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Audison Intros New Forza Line of DSP Amplifiers

Orlando, FL (June 12, 2022) - Audison announced the Forza family of amplifiers - the culmination of years of research and development into DSP use in vehicles. Using our All Channels Driven” design approach, and our Fully Bridgeable” philosophy, these amplifiers give Audison dealers more tools to exceed their customers expectations.
Forza is a family of 9 amplifiers - 5 bit” DSP amplifiers with system control capability - and four companion” amplifiers which can be managed by the DSP section of the bit amplifiers.
The first model is the bit 5-channel AF M5.11 bit - the most powerful 5-channel DSP amplifier Audison has ever made. 100 watts to four channels (4Ω) plus 600 watts to the subwoofers (2Ω), over 1200 watts of RMS power available All Channels Driven, and with the most flexible DSP section Audison has offered.
Dealers use DSPs for three things - OEM integration, system management, and acoustic tuning”, said Ken Ward, International Technical Marketing Manager for Elettromedia Sri, parent company of Audison. We have made significant improvements to each functional area, so that our dealer technicians can overcome challenges more quickly and efficiently than ever. We kept the same approximate form factor as our previous line of DSP amps, which were very popular sizes our dealers preferred.”
The amplifiers are configured with a new software application, Audison bit Drive. Weve done training sessions here at Knowlegefest, and our new bit Drive software has been a huge hit with dealers!”, said Ward.
The Forza bit line will consist of five bit models and four companion models:
AF M5.11 bit will ship initially.
The AF C8.9 bit and the M12.14 bit will ship later this year.
The four companion amps - the M6 D, the M4 D, the C4 D, and the M1 D - will also ship later this year.
The last two bit models - the C4.10 bit and the M8.14 bit - will round out the product line.
The bit Drive software is immediately familiar to Audison dealers, but has a modern design and advanced tools”, said Ward. This is the software which is going to control our future products - its designed to be future-proof.”
Audison Forza amplifiers boast more power than ever, with the audiophile sound of the latest-generation Audison D-Class technology. This is combined with native DSP working at 24 bit/96 kHz, extending the audio band up to 40 kHz and earning the coveted High Resolution certification.
Fully Bridgeable: Bridging amplifier channels to more than double the power is a time-honored technique which Audison includes in every Forza multichannel amplifier. Fully Bridgeable means that every channel pair can be bridged, without exclusion, letting Audison dealers design and build exactly the system youre looking for!
Dual Power Design is a new design element - Forza amplifiers have two independent power supplies: the audio amplifier power supply is loosely regulated, which allows superior dynamic performance at this price point The DSP power supply is stiffly regulated, which maintains DSP microprocessor operation even during lower-voltage transient states (i.e., start/stop operation).
High Res Certified - SPDIF digital wasnt designed to control volume levels, and many implementations compromise the potential dynamic range. Absolute Volume maximizes the SPDIF bit depth, delivering uncompromised dynamic range from compatible digital sources like Audison B-CON.
Audisons completely-new bit Drive PC software can analyze, route, and correct the signal in completely new ways – now you can measure, mix, and finally tune the sound with one powerful tool! The new Graphical User Interface simplifies every control and function, integrating acoustic measurement, and ensuring efficient tuning and great sound!
The Acoustic RTA is integrated into the equalizer graph, and is compatible with your 16-bit USB microphone or sound card. The Final EQ function allows final equalization without damaging the delicate left/right frequency relationships.
Forzas eight analog inputs, plus an optical Toslink digital input, support total connectivity even with the most complex OEM systems. If more analog inputs are required, the optional F4IN expansion card adds four additional analog input channels!
If a Coaxial SPDIF or a second Toslink SPDIF input is needed, the optional F2O expansion card can be used.
Up to 14 DSP outputs allows Forzas DSP section to manage a larger system easily.
Audisons classic de-EQ process is joined by de-Time and de-Phase capabilities, enabling sound restoration in nearly every OEM system., The electrical signal analysis ensures proper integration and correction for each input and output channel.
The built-in universal speaker simulation technology (USS) yields maximum compatibility with any OEM Source, without muting or instability.
Forza Line-up
AF M5.11 bit - 5CH AMPLIFIER WITH DSP 4x150W+1x600W
AF C8.14 bit - 8 CH AMPLIFIER WITH DSP 8x100W
AF M12.14 bit - 12CH AMPLIFIER WITH DSP 12x90W
AF C4.10 bit - 4CH AMPLIFIER WITH DSP 4x150W
AF M8.14 bit - 8 CH AMPLIFIER WITH DSP 8x140W
Availability 2023


More information will be available starting Monday on the company website,

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