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4-9-2017 -- MEA (Mobile Electronics Association) has partnered with HR Consulting firm, The SAMMAX GROUP to bring retailers the perfect tool to help them when hiring new employees.

By utilizing employment assessments to test past Mobile Electronics Industry Award winners and other top performers in our industry, SAMMAX has created a baseline for store managers, installers and salespeople that measures traits such as organization, flexibility, imagination, assertiveness, recognition and competitiveness, just to name a few. These traits often define a person’s behavior towards doing a job and are considered important in determining success in any organization, according to SAMMAX. The tool can also be used to evaluate current employees and indentify areas of opportunty to gain greater productivity. "When making a hiring decision, it is of great importance to find the right person. This new tool will provide the information needed to make the right decision the first time." said Chris Cook, president of Mobile Electronics.

Sergio De Oliveira of SAMMAX will present a seminar on Monday, 4/10/2017, discussing the assessments in the context of how they can impact car audio retail managers, installers and sales staff. The details are as follows:


Instructor(s): Sergio De Oliveira - SAMMAX Group
John Schwartz - Perfectionist
Track: Owner - Manager
Start Time: 9:30 am
Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes
Location: room 105-106

Description: Learn how to use a new human resources tool to help you make the right hiring decision while avoiding the trap of "gut feelings" and the applicant's "spinning" of abilities. In this session, you will learn how to use a complete employment testing system featuring stand-alone personality tests, honesty tests, and aptitude tests. It even has an assessment for team building! The Hiring Suite® is the online system that that will make the difference between a good and bad new hire. Learn how MEA and SAMMAX GROUP created benchmark profiles specifically for the Mobile Electronics industry that you can use to make better hiring decisions and to evaluate your current team to gain greater productivity.

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