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5/6/2016 -- Audiofrog retailers, and soon-to-be Audiofrog retailers, can now benefit from affordable showcase solutions by AVIDWORX. The Audiofrog M3-3 Imageworx sound stage features branded wall art, an onboard video monitor, a wireless video system that also tracks user traffic, and switching for four speaker pairs. AVIDWORX will work with retailers to configure the system to showcase the right number of AV receivers, amps and subs. 

Retailers who sign on with the program will be eligible for rebates of over 15 percent of the total system value, plus a volume incentive rebate program from Audiofrog to help recoup their investment.

“Audiofrog is a visionary startup that is quickly gaining a great reputation for sound and build quality,” said Marcel Newell, president of AVIDWORX. “Andy (Wehmeyer) and his team have a lot of experience in this industry, and are eager to share that experience with others. They know that retailers are looking for unique lines to set them apart.

“By working with us to develop a line of distinctive AVIDWORX sound stages, they are also committed to helping retailers create a great customer experience to support and differentiate their product. We’re excited to be a part of their plans for moving forward.”

Andy Wehmeyer, head of Audiofrog, said they were excited to launch the program.

“We’re super happy to be working with the AVIDWORX team on these displays,” he said. “The displays sound great, and we are firm believers in the power of a great demo at the point of sale.”

More details, and the program application, are available online at The program has not yet officially launched but will be taking orders soon. Check back to the website for more details. 

From Nov. 3 to 6, AVIDWORX and Race Sport will be showing off a new series of branded showcases, available in three sizes and configurations for retailers - Basic, Plus and Pro.

Authorized Race Sport retailers will benefit from an educational and interactive Customer Experience Center built by AVIDWORX, drawing more attention to your lighting category.

As well, retailers will get a rebate of over 25% on the showcases themselves -- including a monitor that broadcasts educational video and a mediaWORX media player that captures real-time showroom analytics.

Race Sport will also help authorized retailers to recoup their showcase investment over time through an innovative dealer incentive program. More details on the program are available at

"Race Sport truly is a visionary company when it comes to design and product development, and we're excited to work with them, and with their retailers to draw more attention to the brand," said Marcel Newell, president of AVIDWORX. "Lighting is a fast-growing category in many markets, but many retailers still aren't showing it in an interactive way that increases sales. We're going to change that."

Basic showcases start at $999, or $27/month - once a rebate of $278 is applied upon proof of installation. Add a second and third showcase to increase display space for additional savings of $200 and $400 respectively.

Retailers can save even more if they bundle with other product displays - 10% on showcases and up to 100% off shipping!

To see the showcases for yourself, drop by booth #11849, opposite the Mazda booth in the North Hall. SEMA takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center (

To set up a meeting with an AVIDWORX representative to discuss the Race Sport program, or previously announced HushMat and Sony programs, contact us to set up a meeting.


Michael J. Stannard, director of channel sales, can be reached in advance at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at the show by calling 1-678-592-1727.

Marcel Newell, CEO, can be reached in advance at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 1-480-685-0600.

6-12-2017 -- AVIDWORX Productions has launched an update for BUSINESSWORX - a marketing, business measurement, and customer relations software platform built for retailers in the 12-volt and mobile electronics industry. The revised software captures data from leading retail point-of-sale and accounting systems and puts that data to work generating more revenues.

“We went back to the drawing board to focus on all the tools and data points that retailers in this industry need to manage their businesses and stay top-of-mind with consumers,” says Marcel Newell, President of AVIDWORX Productions. “Whether its interactive retail showcases or software, our goal is always the same - to give retailers the tools they need grow their business.”

BUSINESSWORX is web-based software that can be accessed by retailers anytime, anywhere, effectively replacing over half a dozen other software productivity tools many stores are currently using. As well, BUSINESSWORX has focused on automating marketing and customer loyalty as much as possible, freeing up time for busy store owners and managers.

The updated version of BUSINESSWORX is launching with five components - MAILWORX newsletter templates and mailing campaigns, LOYALTYWORX automated customer loyalty programs and surveys, DASHWORX revenue analysis, CLIENTWORX client mapping, and MEDIAWORX to manage on-screen content in your store. The PRICEWORX price tag creator is being rolled out this week, to be followed later this month by the REVIEWWORX online review system (a module that is accessible through LOYALTYWORX. New modules are planned every three-to-six months.

AVIDWORX is currently offering free 30-day trials to test the software and, starting on Wednesday, June 21, will be offering weekly webinars to demonstrate the software.

For the free trial, or to sign up for the webinar, please visit

AVIDWORX Productions and HushMat have partnered to offer qualified 12-volt retailers a proven interactive demo showcase for HushMat sound deadening products.

