an 8” 3-tweeter array design and a 10” 4-tweeter array design and will be dressed in two color options, a brilliant white or a dark black. Both the woofer and the tweeters in the array feature RGB LED lighting resulting in a vibrant lightshow that looks amazing at night. Memphis also added an integrated RGB LED ring around the side of the can itself as well as a rear RGB LED ring making this speaker shine from all angles. The backside of the tower speakers features a large RGB LED Memphis badge emblazoned on the back. Both the rear logo and the front grill can be rotated easily to accommodate any mounting angle of the speaker for an ultra-clean symmetrical look.

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