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Seattle, WA – AudioControl has teamed with Gary Biggs of Audiofrog to build a demo vehicle to highlight its amplifiers, processors and speakers at KnowledgeFest in Dallas, August 20th to August 22nd, 2016. On display for dealers to experience will be the BMW 535i featuring the launch of AudioControl’s new DM-810 processor that will start shipping in August. The BMW factory source unit will be retained to show just how great any factory system can sound when paired with AudioControl processing and amplification.

There will be multiple AudioControl amplifiers including two of the new AudioControl LC-4.800 four channel amps. “This will be the first time many dealers and installers will get a chance to experience our new technologies in Amplification and DSP, so to have a legend like Gary doing this build is very exciting for us!” exclaimed Chris Bennett, National Sales Manager at AudioControl.

All of the processing and amplification will drive the audio performance of Audiofrog GB series speakers and subwoofers. AudioControl invites all attendees to come by booth #228 at KnowledgeFest 2016 and hear how “Making Good Sound Great” is possible when using the best in class equipment from AudioControl and Audiofrog.

4-9-2017 -- Audiofrog’s new USB Measurement Interface, the UMI-1, is a complete microphone kit designed to work with most PCs, Macs and tablets that include a USB port. The UMI-1, the first product to be released in the company's new Test Gear category, is suitable for use with most acoustic measurement and analysis software including Room EQ Wizard (REW), True RTA, Holm Impulse, ARTA and others. 

The adjustable microphone stand is designed to mount easily to the car’s headrest using a Velcro® strap and places the microphone in the ideal location for real time frequency response measurement and analysis. The TM-1 omnidirectional microphone provides response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.  A separate calibration file for each serialized microphone is available from Audiofrog. MSRP is currently set at $199 with shipping to begin in May 2017. 

The UMI-1 Kit Includes:

6 mm Omnidirectional Measurement Microphone with Calibration File

USB Sound Card with Mic Input and Stereo Line Output

Microphone Stand with Integrated Extension Cable

Velcro Headrest Strap

Extension Cable

3.5mm Stereo to RCA Adapter

3.5mm Male to Male Adapter

Test CD

Carrying Case

Retailers can add their names to the preorder list at

Multiseat Stereo™ provides precise audio staging for every seat; will debut at KnowledgeFest

SUN VALLEY, CALIF., August 3, 2016 (MEDIAWIRE) – Audiofrog announced it will debut the first multichannel audio processing platform developed and optimized specifically for the automotive aftermarket. Multiseat Stereo™ transforms the listening experience for every passenger in the vehicle, providing immersive sound in every seat. The introduction will take place at the annual KnowledgeFest trade show and conference, August 20-22 at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas.
Audiofrog’s Multiseat Stereo is made possible through a collaboration with PerfectSurround, maker of an award-winning multichannel upmixing process in use by top film, broadcast and recording studios in over 50 countries. PerfectSurround translates simple stereo into 5- or 7-channel audio with no phase artifacts, enabling sound engineers to create the same immersive and believable audio experience for every seat in a theater. Audiofrog has contributed extensive automotive system design and tuning expertise to incorporate additional features and controls that adapt the studio technology to the automotive environment.
“A traditional aftermarket stereo system can sound great in one seat, but it can’t provide great sound for every seat,” said Andy Wehmeyer, president of Audiofrog. “Optimizing it for the driver means passengers get an experience that’s only worthy of an apology. Multiseat Stereo is able to simultaneously give the driver and passenger a focused stage and a more believable sense of space. It’s not just Multiseat Stereo. It’s better stereo. Thank you to the team at PerfectSurround for this opportunity.”
The development of Multiseat Stereo also signals the beginning of a product line expansion for Audiofrog. The company plans to introduce digital signal processors with Multiseat Stereo and complementary amplifiers that also include DSP in 2017.

For more information, contact Andy Wehmeyer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

Speaker designer and producer reallocates space to accommodate growth, future services

MONROVIA, CALIF.—July 25, 2016 (MEDIAWIRE) – Audiofrog, high-end loudspeaker brand designed for audiophiles, announced the relocation of its facility in Monrovia, Calif., to Sun Valley, Calif. The move improves efficiency and enables the company to expand its services to authorized dealers.

"We started with what we needed at the time," Audiofrog President Andy Wehmeyer said of the previous location. "Our new facility is configured to increase our office space which will allow for more research and development as well future products and services. But don't expect glass and steel towers; we are spending money on what matters rather than a prestigious location."

