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Audiomobile Ships “Evo Series” 2.0 Slimline Subwoofers

Las Vegas, NV – (Feb 2, 2023) – Audiomobile is pleased to announce the initial deliveries of their latest ‘Advanced Technology’ car audio subwoofers – the Evo 2410. Now in its 6th year, the refreshed Evo series drivers now feature an array of additional upgrades, including bolt-thru spider platform, as well as improved Shaped Manifold Gap (‘SMG’) motor vents, and include multi-layer OFC VC (up to 50% larger diameter, compared to other “thin” woofer designs), delivering class-leading power-handling of 600 watts RMS (1,200 watts ‘Musicpower’).

Evo Series features “best in class” performance envelope, including up to 16.1 mm linear Xmax (Klippel verified) and includes fully CNC machined, extended, magnetic gap technology (twice that of typical shallow-mount subwoofers), and uses slimline, ‘SLX’ cast Aluminum frames, with unique, forced-air cooling vents, which act to exhaust heated-air thru the motor and heavy-duty cast baskets.

Available in both single and dual and ‘4 ohm’ models, this array of improvements represents running-changes implemented to the Evo series platform, in Audiomobile’s continuing pursuit to deliver true, “no compromise” drivers. Additional key features include Aluminum ‘Flux Stabilization Device’ (‘FSD’), “Shorting Ring,” which serves to both significantly lower inductance, reduces Intermodulation distortion and retards heat build-up, to minimize ‘thermal compression.”

The composite benefits of this array of advanced driver features, translates to increased output and exceptional power-handling, which is increasingly important, in today’s “1Kw ‘monoblock’ world.”

• Class-leading power-handling with exceptional linear-excursion envelope

• Large diameter, solid-pole motor design, allows for minimal enclosure depth

• Proprietary, “CLS” Kevlar ‘Composite Laminated Sandwich’ cone technology

• Unique motor topology, allows for full-format performance, in “Slimline” design

In addition, the high-performance suspension features a premium 25mm premium SBR rubber surround, plus large diameter 8” flat-spider, with ‘in-line’ lead wires, to allow up to 2-inches of peak to peak excursion provided by this very unique motor topology.

This performance is packaged in a very compact 3.95” (99mm) mounting-depth, making the Evo one of the longest excursion, low-profile subwoofers on the market. The MSRP on the Evo 2410 is $450.00 and the Evo 2408 is $350, with enhanced Evo 2.0 versions shipping later this month.


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