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Audiomobile Ships “Next-Gen” Elite Series Subwoofer

Las Vegas, NV – (Aug 10, 2022) – Audiomobile is pleased to announce the initial deliveries of their latest ‘Advanced Technology’ car audio subwoofers – the Elite 3210. Over 5-years in development, the new Elite series builds upon the original Elite series, but adds substantial improvements, developed over the past several years, which were introduced on the highly regarded Evo and GTS series of drivers.

The Elite series features an array of advanced, unique performance technologies, including premium Copper Clad Aluminum wire )CCAW), ‘3 ohm’ voice coil, driven by a large, dual-stacked magnet and fully CNC machined top-plate, to provide for longer magnetic field and more precision magnetic-gap.

Featuring an unprecedented performance-envelope, in a ‘low-profile’ driver, the new Elite 3210 delivers a remarkable 21.5 mm linear Xmax, Klippel verified and will handle over 750 watts RMS.

Additional features include the proprietary, patent-pending “ICAR” Intercooler as well as the unique, Aluminum “FMD” (Flux Modulation Device), which together serve to significantly lower inductance, reduces Intermodulation distortion and virtually eliminate power-compression. This all translates to greater output and higher power-handling.

  • Class-leading power-handling and linear-excursion envelope
  • No axial motor-vent provides for minimal enclosure depth
  • Premium “CLS” Kevlar Composite Laminated Sandwich cone
  • Unique, Nickel-plated CNC machined, forged steel T-yoke motor

This rare combination of features allows the performance, but works optimally in enclosures under .65 cubic foot, as well as in ported boxes, and is ideally suited for use with the Audiomobile MCAR pre-tuned Passive Radiator. When used together, this creates a 13-inch ‘Reflex’ subwoofer system, tuned to 35 Hz, in a very compact .65 cf enclosure. The Elite 3210 is also performs extremely well in ‘Infinite Baffle’ type applications, which the prior Elite series was famous for.

In addition, the high-performance suspension features a heavy-duty 25 mm premium SBR rubber surround, 8” flat-spider, with ‘in-line’ lead wires, to allow over 2-inches of peak to peak excursion provided by the unique motor.

This performance is packaged in a very compact 5.3” mounting-depth, making the Elite 3210 the longest excursion, low-profile subwoofer on the market, at any cost. The MSRP on the Elite 3210 is $599.00 and is shipping now.

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