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Dealer drove over 700 miles just to be able to better serve their customers

MESA, Ariz., November 22, 2022 — MSC America, distributor of high end car audio brands Brax, Helix, Match and BLAM announced today that Vernon’s Signature Audio from Lubbock, Texas attended a special training designed to increase their knowledge of the company’s DSP based products and how to use their proprietary tools.

Utilizing innovative training tools such as a Personal Tuning Station, consisting of a Helix DSP Mini connected to a pair of headphones, allowed each attendee to make adjustments via a laptop computer and hear the effect in real time. In comparison to simply being told about the effect of time alignment or reading about which crossover type to use, this method allows the attendee to actually hear the audible difference that each tuning decision makes, such as adjusting EQ bars up and down to hear how it changes the sound of an instrument.

After having a much clearer understanding of the function of the DSP tools, each attendee was able to put that knowledge to use in a real world situation, by tuning an actual vehicle, which technician Lazaro Cantu said was his favorite part of the training. Taking turns, each attendee walked through the step by step “Tuning for Profit” process developed by MSC to produce the best possible results, reliably and efficiently until they each felt comfortable enough to reproduce those same results in their customers’ cars.

“The goal of providing this level of personalized training,” said MSC Vice President Jason Digos “is to equip the dealers with not only the knowledge, but also the experience they need to start implementing the process as soon as they get home. Without hands-on experience, attendees often forget what they’ve learned before they get a chance to use it!”

After having spent years utilizing only some of the features available in Audiotec Fischer Digital Signal Processors, the team at Vernon’s Signature Audio said that on a scale of 1-10, their confidence in their tuning ability went from a 1 to an 8 because of the 1.5 days spent with MSC.

“I didn’t want to damage anything” Mike Martinez, a senior technician said of the reason why they would use only the basic features of the DSP before, “but now that I know we can simply undo any changes we make using the Time Machine tool, I am much more willing to experiment with all of the features of the DSP!”

When asked what was the first thing they were going to do with their newly acquired knowledge when they got back to work, their answers ranged from tuning their personal vehicle to taking on more responsibility in their installs and calling in previous customers for a fresh tune. But one thing that Co-owner Leon Winchester and the team from Vernon’s Signature Audio agreed on, was that this was the best training they’d ever been to, pointing them in the direction in which “the industry is heading.”

If you would like to visit the MSC America office for training, please call Jason or Matt at 480.372.2929 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

November 4, 2019 -- MSC America, authorized distribution partners for Audiotec Fischer (BRAX, Helix and Match) BLAM Audio from France and Stinger Speed Trap Protection, is pleased to announce the appointment of Belair & Associates as the Southern California sales representative.

Jason Digos, Vice President of MSC America said, “We are excited to have Mike and his team represent our company in the Southern California Market, he has tremendous relationships with specialty retailers, and we are looking forward to working together to develop the MSC culture in the marketplace.”

Mike and his new venture will hit the ground running on November 1st. The team from MSC will be in the territory with Mike and his crew often. MSC is also planning several training events for the territory and those dates will be released soon.

For dealer inquires, contact Jason Digos 480.372.2929

July 20, 2019 -- MSC AMERICA will be holding two trainings at Dallas Knowledgefest.

Friday August 9th at 3pm-4pm in Location C147

High-Resolution Audio in the Car-- Myth or Opportunity?

Presented with great fanfare at the Car Media World Conference show in Salzburg Germany in February. The training will be conducted by CEO of Audiotec Fischer Julian Fischer. Julian will be presenting the reality and opportunity awaiting Specialty Mobile Electronics Retailers with this exciting technology! Merging the modern audio concepts of High-Resolution Audio together with Mobile Electronics Integrators, a new synergy is arising which can be converted into new business models! Audiotec Fischer is fulfilling the demands of our end-user. Don’t miss the opportunity to be the reference in your market regarding High-Resolution Audio.

For more information and to register, please click here.

Sunday August 11th at 4:45pm-5:45pm in Location C14

DSP PC-Tool V4, Advantages and Unique Features

The reference in DSP software, Audiotec Fischer’s DSP PC-Tool is already in its 4th generation and has constantly improved. In combination with the new “ACO” (Advanced Co-Processor) hardware the new software version offers more features than ever before! A new menu called “FX” contains a wide range of proprietary sound algorithms which have been specially adapted to the car’s interior.