One of the future allocations for the space is to conduct low-volume tooling and speaker production, allowing Audiofrog to create and test speaker designs in the field and make modifications in-house. Wehmeyer added that first on the list is production of the brand's OEM-style tweeter kits.

Also in the plans is the expansion of Audiofrog U, an educational effort launched by the company at KnowledgeFest Spring Training in Indianapolis, Ind., this past April. Currently an online forum where professional installation technicians can ask questions about sound reproduction and Audiofrog products, Audiofrog U will add on-site class instruction in small groups to give professionals hands-on experience as well as in-person instruction.

The new Audiofrog facility is located at 9856 Glenoaks Blvd., Sun Valley, CA 91352. Phone numbers remain the same. For more information, contact Andy Wehmeyer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

The UK’s Coolest Automobile Manufacturer Chooses Audiofrog Loudspeakers

Pasadena, CA., August 25, 2021 – Audiofrog, producer of high-end speakers for cars, commercial applications and live music venues, will now provide speakers for the UK’s Morgan Motor Company through its exclusive UK partner, Skipton Car Radio. The system features a full complement of GS Series speakers and a GS8ND2 subwoofer.

“This is dreamy,” said Andy Wehmeyer, Audiforog’s president. “When I was a kid in Texas, a family friend had 1962 4/4 in his garage that he brought home after an overseas military assignment, and I thought it was the coolest car I had ever seen. Since then, I’ve been fascinated by Morgan’s attention to modernity while maintaining the original craftsmanship and the look and feel of a classic British roadster. Peter at Skipton Car Radio has done a fabulous job of fitting GS speakers into Morgan’s unique interior. What a cool opportunity for us at Audiofrog.”

“We are incredibly proud to announce that Morgan Motor Company are now offering a complete Audiofrog audio upgrade on all new vehicles as a factory option,” remarked Peter Preston of Skipton Car Radio. “We researched the vehicles in detail and Audiofrog was the only choice due to their innovative fitting kits that were perfect for these challenging vehicles. Of course, they sound great, too. We believe this will really help Audiofrog introduce the brand to new customers.”

The optional system upgrade includes Audiofrog’s GS10, GS25, GS60 and GS8ND2 subwoofer.

Famous the world over for its unique blend of craft, heritage and pure driving experience, the Morgan Motor Company has been manufacturing quintessentially British vehicles in Malvern, UK, for more than 110 years.

5/6/2016 -- Audiofrog retailers, and soon-to-be Audiofrog retailers, can now benefit from affordable showcase solutions by AVIDWORX. The Audiofrog M3-3 Imageworx sound stage features branded wall art, an onboard video monitor, a wireless video system that also tracks user traffic, and switching for four speaker pairs. AVIDWORX will work with retailers to configure the system to showcase the right number of AV receivers, amps and subs. 

Retailers who sign on with the program will be eligible for rebates of over 15 percent of the total system value, plus a volume incentive rebate program from Audiofrog to help recoup their investment.

“Audiofrog is a visionary startup that is quickly gaining a great reputation for sound and build quality,” said Marcel Newell, president of AVIDWORX. “Andy (Wehmeyer) and his team have a lot of experience in this industry, and are eager to share that experience with others. They know that retailers are looking for unique lines to set them apart.

“By working with us to develop a line of distinctive AVIDWORX sound stages, they are also committed to helping retailers create a great customer experience to support and differentiate their product. We’re excited to be a part of their plans for moving forward.”

Andy Wehmeyer, head of Audiofrog, said they were excited to launch the program.

“We’re super happy to be working with the AVIDWORX team on these displays,” he said. “The displays sound great, and we are firm believers in the power of a great demo at the point of sale.”

More details, and the program application, are available online at The program has not yet officially launched but will be taking orders soon. Check back to the website for more details. 

Behind the Scenes at audiogrog by Bill Braun

Let’s face it: this is an unconventional time to start a 12-volt company. Between the shrinking sandbox that is aftermarket car audio and the increasingly difficult process of integrating gear into newer vehicles, most companies are receding from our industry, not adding to it. Yet, there are some that are not merely surviving. They are thriving.

