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Audiomobile Ships ”GT2” Series Subwoofers

Class-leading Power-Handling in Low-profile Subwoofers

Las Vegas, NV – (October 22, 2017) – Audiomobile has begun initial shipments of its newest car audio subwoofers – the “GT2” Series. Based on proven DNA of the GTS “21” series subwoofers, the GT2 series (or “2K” series) subwoofers utilize an array of performance technologies, including use of the company's proprietary, 6-spoke, low-profile, frames, with integral radial venting, as well fully machined motor, featuring multi-layer SVC design, resulting high-excursion, with superb power-handling – 400 watts RMS (800 watts ‘musicpower’).

Designed for use in both small sealed or reflex enclosures, as well as with the M-CAR (Modular Coupled Acoustic Radiators), pre-tuned radiators, the GT2 series subwoofers build upon the documented performance of the stellar ‘GTS’ series, in providing high-excursion, in micro enclosure applications. Key Features include:

• Proprietary, low-profile, powder-coated, 6-spoke radially-vented frame
• Attractive, Monochromatic black motor, basket and suspension parts.
• Full-size motor, features no rear-axial motor-vent, reducing enclosure depth
• Premium “CLS” Kevlar reinforced, composite laminated sandwich cone
• Shallow mounting depth of 4.25” for GT2 2010 and 5.1” for GT2 2012

The GT2 series have Klippel verified 11.9 mm of one-way linear Xmax, making it one of the longest excursion, low-profile subwoofers available. This rare combination of long- Xmax, with modest depth, while performing optimally in enclosures as small as .40 cubic foot, represents a remarkably formidable performance envelope.

In addition, the high-performance suspension features a 25 mm premium SBR rubber surround, 8” flat-spyder, with ‘in-line’ lead wires, to allow over 2-inches of peak to peak excursion provided by the unique motor. This powerful, compact motor, featuring large diameter 145 mm 20 cm magnet and a precision, CNC-machined motor. The MSRP on GT2 series is $229.99 and $249.99 respectively. The GT2 2010 is now shipping, while and the GT2 2012 is scheduled to ship in early Spring.

Retailers who are interested in learning more are invited to contact Audiomobile at (702) 221-1977, or checkout the latest on
Matthew Overpeck; VP of Sales and Marketing
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(702) 221 - 1977

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