These new effects offer completely new ways to optimize the vehicle’s acoustics to achieve the best customer experience. Another added function is the “Input Signal Analyzer” which is the perfect tool to assist with any OEM system integration, especially in amplified multi-channel applications.

For more information and to register, please click here.

For more information please contact MSC-AMERICA at (480) 372-2929 or email us at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

August 1, 2019 -- MSC America will be hosting a get together on Friday August 9th at 9:30pm in the West End Ballroom on the 5th floor of the Omni Hotel.

This event is open to all our current and future customers. Come on by and meet one of the most dynamic teams in the industry. We will have some very special guests for you to discuss their products and future plans:

  • Julian Fischer, CEO-Audiotec Fischer
  • Florian Balkenhol, Chief Engineer-Audiotec Fischer
  • Guy Bonneville, President of BLAM Audio
  • Jim and Tom De Wilde, Owners of Stinger-Speed Trap Protection
  • And your Hosts Team MSC Canada and Team MSC America
We will also have a unique listening experience debuting new products and technologies from Audiotec Fischer and BLAM Audio. We look forward to seeing you at our event. For more information please contact MSC-AMERICA at (480) 372-2929 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Attendees are immersed in the company’s culture and educated on their products' unique features

Mesa, Ariz. -- October 22-23 2022 — MSC, the North American distributor for high end car audio brands such as Brax, Helix and Match hosted 15 highly dedicated industry professionals, representing 12 companies from five different states for a two day training that has been called “just amazing” by those in attendance.

Kicking off day one with a call to action from company president Larry Penn, compelling attendees to imagine what is achievable by putting in just one more degree of effort, the primary objective of this event was to encourage dealers to think differently. Following an MSC catered lunch break, industry veterans and newcomers alike were educated on the proprietary time saving, problem solving and results producing features of the Audiotec Fischer DSP PC Tool software by Chris Van Ry.

After learning about tools such as Tune EQ, Input Signal Analyzer and Virtual Channel Processing, each person was able to hear the effects of equalization choices, crossover differences and time alignment in real time via a DSP/Laptop setup. “I had never used DSP PC Tool before, but the instructor made it so easy to understand that I left knowing how to tune a car,” said Juan Castillo from J’s Tint in Dallas, TX before adding, “I have been to many other trainings, but none have been as well thought out. All I had to do was get there and MSC took care of everything else!”

Consistent with the theme of the event and the MSC slogan “Different. Better. Together,” all attendees and MSC staff shared a meal, some drinks and some laughs at a local Brazilian steakhouse to end the day. On day two, the group was encouraged to “Cross the Line” to achieve better results and more success through use of the company's smart system designs, efficient Tuning For Profit step-by-step process for DSP tuning and the innovative, engineered audio packages that are Systems by MSC. Finally, each attendee was able to experience the end result of all that they had learned, by auditioning the two on site demo vehicles equipped with products from the MSC family of brands.

“I was so impressed by the sound of the F-150! Other DSP/amplifiers I have used always left me wanting more power,” Chris Foster of Handcrafted about the 2021 Ford F-150 whose factory B&O Unleashed system was truly “Unchained” with the DSP technology and sound quality of Audiotec Fischer and BLAM products.

With the increasing complexity of OEM audio and infotainment systems as well as the resurging demand for high quality sound, trainings like these are a necessity. With the next event being planned for early in the first quarter of 2023, anybody who is interested in attending is encouraged to contact their MSC sales rep or the main office at 480-372-2929.

MSC is the North American Distribution Partner for premium European brands including Audiotec Fischer (Brax, Helix, Match), BLAM Audio, Stinger Radar as well as Mobridge integration products from Australia. MSC specializes in specialty independent retailer support with a heavy focus on training and advanced product integration. MSC also operates a full‐service retail facility which acts as the proof‐of‐ concept basis for new product development, techniques, and the backbone of partner support.

Contact: 7931 E. Pecos Rd. #109 Mesa,AZ 85212, 480.372.2929

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