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Atlanta, Ga. – Concluding a fantastic season at this year’s Car Audio Championship in Louisville, KY, Aurigin, Inc. wishes to extend its gratitude and congratulations to the competitors having Hybrid Audio Technologies and Zapco-equipped vehicles, earning 28 Top-Five placements and four Championships in the 2018 IASCA and MECA Finals, in addition to both the MECA ‘Gates Cup,’ and ‘Culbertson Cup’ for highest sound quality in any MECA division being earned by Team Zapco members, and the ‘Best of Best of Show’ earned by a Team Hybrids member.

Over the course of the 2018 season, Team Hybrids and Team Zapco competitors accumulated a total of 338 Top-Three placements, combined. Both teams joined the total of 90 sound quality competitors who came with their best to compete at the IASCA North American Championship (INAC) and MECA ‘World Finals’ Soundfest at the 2018 Car Audio Championship. Among the achievements of Hybrid Audio Technologies and Zapco-equipped vehicles, was Ronda Welch, traveling from California, with a Championship in MECA’s Stock class, using Hybrid Audio Unity and Legatia speakers in the factory locations. Paul Adams of Team Zapco with a Championship in MECA’s Street class, using Zapco Z-AP amplifiers, and John Hale with a third-place in the same class, using a trio of Z-400.2s.

Kirk Proffitt earned the Championship in the Modified Street class, in addition to the ‘Gates Cup,’ for highest sound quality in the Stock, Street, and Modified Street divisions, using a pair of Z-150.6 AP amplifiers, with Marsha Beeler as Runner-Up, using Hybrid Audio Technologies Unity 6x9 midbass drivers, Legatia L2SE full-range drivers, and Unity U5A amplifiers. Bruce Miller and Michael Myers of Team Zapco earned the second and third placements in the modified class, with Scott Welch and Josh Kleckner in the top-three of the Modex class. Tim Smith, using Z-AP amplifiers, earned the Championship in MECA Extreme, in addition to the MECA ‘Culbertson Cup’ for the highest sound quality in any MECA division. Team Hybrids member Charles Haley won MECA’s highest honor, the Best of Best of Show, known by many as the “decathlon of car audio.” Tom Meyers won the Championship in SQ2 using only Unity U3 and U69-S speakers in the factory locations of his Dodge 2500, with a Zapco Z-150.6 AP for amplification.

In IASCA Novice, Hybrid Audio-equipped vehicles earned the second and third-placements, with Sean Forrest and Ben Bachman, and in the highly-contested Pro/Am class, Bramouse Muhammad, member of Team Hybrids and Team Zapco, earned the runner-up placement. The IASCA Pro division was led with all Zapco-equipped vehicles in the Top-three slots, with Team Hybrids members, Scott Welch, and Dave Clews earning the second and third-placements. In the Ultimate class, competition veteran and Team Hybrids member, Larry Chijner won third-place and was presented the ‘Alma Gates Lifetime Achievement Award’ from MECA.

Team Hybrids’ captain, Scott Welch traveled from California to support the team throughout the weekend, in addition to competing himself, as did Scott Buwalda, founder of Hybrid Audio Technologies.

“Hybrid Audio Technologies competitors have been a mainstay in IASCA and MECA competition, where more top-3 placements have been achieved in the past decade than any other speaker manufacturer," said Scott Buwalda, Founder of both Hybrid Audio Technologies and Aurigin Inc. “We are also especially grateful to the hard work by Zapco competitors that continued to establish Zapco as the preeminent amplifier brand, and offer congratulations to all Team Zapco members.”

To inquire about the possible representation or distribution opportunities with either Hybrid Audio Technologies or Zapco, please contact Aurigin, Inc. at +1 833.287.4446 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Qualifying retailers have access to high-quality installation and fabrication instruction

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – January 25, 2019 (MEDIAWIRE) – Kingpin University (KPU) announced it has entered into an agreement with Aurigin, Inc., master distributor of the Hybrid Audio Technologies and Zapco brands in the U.S., to become its official retail trainer for authorized dealers throughout 2019. As part of the agreement, KPU will provide hands-on installation and fabrication training in exclusive two-day sessions to technicians from Hybrid Audio and Zapco dealers that meet monthly qualifications. All training will take place at KPU's new facility near Las Vegas.

Kingpin University is a recognized trainer of mobile electronics owners and technicians. Classes include instruction on business management, time-saving installation tips and fabrication techniques. KPU recently moved from its 12-year location in Wilsonville, Ore., to Nevada to become more central and economical to students attending classes from around the country.

According to Aurigin, authorized retailers qualify for training by meeting certain product purchase quotas from its Hybrid Audio or Zapco lines. Aurigin will pay the class tuition for up to four attendees based on their program level. Travel and hotel accommodations are covered by each store.

"We're very excited to start this new program with Aurigin," said Jason Kranitz, CEO and lead instructor of Kingpin University. "Our industry has become more specialized, and that means technicians need to be better equipped, informed and educated. Hybrid Audio and Zapco retailers now have the choice to invest in staff knowledge that will increase revenue, improve retention and build a strong store culture.”

Hybrid Audio and Zapco retailers who are interested in the program should contact their authorized representative for details. For more information on Kingpin University’s training, products and services, please call (702) 850-2995 or visit

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