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Olathe, Kansas -- October 18, 2018 -- HushMat® HushMat joined forces with Alan Wojtas Associates to represent the HushMat, the fastest growing automotive sound deadening and thermal insulation materials Company.   HushMat continues to gain market share across the entire United States. Car Audio, Heavy Truck and Marine accounts in the Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana markets will benefit tremendously from this relationship.  

“Alan Wojtas Associates have built a tremendous reputation over the past 30 years providing outstanding service to customers in the territory. We are excited to join forces with Alan Wojtas and the premier sound deadening brand, HushMat," said Tim McCarthy, HushMat Founder/CEO.  

“I am looking forward to working with the #1 Company of Sound Deadening Products in our industry. It is great to represent an American company that keeps jobs in America by making all products in the USA,” added Alan Wojtas, Principal.

HushMat®, rated #1 automotive sound deadening and thermal insulation material, is the easiest to install, highest performing technology available to automotive enthusiasts. HushMat® Ultra, is easily applied to sheet metal, plastic or fiberglass surface surrounding the interior of the vehicle reducing interior noise and heat making the vehicle ride more comfortable. HushMat® is the only aftermarket sound deadening and thermal insulation material made in the USA!

For more information about HushMat® call (913) 599-2600 or click on . Contact Alan Wojtas at (281)550-8484.

AVIDWORX Productions and HushMat have partnered to offer qualified 12-volt retailers a proven interactive demo showcase for HushMat sound deadening products.

Called the M3 HushMat Customer Experience Center, the program includes wall art, a fully interactive showcase with 2-4 interactive panels, and a mediaWORX player that brings video – and showroom analytics – to the showroom.

“Telling a customer how sound deadening can make speakers sound better and louder by reducing outside traffic noise and speaker noise is one thing, but actually showing them how it works is something else,” said Marcel Newell, president of AVIDWORX Productions.

“Educating the customer, and showing instead of telling, is the best way to get customers to make that additional investment. It’s a product that sells itself when people understand what it does. HushMat really gets it, and were a natural partner for our new M3 line of customer experience centers.”

The program also has discounts and incentives built in for the retailer:

  • At purchase, qualified HushMat retailers will receive a discount of almost 25% off the cost of the showcase system, including a monitor and mediaWORX player.
  • HushMat will sponsor the retailer’s mediaWORX subscription fees, which includes wireless video content that’s always up to date and customer number tracking.
  • HushMat will also provide participating retailers with a payback program on product purchases to help offset the cost of the showcase, wall art and shipping.
  • HushMat will also continue to provide the retailer with sales collateral and training to maximize their in-store presentation and increase the attachment rate for deadening to car audio purchases.
  • Retailers that invest in the program are also eligible for other discounts, including up to 100% off on shipping, if they bundle with other M3 showcase solutions.

For more on the M3 HushMat Customer Experience Center, the payback program, and available bundles, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit

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