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VAIS Technology Announces Interior Ambient Lighting

Englewood Colo. June 7, 2022 -- VAIS Technology is excited to release an Interior Ambient Lighting Kit. The kit comes with 6 light sources, mounted anywhere in the vehicle. The kit uses fiber optic cables (39”) to deliver light from the ECU module to the output. Customers can use the iPhone/Android app to control color and brightness separated by dual zones. EVP, Dennis Hopper states “Interior Ambient Lighting is an existing category that deserves a quality kit. Our kit was developed for an OEM customer and passed harsh automotive testing. We are excited to offer it to our aftermarket customers as well”.
SEMA 2021 Runner Up, Interior Ambient Lighting kit from VAIS offers quick and easy installation, waterproof output side, automotive grade ECU, flexible fiber optics cables. AL6-K01 kit requires 4 wire connection to the vehicle and 8mm holes for lenses mounting. Once installed there are 2 triggers to turn the unit on. First is Dome Light for Entry and Exit – White light comes on when door is opened. Second is Illumination for Ambient Light – App Controlled Color turns on when headlights are on.
Flexibility of the fiber optics cables allows installers to install this kit anywhere in the vehicle if it’s within the length of the cable. But a typical setup is 2 lights for front footwells, 2 lights for rear footwells, 1 for central console, and one for cup holder area.
“Our main priorities when designing it were quality, quick install time, lens location flexibility, aggressive pricing, and app control. I think we’ve accomplished it all with this kit” says Hopper.
About VAIS Technology: Founded in 2003, VAIS Technology offers a wide variety of automotive accessories, including SiriusXM add-on adapters, kits for adding a Bluetooth music streaming, Push Button Start kits, and SEER Passive Keyless Entry. All VAIS Technology products are built to OEM standards and are designed to offer seamless functionality for best user experience. VAIS Technology products come with one-year warranty and do not affect OEM warranties. Visit to learn more.            

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