Audiofrog is a fledgling manufacturer that comes to the table with some legendary names on the letterhead. The most notable among them are two long time forces in the industry: Andy Wehmeyer, formerly a product manager at Harman International (JBL, Infinity, et al.); Gary Biggs, formerly of JBL, Kicker and sound competition stardom; and Marcus Yeo, formerly of Harman Asia Pacific and Pioneer APAC. Gary and Andy could be fairly referred to as “installers extraordinaire.” Both have a wealth of technical knowledge as trainers, sound-off competitors, business owners and product developers that extends decades back.

And now they make speakers.

Read the rest of article by [Clicking Here]



Brand new car audio company, Audiofrog, is emerging at a time when big box stores and online sellers are slashing prices, in-turn making it more difficult for brick-and-mortar shops to compete. To explain the rationale for starting a new brand at this time, Andy Wehmeyer, president and CEO of this new high-end audio brand, sat down with Mobile Electronics for the June issue. Below is an excerpt from that interview:

ME: Tell us about the new brand. What inspired you to create it?

Wehmeyer: I spent the last 20 years working for a huge audio company. At the beginning, it was an absolute dream job. But after 20 years of getting a pretty good handle on the car audio business I saw an opportunity to do something that I don’t think anyone else is doing in a global kind of way.

There are global brands that are managing themselves in all of the markets like Harman, Pioneer, and JVC. While there are others, like Focal and Audison, they are primarily European-focused brands and they go to market in countries outside their home market exclusively through distributors. That can be a pretty good model if just moving product is your objective, but often that prevents dealers from getting proper training and receiving proper tech support. It can also lead to indiscriminate distribution, which destroys profitability for everyone.

What we’re after are the best specialty dealers in markets all over the world who are hungry for great-sounding products, straightforward tech support and involvement from the people who design and develop the products. It’s all about helpful support for specialists who cater to car lovers, car audio lovers, and enthusiasts everywhere.

Gary, Grizz and I have been in this business for almost 30 years. There’s a world full of installers who were exactly where we were 25-30 years ago. There will always be new guys who are learning their craft and we think there’s an opportunity to do premium business and give back some of what we were fortunate enough to learn from past industry veterans. There aren’t a lot of brands left who are providing great training. From my perspective, we’re the new industry vets. It’s our turn to be mentors and there’s a significant business opportunity out there.

ME: Why now? What makes this an ideal time or situation to bring a new brand to the marketplace?         

Wehmeyer: As a product guy, I was duped by financial managers into thinking I didn’t have the acumen to be a business manager. What I discovered later was that there’s a world full of financial managers that think managing a business is the same no matter who the customer is. What I now know is that this is absolutely not the case. The real value is in deep expertise and years of experience and contacts—that’s the stuff you can’t buy at business school.

An MBA is pretty important to get yourself in the door at a major corporation; if you want to be a business manager, that’s valuable. But in an enthusiast business like car audio, where people spend an inordinate amount of money on products they love, the real skill you need to be successful is a connection to the customer, experience in the market, and technical expertise with regard to products and their application. MBA-style management by spreadsheet is killing big brands as they focus on cutting services, making me-too products cheaper and battling for market share at the low end through price reductions in the big boxes and online. All of that is what made me decide this was the right time for us to do this, coupled with what I see as the two biggest markets in the world, Europe and the U.S., reverting back to what will have to be a focus on enthusiasts. 

ME: What is the product rollout map for the next year?

Wehmeyer: We’re going to launch a series of high-end speakers and subs at KnowledgeFest and another line shortly thereafter. We’ll also do amps and signal processing once the launch of the speakers is underway. All Audiofrog products are developed from the ground up and that takes time and money. There are many possibilities, but right now we’re focused on launching our speakers.

ME: Do you have a sales network in place?

Wehmeyer: No sales network in place yet. We’ve got some commitments from customers all over the world, pending samples and demos. There’s lots of interest.

ME: Are you going to sell through reps or distribution?

Wehmeyer: We’re going to sell direct in the US and through distributors in other markets. It’s really important to us that no matter the method by which we deliver product, that all dealers have access to the three of us for help and support. There won’t be any distributors in the US.

ME: What is the company's Internet sales policy?

Wehmeyer: We want to make sure people all over the country have a way to buy Audiofrog products. An online presence is an important part of that. There’s only going to be one online seller and they’ll provide high-end customer support that is also available by phone. We’re looking for the best partners and that’s no different when it comes to online business. 

**Be sure to check out the June issue of Mobile Electronics to read the rest of the interview.**

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