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Las Vegas, Nev. – (January 2, 2022) – Audiomobile is excited to announce initial shipments of their first five (5) models of their latest ‘Advanced Technology’ car audio subwoofer solutions.

Featuring an array of unique, and proprietary premium design elements, the “Solopass” series was specifically designed to ‘fill the gap’ in 12V retailers merchandising mix, by providing an easy, alternative, step-up, “Better” – ‘drop-in’ and affordable, ‘vehicle-specific’ subwoofer solutions – vs. the traditional, carpeted, loaded prefab boxes, for a wide array of popular vehicles, including the Ford F-150, GMC / Chevy, Toyota trucks, and BMW SUV platforms.

Available in three versions, dual 10 Solopass ( ‘MCAR’ pre-tuned Passive Radiator transducer), Sealed 10 and 12 inch and ‘Aeroport’ vented models. These unique, unloaded, prefab “Wedge” enclosures feature non-parallel panels, and full-width cross-braces (to eliminate any enclosure resonance) and are designed and manufactured in the USA. All Solopass enclosures employ an array of high-performance features, including CNC manufacturing, ¾” US MDF construction, and1.5 inch front, staggered, flush-mount driver mounting, and were designed to accept select Audiomobile low-profile drivers. This rare feature allows dealers the flexibility to customize the price-point, impedance and power-handling, for customers’ needs and budgets.

The Solopass also introduces a remarkable, industrial-grade, spray-on, textured finish, called “Composite Armored Suede” (or ‘CAS’), which is extremely rugged, and features a high degree of luster, that is very smooth to the touch, unlike typical, generic, “bedliner” type spray-coatings.

These modular, ‘Omni-fit’ enclosures, provide a choice of ‘Stealth” or ‘Vehicle Specific’ designs, including “down-fire” models, all of which are F-150 focused, but also fit an array of trucks and SUV’s and are available with optional kits, including proprietary ‘Iso-Feet’ kits, to further facilitate additional truck applications. The Solopass enclosures, by virtue of their modular design, can also be used in unique, ‘bookend’ type format, allowing easy installation of a “Quattro” system (4 x 10-inch drivers) in down-fire, stealth system, that requires a remarkable 1.1 cu ft air-volume.

With an MSRP of under $300, the SoloPass enclosure systems set a new standard in flexible, high-performance subwoofer enclosures, and allow retailers to both enhance and expedite the critical efficiency of their installation bay, without negatively compromising their ‘Custom Box’ capabilities, while offering their clients unprecedented options and superb value.

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  • CNC manufactured using 100% premium-grade, US ¾ inch MDF material.
  • Unique, Down-fire designs, allow for improved ‘loading’ in truck apps.
  • Prefab minimizes the duplicate / excess inventory dollars of loaded boxes.
  • Reversable design allows for tight seatback fitment, in trunk or SUV apps.

Contact: Matthew Overpeck

VP of Sales and Marketing

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(310) 941-2171

Las Vegas, NV – (Sept 30, 2023) – Audiomobile is pleased to announce the initial deliveries of their latest ‘Solopass’ compact subwoofer systems.  These unique, high-power enclosures were recently introduced at Knowledge in Dallas, and have received an exceptional reception, from dealers all over North America. 

While Audiomobile has been in the business of delivering small form-factor subwoofer enclosures for over 6 years, these new models represent Audiomobile’s first ‘loaded’ subwoofer systems. These enclosures all feature premium construction and are designed and fully CNC manufactured on the West Coast, to the most exacting Audiomobile standards.

Matt Overpeck, EVP of Audjomobile said, “We have learned a great deal over the past several years, regarding important factors, in producing upscale subwoofer enclosures, but it took some time to find the optimal combination of relevant designs, that serve to incorporate the latest manufacturing technologies, with the increased demand for compact “form-factor” solutions.  Our goal was to craft the ideal combination of American manufactured, ‘drop-in’ subwoofer solutions, while addressing both an array of popular ‘vehicle specific’ applications, but with unique capability to offer substantially greater platform application flexibility. We are very confident we have achieved that daunting challenge, and it is now apparent this strategy clearly resonates with the most savvy specialty retailers.”

Key ‘Solopass’ features include —

  • Premium ¾” USA MDF panels, featuring double front baffles, for extreme rigidity, plus flush-mounted drivers.
  • Fully cross-braced and feature ‘Dado’ joint construction and premium adhesives, to insure air-tight seal.
  • Premium, plush black carpet, or spray-on ‘bedliner’ coating, depending on specific vehicle / form-factor needs.
  • Gold-plated, 8-gauge, 5-way binding terminals, to accept Banana Plug connectors, for easy install and removal.

All models are rated for a minimum 400 watts RMS, to over 1,000 watts, making them unique in the market. Available in Compact Sealed, Ported and Dual Driver systems, for an array of Trucks, Cars and SUV’s. The first three (3) models are now shipping, and include the ‘Classic’ SS 255.1 (Omnimount wedge ‘Truckbox’), the SPT 255.2 (‘Tacoma’ dual 10 wedge system), the SS 255.2 (dual ‘GTS 10’ Down-fire system).  Additional models are now in development, and will be introduced over the next few months.  Solopass system prices start at $499 MSRP.


Matthew Overpeck
EVP Sales and Marketing
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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