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Face to Face - It’s Time to Reopen KnowledgeFest

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Face to Face
It’s time to reopen KnowledgeFest
The sign on the door says we’re open for business. As schools, amusement parks, and, yes, trade shows and conferences reopen, we are excited to begin returning to normal. This June 25th KnowledgeFest will be starting up again in Orlando, Florida. This will be our first event in the Sunshine State. At the time of the event, it will have been over 15 months since we were able to meet in person back in Long Beach, California in February of 2020. It has been a long, hard road for many of us, and for a myriad of reasons.
Learning From the Challenges of the Past Year
As an association, we better understand key facets of the industry and how best to provide assistance in times of uncertainty. I can vividly remember the last in-person events I took part in. In February 2020, I was in Germany as a presenter at the Car Media Convention (CMC). In March, I was in the United States as an exhibitor, and I also had the privilege of presenting the keynote at the GoFast Solutions Mobile Expo. Each was at the very beginning of the pandemic.
Here’s What to Expect at KnowledgeFest Orlando
Since so many on social media have been wondering what to expect, I thought it would be a good idea to provide perspective on what we’re planning for KnowledgeFest Orlando. The first question: “Do we have to wear masks?” At the time of this writing, the answer is yes—you will have to wear a mask in the trade show floor and in the education and training sessions.
While Florida is a mask-free state, we are taking an abundance of caution knowing that many will be traveling from all over the country. Should guidance change prior to the event, we’ll comply with the prevailing wisdom from federal, state, and local ordinances. That said, much of the time you’re in Florida, mask-wearing will be up to your individual preference. The event will have high standards of clean, safe environments designed to provide the highest level of safety for you as the attendee. All the information you need can be found at, then look for “[Click Here] for Information on what to expect at the Orlando Event.” One very important thing to expect is the best live learning experience in the industry and a lot of fun networking with exhibitors and others in the industry.
What’s New?
This event will be a bit different from past events. First, it’s in Orlando! It’s a great place to take the family for vacation or connect face-to-face with friends. As an industry, we have a brave history of being able to adapt to new things. This will be a new thing for many of you who have not attended a KnowledgeFest event. To date, Orlando has been our most anticipated event. We will have an excellent line-up of presenters for both the education sessions and the manufacturer trainings. Expect to come home from the event with knowledge and wisdom that will improve your business.
Join Us in June
If you are in the mobile electronics industry, take this as an open invitation to join us in Orlando, June 25th to 27th for networking, discovery and just plain fun! If you miss it, remember you’ll have two more chances this year. One in Dallas, August 27th to 29th and the other in Indianapolis, October 8th to 10th. Regardless of the event, I look forward to seeing everyone together again!
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Last modified on Tuesday, 01 June 2021 12:24
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