Called the M3 HushMat Customer Experience Center, the program includes wall art, a fully interactive showcase with 2-4 interactive panels, and a mediaWORX player that brings video – and showroom analytics – to the showroom.

“Telling a customer how sound deadening can make speakers sound better and louder by reducing outside traffic noise and speaker noise is one thing, but actually showing them how it works is something else,” said Marcel Newell, president of AVIDWORX Productions.

“Educating the customer, and showing instead of telling, is the best way to get customers to make that additional investment. It’s a product that sells itself when people understand what it does. HushMat really gets it, and were a natural partner for our new M3 line of customer experience centers.”

The program also has discounts and incentives built in for the retailer:

  • At purchase, qualified HushMat retailers will receive a discount of almost 25% off the cost of the showcase system, including a monitor and mediaWORX player.
  • HushMat will sponsor the retailer’s mediaWORX subscription fees, which includes wireless video content that’s always up to date and customer number tracking.
  • HushMat will also provide participating retailers with a payback program on product purchases to help offset the cost of the showcase, wall art and shipping.
  • HushMat will also continue to provide the retailer with sales collateral and training to maximize their in-store presentation and increase the attachment rate for deadening to car audio purchases.
  • Retailers that invest in the program are also eligible for other discounts, including up to 100% off on shipping, if they bundle with other M3 showcase solutions.

For more on the M3 HushMat Customer Experience Center, the payback program, and available bundles, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit

Miramar, FL—December 13, 2017—JL Audio, an innovator in high-end audio solutions, has partnered with AVIDWORX Productions to create a series of dedicated in-store displays for authorized dealers to showcase and demonstrate JL Audio’s automotive, powersports and marine audio products.

AVIDWORX has integrated switching capabilities into the displays which are available in three different configurations: The JL Audio Extreme (shown below), The M3-7 Sound Stage, the M3-5 Sound Stage, and the M3-3 Sound Stage.  More information on the displays and program are available at

 “We are excited to be able to offer this program to our customers, and to work with one of the most innovative brands in the industry,” said Marcel Newell, president of AVIDWORX. “We know customers are going to love the educational and interactive experience, and that retailers will appreciate a modular approach that makes it easy to update the showcase over time.”

Carl Kennedy, V.P. of Sales for JL Audio said, “The most important part of any emotional purchase is the demonstration experience.” Carl continued, “Attractive, high-performance displays like these great new designs from AVIDWORX do precisely this. By partnering with AVIDWORX, we are able to bring this great resource to our retail partners to help them – Sell Great Audio.”

May 17, 2018 -- Effective immediately, retailers will be able to purchase M3 Lite showcases from AVIDWORX through the online store,

There are seven showcases available at launch, including five branded options and AVIDWORX’s most popular demos: Factory Upgrade and Better Sound. More branded and category showcases will follow in the coming weeks and months.

“The ability to sell showcases online gives us an opportunity to affordably help retailers draw attention to their top brands, as well as educate customers on the benefits of their products and services,” said Marcel Newell, president of AVIDWORX.

“We still recommend that retailers take a whole store approach to upgrading their retail experience, but not every store is able to make that investment or has the available wall space. This is the next best thing.”

M3 Lite showcases are more affordable than M3 Imageworx options and can be shipped and installed more easily. They can also be customized with graphics and accents to match a store’s branding.

To see what’s currently available, visit Delivery is available throughout Canada and the U.S.

8-7-2017 -- AVIDWORX has announced that Steve Santamaria from Stinger Australia and TSE Group has come on board to represent our showcase and software products Down Under, effective immediately.

“Steve is an amazing guy with a great reputation and over 30 years of experience in this industry,” said Sergio De Oliveira, Director of Business Development for AVIDWORX. “He came up through the ranks as a rep and marketer for leading brands, and works with a lot of amazing retailers. He really understands the market and the potential for growth. He also understands how important it is these days for the industry to put forward a more professional image - and to make better first impressions with customers by providing a world-class retail experience.”

Since 2002, AVIDWORX has provided showcase solutions to over 750 stores across North America and has worked with a few now leading stores in Australia as well. With Santamaria and his rep network, AVIDWORX will be able to serve retail clients in all seven states and the Capital Territory.

Santamaria has been in the industry since 1986, starting out with a company called Ferris Car Audio. He purchased the business with his brother Greg in the early 1990s, changing the name to Stinger Australia and bringing car audio solutions from around the world to serve the growing market.

“We believe that AVIDWORX can help make a difference for a lot of passionate retailers that have all the skills and products they need to succeed but maybe haven’t focused as much on the customer experience,” said Santamaria. "We know from experience that AVIDWORX interactive showrooms boost sales and make it easy for retailers to diversify into a lot of different product categories.”

For Australian retailers who wants to learn more, you can email Steve directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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